Siemens washing machines: reviews, prices, repair

Siemens was established in 1847. Its founder is considered to be Werner Siemens, who was a famous inventor and scientist. Initially, the company was engaged exclusively in the production of medical devices. Beginning in 1849, the German company Siemens began opening branches all over the world. In 1992, the first phones were released. Siemens washing machines began to be produced in 1997.

Siemens washing machines

The advantages of washing machines "Siemens"

The first thing to note is the quality of the parts. Characteristics of washing machines are quite high. The average spin speed is 1,400 revolutions per minute. In terms of size, you can easily find a suitable model for your home. Water consumption is generally acceptable, and it pleases many.

Among other things, manufacturers have provided many programs for convenient use of the device. It is possible to wash cotton, thin fabrics, synthetics and even down products in typewriters. Installed display with a clear menu.Understand the management of a washing machine can be pretty quickly. Additionally, you can adjust the temperature and spin functions. Recognition of foam in water occurs automatically. There is a special child lock system. The loading door opens wide and you can put things in the drum without any inconvenience. Among other things, it should be noted various modes of drying in some models.

Siemens washing machine repair

What points do Siemens engineers still need to work on?

Unfortunately, Siemens washing machine also has shortcomings. The first thing to mention about the noisy device. Sound level in some models more than 50 dB. Being close to the device during the spin cycle is almost impossible. However, some models, less powerful, still have an acceptable figure. Spin vibrations can also cause inconvenience. Sometimes it is accompanied by a shift of the washing machine, but, as a rule, in cases where the legs are incorrectly adjusted in height. The power consumption in many devices is quite high, as a result of which electricity is consumed at high speed, but this is far from news if we are talking about powerful equipment.All this should be considered when choosing a Siemens washing machine.

Error codes

The most common is the error F01. It is connected with the loading hatch and means that the closure density is bad. In some cases, the cause may be any object that does not allow the door to close completely.

The F02 code indicates that no water is being fed into the device. This is most often associated with a clogged mesh.

When there is a problem with the discharge of water, the code F03 appears on the display. In this case, the problem may lie in the filter or pump.

Siemens washing machine errors under code F04 are related to water leakage. In this case, the tightness of the model is broken.

washing machine siemens reviews

Repair of washing machines

In case of problems with the door, repair of Siemens washing machines should be started by inspecting the contents of the drum. In some cases, small objects may prevent the door from being tightly closed. To solve problems with the water supply, the crane is examined first of all. It should be borne in mind that for different models there is a minimum water pressure threshold.

Also removed the mesh, which is located in the hose of the washing machine. After prolonged use, it may become clogged.It can be cleaned quite simply with hot water. If the drain does not occur, you need to inspect the filter. It is located on the back of the washing machine behind the flap. Next, you need to check the pipes and hoses.

Lastly, the pump is inspected. Mostly fail his impeller. Their serviceability can be checked by disassembling the back panel. Impellers should move freely in both directions.

Problems with water leakage are solved by searching for a leaky connection. At the same time, the repair of Siemens washing machines begins with the removal of the rear panel. Only then is the drum removed along with the filter.

Reviews of "Siemens WS 12"

Many washing machines "Siemens WS 12" liked for a multi-level system of protection against leakage. They can also boast automatic detection of foam in the water. Of the shortcomings can be noted quite noisy motor. The sound level during washing is 58 dB. In the spin mode, this figure increases to 85 dB. Energy consumption class is also quite high. However, these indicators are almost all powerful washing machines.

The dimensions of the model are average: height - 849 mm, width - 600 mm, and depth - 400 mm.The drum can withstand up to 5 kg of linen. The boot window is quite large. At the same time, manufacturers have taken care of a quality door. It breaks extremely rarely. Of the features, an optimized cascade laundry wetting system can be distinguished. These Siemens washing machines (market prices) are worth about 45,000 rubles.

washing machine Siemens Germany

Opinion about the washing machine "Siemens WS 10"

This Siemens washing machine (Germany) is valued for its convenient operation. Any mode for removing stains is chosen rather quickly. Additionally there is a convenient timer. It gives you the opportunity to postpone the start time of washing at any time. Protection against leakage is provided, but it applies only to the body.

