Sico (condoms): types, reviews

Back in the distant past, people asked what kind ofthe best means of contraception. The age of the very first silicone product, which was discovered by scientists, is 400 years old. Although it can be assumed that different methods of protection people began to apply BC. Despite a decent age, silicone products today are the best way to protect against unwanted pregnancy and infectious diseases that are sexually transmitted.

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How are condoms made by Sico?

Most of these products are made fromlatex. The minimum part of the contraceptive market was covered by condoms made of synthetic materials. Condoms produced by Sico are made from real latex of worthy quality, the main component of which is the juice of the hevea tree. This tree grows in America and Asia. Here the material is subjected to the first series of checks for high quality. Then the real latex is transported to Germany to the company CPR Produktions, which is considered the best plant for the production of latex products. With the help of a modern device, Sico - condoms are manufactured, which are now sold in more than 60 countries around the world.

condoms sico reviews

Advantages of Siko condoms

Why for many years from Sico firm condoms are considered the most common methods of contraception?

First, the condom is one of the oldestmethods of protection, not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from those diseases that are sexually transmitted. If the condom is used correctly, the effectiveness of protection is equal to 100%.

The most popular products are the width of 52mm at a length of 180 mm. This size is suitable for up to 80% of men. Manufacturers try to produce products, satisfying any imagination of users. Everyone in the pharmacy can find different types of condoms: classic, original, thin, corrugated, ring, colored, with different flavors or with lubricant containing benzocaine, which increases the duration of the sexual intercourse.

sico contour condoms

Condoms can be used constantly. There is no need to buy tablets, breaking the balance of hormones. Also, you do not have to wait for 30 minutes, until the pill will work.

Features of the Sico condom

Women who have just given birth canUse a condom without harm to your body: it does not interfere with lactation and allows you to have sex after childbirth. And if there is a problem with insufficient moisture, you can use gels-lubricants that relieve unpleasant and painful sensations, the emergence of microcracks and irritation.

Using condoms reduces the risk of inflammation, cancer of the genitals.

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In what countries are condoms sold "Siko"?

At the moment, condoms on the counter can befind in any country of the CIS, America and Asia. For example, in Mexico, up to 70% of products of this brand are sold. In Russia, condoms "Siko" appeared long ago, in 1995. And since then, a lot of money has been invested to make this brand popular in Russia.

Condoms Sico: on any prosperity

Condoms "Siko" are one of those kindscondoms that are manufactured at an enterprise in Germany. While there are a huge number of popular brand condoms that are manufactured in Malaysia and Thailand. The Sico brand has long existed on the market and has already become popular due to its reasonable cost and high quality. Therefore, these products can be used by people with any material level.

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Who most often purchases condoms?

If before 80% of women bought condoms, thenToday, the number of men and women who buy condoms is approximately the same. Silicone products are used by consumers aged 16 to 45 years.

Find your Sico condom model

condoms sico types

A huge number of Siko condoms alloweveryone to find the model that fits most. This is an amazing purchase for both a financially secure person and a student. And now let's talk about the most popular models that have Sico condoms. The species are diverse.

  • Sico Color is a color condom withstorage, flavoring and lubrication. Saturated color shades, an abundance of berry and fruit aromas make your meeting in bed passionate and unforgettable. You can choose the aromas of banana, mint and strawberry.
  • Sico Pearl are products with corrugations,accumulator and silicone grease. Pimples affect the entire basis of the product and cause additional stimulation. You will get a tremendous feeling, make something new in the relationship, and your partner will not stay away. You will give him even more pleasure by buying a condo Sico Pearl.
  • Sico Ribbed are products with a ringcorrugation and lubrication. Such condoms are ideal for young and eccentric couples who like to experiment. Uneven base allows to receive additional orgasm and to present unusual emotions. Let your partner get new sensations, remaining under reliable protection.
  • Sico Safety is a traditional condom withaccumulator and silicone grease. If for you the main thing is reliability, then it is worth buying these condoms. They are perfect for those who want to fully concentrate on the partner. This type of products is considered the most comfortable and safe.
  • Sico Sensitive is a contour version of condoms with storage and lubrication. The special form helps to get close contact with the partner.
  • Sico Extra - products with compacted walls,storage and lubrication will give you the reliability and safety of sexual intercourse. Such condoms are great for couples who have been together for a long time. You need to throw aside all the unnecessary details and concentrate completely on your favorite partner. This is a double defense, allowing you to fly into the world of temptation.
  • Condoms Sico XXL - for those who are importantthe size. These are classic condoms that are created for young people with increased male dignity. Lightness, originality, predictability - such condoms will be a revelation for you.
  • Condoms classic "Marathon" - products withaccumulator and grease with benzocaine, which allow longer sexual intercourse. If a man is sensitive to sex, and a woman is demanding, then it is worth buying this kind of condom.

Each buyer will be able to find the contraceptive "Siko" with a relief base, different shapes, aromas, sizes, with or without lubrication.

condoms sico types

Long and passionate sex is provided

Today produced under the brand Sicocondoms are considered one of the most popular brands. They are purchased by both women and men under the age of 40. Only Sico Sensitive condoms can guarantee safe, sensual and long sex. Buying condoms, you get independence and freedom, every meeting in bed will be long-awaited, passionate.

If you wish to purchase Sico condoms,sizes can be selected any. The company "Siko" is ready to offer its customers about 13 types of latex products, which are produced in packages of 3, 6, 12 pieces.

sico classical condoms

Condoms Sico: reviews

According to consumer surveys, most of thepeople are satisfied with the use of condoms of this brand. People who often use, for example, Sico contour condoms, note the following. They do not get any irritation or discomfort, the "rubber band" does not tear. These latex products are much cheaper than condoms of other manufacturers, and have many advantages that people from different countries appreciated.

Someone had a big problem - to findnormal condoms, from many after sex, there was irritation of the skin and, as a consequence, reluctance to make love again. But Sico classic condoms do not have such drawbacks, they are meant for daily traditional sex.

Consumers most like classicalCondoms without thorns and flavors. They do not tear, they have a comfortable shape, they can provide high sensitivity, long lubrication. In general, "Siko" - an excellent brand of condoms for secure and long-lasting sex.

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Sico (condoms): types, reviews

Sico (condoms): types, reviews

Sico (condoms): types, reviews

Sico (condoms): types, reviews

Sico (condoms): types, reviews

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