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Siri on iPhone, iPad and iPod: why you need it, how to use it and how to solve problems


Siri, which has won millions of users around the world, is part of Apple software. This application uses user speech processing to answer questions and make recommendations.

Why do you need Siri function on iPhone

Siri on Apple devices is similar to the younger Cortana in Windows 10. This “assistant” was created to facilitate the management of Apple gadgets.

Apple iPhone with Siri enabled

Siri was created to facilitate the management of Apple gadgets

Connoisseurs of modern gadgets can “pump” the function of Siri in their own way. For example, after the user's phrase “Hi, Siri, I feel bad, call an ambulance”, the iPhone or iPad will dial the number 112, 911 or 030 (003), and upon the request “Call a taxi” - the local number of the nearest taxi service.

Unlike the usual voice control in the iPhone (and in any of the third-party gadgets),where voice recognition and the vocabulary of the "helper" are recorded in a limited area of ​​memory, Siri is a full-fledged "cloud" technology. It sends everything said by the user to the Apple Siri developer server, where there is a script for recognizing words, phrases and intonations that is constantly growing and developing (Siri will “grow wiser” as you learn). The sentence, once said by the user and recognized only from the fifth time, after some time will be recognized from the first.

The phrase "How can I help you" on the phone

Siri is a full-fledged "cloud" technology

In addition, Siri herself knows how to talk - it is a software and technical embodiment of a virtual character, which in the near future will be able to support any conversation.

Despite the fact that the robot program is difficult to endow with many of the intrinsic qualities of a living person (self-irony, humor, violent fantasy, etc.), Apple year after year makes Siri more and more like to communicate to a real person.

Video: how to make fun of Siri by typing unusual requests

Siri Functionality

Siri understands any search query sent to the network, which the user utters into the microphone. For example, the owner of the phone will say: "Order Yandex.Taxi, Moscow, Avtozavodskaya, 4".If the Uber application is installed, it will start automatically, and the geolocation data of the user will be attached to the order. In response, Siri voice will inform the time of the car and the cost of the service.

A man asks a question to Siri

Commands given by Siri are important to pronounce clearly and distinctly.

Siri can be used to make calls. For example, the owner of the phone will give the command: "Call Ivan Petrovich on Skype." In response, Siri will contact the Skype client installed on the gadget and call the specified person. If the user asks to write a message, then Siri in the chat with the specified contact will enter the necessary words and send them.

The commands given by Siri work in any application from Viber to the Opera browser. It is only important to pronounce them clearly, and not to mumble or talk through strong noises (in a disco, in a production workshop, etc.).

Siri also supports commands from home technology and electronics using HomeKit technology. It’s enough for the user to say “I’m waiting for Tatyana to create an intimate atmosphere in my bedroom” in order for the devices connected to his iPhone or iPad to perform a number of actions:

  • 70% of the lighting in the room is dimmed;
  • Romantic music will be included through the Apple Music app on the Apple gadget itself;
  • Bluetooth audio transmission will be switched on to the wireless columns pre-enabled;
  • a curtain or curtain working with a special drive (as the curtain in a cinema after the end of the film show) falls.

Everything that is connected to the “Smart Home” system will work, configured according to the user's taste and controlled from an iPhone or iPad.

Siri can be asked to tell about the nearest flights, cafes, film shows for tomorrow. This is also the responsibility of this application. And if the user asks to read something, the program will read everything that they have requested with their voice.

Despite the official (and not so) promises, Apple never realized the work of Siri without the Internet. This is dictated by the "advanced" function of Siri. Without a cloud service, the Siri tool could not develop so rapidly, and this, in turn, would cease to fuel the interest of the multimillion army of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch owners. In addition, it would require an iPhone or iPad with multi-terabyte memory, most of which would store multiple voice recordings in different languages.

How to enable and call Siri

The iPad Pro and settings for the USA are taken as an example.In modern versions of iOS, there is support for the Russian language for a long time, so the phrase “Hey Siri” is replaced with “Hi, Siri”.The Siri setup is the same for all iPhones, iPads and iPods with the latest version of iOS, which Apple has not yet discontinued:

  1. Give the command "Settings" - "Basic" - "Siri".
    Login to Siri settings on iPad

    Siri is on by default, but you could have turned it off yourself.

  2. Turn on the Siri function and enable the phrase “Hi, Siri” in the settings, as well as select the Russian language in the language settings.
    Enabling key features of Siri on iPad

    Enable Siri on iPad by welcome

Now you can check whether Siri has been activated by saying into the microphone: “Hi, Siri”.

Video: how to turn on Siri and how to use it

How to disable Siri

To disable Siri functionality, give the “Settings” - “Basic” - “Siri” command and disable the Siri function. The application, including all its notifications and advanced settings, will turn off.

How to remove Siri sentences

Siri offers can be annoying if you are accustomed to control your smartphone without any voice prompts or commands.

Do the following:

  1. Give the command “Settings” - “Basic” - “Spotlight Search”.
    The “Spotlight Search” item in the basic settings on the iPhone

    Through the item "Spotlight Search" on the iPhone, you can manage messages from Siri

  2. Disable the Siri Offers feature.
    The “Siri Offers” item in the Spotlight Search tab

    Turn off the Siri message feature so that offers are no longer displayed.

Siri offers will stop popping up on your gadget.

