Signs of the universe. Why we do not see them?

Signs of the universe. Why we do not see them?

Recently, the theory of attraction has become very common. According to the law of attraction, everything works in the world in which we live. Signs, numbers, a chain of events occurring in our life, cause-and-effect relationships. In life, nothing happens just like that. And the proof of this is the realization of simple truth - all that we have is the result of our thoughts, attitudes, from which the choice we make every day is born, this choice influences the actions performed, and actions determine life. What beliefs we follow, what values ​​for ourselves we consider to be a life priority manifested and materialized in life.

This theory is not new, if you want, you can find an earlier confirmation of the law of attraction, which is reflected in the thoughts and statements of wise men and famous people.

“Thoughts determine actions, and actions create life”;

“We are what we think about” - Gautama Sidhartha;

“I think, therefore I exist”; - Rene Descartes;

“Be attentive to your thoughts, they are the beginning of actions” - Lao Tzu;

“Thought is also action; there is nothing more fruitful than its influence on the world ”- Emil Zola;

“Throw away the thoughts that make you unhappy, do things that you like, meet people you feel good with” - Louise Hay;

“Man as a thinker is the measure of all things. If you think, you are free! ”- Socrates;

“There are phrases born of the mind, but there are phrases of the soul”;

“Thoughts about the future, constant thinking about how to do more, give rise to a state of mind in which nothing seems impossible” - Henry Ford;

“Thoughts are minted by firmness of conviction” - Evgeny Hankin;

“All the joys and misfortunes of people are created by their own thoughts” - Hong Zicheng;

“A wise thought is the most economical and most efficient form of energy” - Valentin Borisov.

For example, even when we choose the things with which we surround ourselves and our home, we make a choice. Therefore, it is so important that the unique style of a person, his individuality is manifested in everything that he does. Expensive, valuable for a person things have a certain aura, we “put the soul” in them.If you surround yourself with things, the energy of which is perfectly combined with the energy of a person, in such a space he will feel especially good and comfortable.

Such things are our protection from negative emotions, contradictions, despondency and low mood, because they are a continuation and material confirmation of the inner world of their owner. A dear to the heart thing that keeps positive energy, has the ability to return its owner to a good mood, to give him energy when necessary. According to this principle, all amulets and amulets work, because in order for them to really begin to "work" this thing must be with its owner for some time and absorb its energy. It is not by chance that we prefer to carry photographs of people dear to us or their gifts; we often do this intuitively.

All of these things are signs and guides for us, but often we don’t even suspect it, we can even inadvertently leave ourselves unprotected.

How to learn to see the signs of the Universe in your life, because they exist absolutely for everyone, but we disregard them with our disbelief or unwillingness to notice. Sometimes it is absolutely not reasonable.

What can be attributed to the signs of the universe

First of all we will stop on thoughts. What we think about is what we attract into our lives — many will not even argue that this is so. But where do thoughts come to us? And what are thoughts, if not signs. Thoughts are, first of all, signs of our subconscious, which has universal wisdom. Our task is to learn how to highlight precisely important, significant thoughts, because not all of them will carry value. Many of the thoughts are only a reflection of the innumerable amount of information that passes through the organs of perception during the day. The important point here is the understanding that we can control thought with the help of an effort of will, therefore we can control our life. If we want our life to become more positive, we use the principles of positive thinking. If we want to get what we want, we set our thinking to do the actions necessary for that. In this we are helped by the signs of the Universe, namely the signs of our subconscious.

By developing intuition and a creative view of the world, we develop our ability to see our life as a relationship of events, highlight important points and realize what actions have led us to this result, and how it happened.Developed inner vision contributes to the understanding of the karmic meaning of events and the harmonious view of various seemingly “unnecessary” circumstances. Here we go to the interview to get an interesting job, but quite unexpectedly, due to coincidence, we are late. Of course, we are upset, because we are sure that the best work will not be found.

But only life proves that all the best things happen unexpectedly to us, and because of being late, the necessary meeting with the person who is the conductor for us takes place. We talk to him and find out that his good friend is looking for just such a specialist. And a month later it turns out that the company where we went for an interview went bankrupt. Such events occur constantly, and their options can be many. But if we allowed our mood to deteriorate that day, we would be rude to a potential employer, make an unfavorable impression on him, and miss our chance. This is a very big advantage, which gives a positive thinking and the ability to see different versions of events.

Inner vision makes our consciousness more flexible, which undoubtedly affects life for the better. The universe is not at all interested in us not seeing its signs, we just have to make a step towards our subconscious and learn to live more consciously. To do this, you need to treat your life and yourself with confidence. All the circumstances that we have today, we pulled ourselves. This means that if we feel dissatisfaction with them, we will show distrust of our subconscious, we will come into conflict with it. This is unreasonable for the reason that other people's attitudes will have no value for us, since these are other people's thoughts. Using them, we will constantly treading water and go where we need for our development. Negative emotions will clearly indicate that we are deviating from our path, and sooner or later we will have to return to an unsolved problem.

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Signs of the universe. Why we do not see them 25

Signs of the universe. Why we do not see them 82

Signs of the universe. Why we do not see them 46

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