Of the benefits can be identified control imbalance. Child lock is installed, and this is good news. The power consumption of this model is quite high at a relatively low spin speed. On average, this parameter is at around 1000 rpm. The washing machine, in principle, copes with delicate fabrics well. However, things are a little worse from wool. Spin speed can be adjusted. If necessary, you can completely cancel it.The purchase of Siemens WS 10 will cost 35,000 rubles to the buyer.

washing machine siemens instruction

Review of "Siemens WM 16Y890"

This model is great for washing delicate fabrics. At the same time there is a special program for removing stains. You can also wash the pillows. Child protection installed. Among other things, mention should be made of foam level control. The washing machine tank is made entirely of plastic. At the same time lighting is provided in the drum. To choose the temperature for washing can be pretty quickly.

Of controversial points can be distinguished function spin. In some cases, its speed is extremely small. Also washing can stop without spinning. Energy consumption in this model is not too high.

Of the features, you can select a rather volumetric drum. You can download as much as 8 kg of linen. However, behind this are large dimensions of the model. The width of the washing machine is 60 cm, depth - 58 cm, and height - 85 cm. At the same time, it weighs as much as 83 kg. The price of this model ranges around 39,000 rubles.

Consumer reviews about "Siemens WM 16W640"

Washing machines "Siemens WM 16W640" primarily have a good spin speed. This parameter averages 1,400 rpm.At the same time has a washing machine as many as 22 programs. They allow you to work with very delicate fabrics. You can also load cotton, jeans, synthetics and more into the drum. The mode of fast washing in the model is available. Protection against leakage installed pretty high quality.

The tank is made entirely of stainless steel. The choice of temperature by the manufacturer is provided. Also, this model pleases owners of the drying mode. The dimensions of the washing machine are medium: width - 55 cm, depth - 58 cm, and height - 80 cm. It weighs 81 kg. Adjust the legs to have the opportunity. At the same time, her design is simply excellent and will please many. The standard kit includes the following: Siemens washing machine, instructions and parts for installation. This model is on the market about 55,000 rubles.

washing machine siemens narrow

Opinion about "Siemens WM 14W540"

Many, this washing machine "Siemens" (narrow) relished because of its versatility. Of the features, you can select the mode of easy ironing. There is also an extra rinse function. Water consumption in the washing machine is optimized. There is a door lock for children. The engine is installed quite powerful.To reduce the noise level, an additional cover was installed at the bottom of the device.

Programmer is available with integrated switch. To clean the drum manufacturers took care of the protective system. In automatic mode, it periodically reminds the owner of the need for inspection. On the side walls of the device there are special bands. They are designed to combat excessive vibration. Also in this model there is a circulation sensor. The Siemens WM 14W540 washing machines cost about 50,000 rubles.

WD 14H442 Model Review

This washing machine "Siemens" has positive reviews. This model is able to surprise people with a big drum. Up to 7 kg of laundry can be loaded at a time. The average spin speed is 1500 rpm. During the hour of operation, the washing machine consumes about 4.7 kW of electricity. The costs of water are in the limit of norms and are acceptable. To control the washing machine has a convenient digital display.

From the flaws can be identified lack of steam function. In total there are 15 programs for washing which allow to remove even difficult stains on products from synthetics, cotton and down.At the end of the program, a loud beep sounds. The loading door allows you to put things into the drum without any labor. Imbalance control is available, as is foam recognition. Also, this washing machine pleases owners of technology "Dry" - measuring the level of moisture. Additionally, the self-cleaning system of the condenser works. The price of a washing machine ranges around 58,000 rubles.

washing machines siemens prices

Opinion about the washing machine "Siemens WM 12Q"

The dimensions of the German washing machine "Siemens WM 12Q" is quite impressive. The average spin speed is 1200 revolutions per minute. The indicator of electricity consumption is 1.03 kW / h. The steam function in this model is missing. Dark fabrics in the washing machine are cleaned pretty well. The program for delaying the start is provided.

Additionally, you can adjust the spin speed. The display is set LED. This model is distinguished by a cascade laundry wetting system. To reduce the cost of water there is a circulation sensor. Protection against leakage provided by the manufacturer. Magnetic door lock installed. The height of this model is 85 cm, the width and depth are 59 cm.Siemens WM 12Q will cost the buyer approximately 52,000 rubles.

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