How to change voice in Siri

Do the following:

  1. Go to the already familiar Siri settings and open the “Male / Female Voice” setting.
    Setting up Siri voice on iPhone

    You can select the voice and language Siri in its basic settings.

  2. Choose the voice that you like to hear.

Now Siri will speak the voice you need.

Video: how to change Siri's voice

On all iPhones and iPads, including those running iOS 9.x (iPhone 9s runs on 9.3.5), the transfer of control to Siri or the complete shutdown of any voice control is done as follows:

  1. Give the command "Settings" - "General" - "Universal access" - "Home button".
    Deactivating the Home button to activate voice input

    Home button will launch Siri on iPhone

  2. Turn the setting for a long press of the “Home” button to the “Off” position.

Solving Problems Using Siri

Despite the fact that today the function of Siri is part of the operating system Apple iOS / watchOS, the problems are not spared, and her.

Siri does not hear the commands of the owner of the gadget

The reasons are as follows:

  • Siri function is disabled. Go to the submenu of the main settings and turn on the Siri function;
  • Siri function is inactive, instead of it, by pressing the Home button, the standard voice control of the iOS system is triggered. Go to the submenu of access to the Home button and switch its use to the “Siri” position;
  • The gadget is flat. Find a power outlet, a free USB port on the computer, an external or solar battery, and recharge the device;
    Flat iPhone

    Discharged gadget can cause problems in the work of Siri

  • microphone is faulty. This can be easily verified by calling any friend or relative. If you do not have access to a cellular network (no SIM card), use the Internet via Wi-Fi. Make a test call to Skype or call another messenger (WhatsApp, Viber, Mail.Ru Agent, etc.). You can also send a voice message on the social network (personal correspondence in VKontakte, a call to Odnoklassniki, etc.). If the Internet is not available, turn on the Recorder application for recording. In case of real damage to the microphone, contact the Apple Store service center;
  • lag, “brakes” iOS. This is a very rare reason why a microphone can be programmed to refuse. Use the tests from the previous paragraph. In the case of a real “freeze”, a flashing or resetting (including full cleaning) of the gadget settings is needed;
  • Connect to the gadget headphones without a microphone. Turn them off;
    iPhone and headphones

    Unplug headphones that don't have a microphone to hear Siri voice

  • a non-standard cover and / or a film covering the microphone of the device. Remove them;
  • The microphone is covered with a finger, folds of clothes, etc. Change the location of the machine;
  • microphones are dirty, covered with dirt. Clean them up;
  • Siri work is impossible during calls. The application is deactivated during telephone conversations, video calls over the 3G network or via instant messengers. Complete all current calls;
  • the dynamics on the gadget do not work. Siri's answer is, but you will not hear it, of course. Contact an Apple Service Center.

No response from Siri

The reasons are as follows:

  • Siri function is on and ready to work, but there is no Internet. Check access to the network to which you are connected. Perhaps you need special conditions for access to the Internet, check it out. Close Siri and restart again;
    iPhone does not catch Wi-Fi signal

    The first step is to check the connection of the smartphone to the network.

  • error on the side of the Apple Siri cloud service. Try using Siri service in a few hours or the next day when problems are fixed on the Siri website;
  • The gadget lies downside down. Turn it over;
  • “Hi, Siri” function is not enabled.Go to the Siri settings submenu and enable this feature;
  • you have a smartphone other than the iPhone 6s, or a tablet other than the iPad Pro. Requires its connection to the source of charge. Put the gadget on a recharge;
  • It's not your Siri trigger language. Go back to the voice and language settings submenu and select the desired language;
    Siri language selection

    In the language settings submenu, select the desired language so that Siri can understand you.

  • iOS system hangs and other software difficulties from the previous paragraph (except for regular situations);
  • viruses that have disabled the application and / or control settings Siri. In particular, the system scenario of sending commands received by the device to the Siri server may fail. Most often, the blame is Jailbreak iOS, because iOS system itself is protected from viruses very reliably. You could breach the security of the device by installing a bunch of unproven programs and tweaks from Cydia, disabling the phishing filtering of sites, etc. The fastest way to solve the problem is to flush the gadget with the same (or newer) version of iOS. If there was no hacking of the system, it is enough to reset the device settings.

How to reset iPhone settings

On iPhone, iPad and iPod, these steps are the same:

  1. Go to the main settings menu and click on reset.
    Item "Reset" in the settings on the iPhone

    Log in to reset your iPhone

  2. Select "Reset all settings" and confirm the request to reset the settings.
    The item "Erase content and settings" in the "Reset" tab on the iPhone

    First try a reset without formatting.

You can erase the content if the user believes that malicious content from unverified sites could get onto the iPhone. After you confirm the reset request, the iPhone will restart and clear the data.

Video: how to reset iPhone settings

Siri does not work at all

In addition to the above reasons for the inoperability of Siri, there may be others:

  • Old iPhone / iPad or iOS version. Recall how long ago you updated iOS or changed the device, and take appropriate measures;
  • You bought a gadget that was not “untied” according to all the rules from the previous owner, and he controls the device settings through the iCloud service. Contact the previous owner of this gadget and resolve this issue.

Siri is a useful feature in everyday life. It is not only a tribute to fashion, but also a multifunctional application that can save the owner's life in extreme situations. In the future, it will find its application in Apple cars, where traffic safety will reach a new level.

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