Sights of Tula region with a description

The glorious ancient city of Tula is located less than 200 kilometers from the capital of Russia. Today it is a developed industrial, economic and cultural center. Due to its favorable geographical location and an abundance of interesting sights, the city is quite popular among tourists. But here are all the main objects in its area studied, where to go next? You should not be upset, there is still something to see here - many of the sights of the Tula region are no worse than those that were advertised in the city.

Museum-Estate "Yasnaya Polyana"

What to see in Tula in addition to urban museums? The most popular answer to this question is to visit Yasnaya Polyana. We are talking about a luxurious manor of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Highlight the whole day for this excursion! The modern "Yasnaya Polyana" is stylized to a bygone era.This is a huge territory, with a gorgeous park, apple gardens, ponds and alleys. Two houses are available for visitors, in which the historical setting is recreated - here you can see the personal belongings of the writer and his relatives. On the territory there are several smaller buildings and buildings of various purposes, including the swimming pool, the favorite bench of L. Tolstoy and several picturesque bridges. Many of the sights of the Tula region are interesting and worthy of attention, but they should start their acquaintance with this region precisely from Yasnaya Polyana.

Sights of Tula region

The estate of Vasily Polenov

In addition to the world-famous Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, in different periods other talented people lived and were born in the Tula region. One of them is the artist Vasily Polenov, who created a magnificent estate on the bank of the Oka River, surrounded by a park. Manor "Polenovo" perfectly preserved to this day and is open to tourists. In it you can get acquainted with the work of the artist and learn a lot about the life of that time. Remarkable is the fact that V. Polenov took care not only of the house for his family: he created the projects of many buildings in the district.If you evaluate the sights of the Tula region on the preservation and significance, the museum "Polenovo" is included in the list of the five most interesting places.

Epifan Tula region attractions

"Kulikovo field"

Another place that you should definitely visit in the Tula region is the Kulikovo Field State Museum-Reserve. The main landmarks are the Red Hill and the village of Monastyrshchina. Many tourists from Moscow come here for the whole weekend, because one day to explore the museum, walk around the neighborhood and really relax is simply impossible. The most interesting places to visit in the reserve are: the monument-column of Dmitry Donskoy, the Church of Sergei Radonezhsky, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, the sculpture of Dmitry Donskoy in the village of Monastyrshchina and the Kulikov Field Museum. The most convenient way to go here is through Bogoroditsk and Epifan. Tula region, whose attractions are known all over Russia, will delight tourists with these two cities. In Bogoroditsk there is a museum-estate, surrounded by a park, and in Epifan 'you can visit the museum of Russian merchants, walk through the historical center.

Sights of cities in the Tula region

"Byaki" - Byakovsky quarries

The sights of the Tula region are not only museums and reserves that are visited year-round by tourists. In the list of informal places of interest, the first line is occupied by caves - Byakovskie quarries. The object is man-made, today it is a whole system of underground passages. The history of the appearance of this attraction is banal: initially limestone was mined here, but very soon the development was recognized as unprofitable due to the poor quality of the stone. The entrance to the caves is filled up, however, there remains a vent hole through which today you can get inside. Attention: if you are going to visit this place for the first time, we recommend you find an experienced guide in advance. In Tula itself, fans of extreme tourism know and love this place, so finding a guide will not be difficult at all.

Natural sights of Tula region with a description

In the vicinity of Tula is very beautiful nature. It is only a little to drive off from major cities and selected recreation areas - and you will find yourself in a completely different reality. In the Tula region are actively developed natural resources, so there are quite conditionally natural attractions - quarries and waste heaps.There are even their own “Blue Lakes” in the region - the flooded sites for the extraction of sand and limestone in an open way today are filled with azure-colored water. If the main attractions of the cities of the Tula region are ancient temples and estates, then nature can please with a great variety. In the vicinity of Tula, in addition to fields and forests, there are holy sources and pagan religious places. The most famous object from the second category is “Horse Stone” (near the village of Kozier, Efremovsky District). This megalith is still credited with magical properties and special energetics.

Sights of Aleksin of Tula region

Destroyed estates in the vicinity of Tula

The proximity to Moscow and the picturesque nature made Tula County an ideal place for the construction of noble estates. Unfortunately, many large-scale estates erected at that time are today only vaguely mentioned in historical sources. However, some magnificent buildings have survived to this day. The fate of many of them is deplorable, but if you really want to see something unique - be sure to visit one of these objects. Not far from the village Khruslovka,At an insignificant distance from the main highway, amidst the lush thickets of greenery, the palace of Karl Von Meck is majestically worth the contribution to the development of Russian railways. The building itself is in a deplorable state, but even the heavily destroyed facade looks majestic. Once inside there were 24 rooms, each of which could boast a unique decoration.

Sights of Tula region with a description

Another unique object is the gothic castle of Dmitry Chertkov in the village of Kolosovo. This is a small town, located 6 kilometers from Alexin. The condition of the house is also emergency. In the outbuildings located near the main building, people live today, but despite this, it’s worth to look at the wooden clock tower with your own eyes. The trip can be combined with a visit to the nearest regional center and see the sights of Aleksin Tula region.

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