Side stone - application

The side stone (curb) is used mainlyfor the separation of the pedestrian part of the street and the roadway. It is indispensable when laying paving slabs or pavers. Basically it is made of concrete. Such a stone is relatively cheap. When laying it should be well fixed. In general, the side stone should have such qualities as durability and resistance to weather changes.

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Concrete curb

The most important positive quality of concreteborder - its cheapness. However, a large temperature drop is destructive for it. Also bad is the impact of water ingress. Concrete side stone, which absorbed water, can easily collapse if after a rain there is a frost. Water, turned into ice, just tear it from the inside. Cracks and chips will appear. Therefore, in our country so often change the borders of concrete. In addition, when it is manufactured, very often they deviate from the technology in order to speed up the production process. A special operation of long cooling of the concrete mixture is allowed. Instead, it is steamed. The result of this is deplorable. After 4-5 years it has to be completely replaced. When building cottages, sometimes you have to use a curved side stone. It is also made of monolithic concrete with the use of reinforcement. It will, of course, be quite expensive, but the path and pavement will turn out very beautiful. The best concrete side stone is made of cement-sand concrete with the addition of crushed stone or gravel. Concrete borders can be made not only gray (usual to us) colors. It can be performed in any color and even imitate marble, granite or malachite. In this case, the stone is colored not only superficially, but also throughout the depth. This color is preserved for the entire life of the curb.

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Natural side stone

Side stone, made of naturalmaterial, more aesthetic and reliable, as well as more environmentally friendly than his fellow made of concrete. It is much stronger, has better frost resistance, wear resistance and better hygroscopicity. Usually a full-blown curb is produced (all its 6 sides are sawn). These stones are produced with a decorative profile and relief, even with a polished surface. Border with a polished surface used to give the solemnity of any part of the street. He will emphasize the style of the building and the surrounding landscape.

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The most reliable material for its manufactureis a granite. It gives unlimited possibilities for processing, aesthetic and durable. Granite bead stone can be used for separating the roadway, sidewalk, lawn and other elements of the urban structure. It can also be used for framing paving blocks or paving slabs. Granite side stone of dimensions has fixed, installed by special GOST, usually this section is 300x150mm. This is an ordinary road curb. For pedestrian paths, a granite side stone with a section of 200x80mm is used.

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