Sexual Inquisition

In Dagestan, at the last moment, she managed to save a woman who was trying to commit suicide. Not having endured the shame of rape by several men, the mother of young children decided to hang herself. At the last moment, her relatives took her out of the loop. And only then, at the moment of complete despair, did the woman decide to complain about her offenders.
The woman reported that the crimes against her were committed regularly, within six months. A group of men, among whom was a police officer, raped her "for the sins of her husband," and allegedly she could atone for his guilt. Pumping up alcohol and psychotropic drugs, the men humiliated the woman, forced them to participate in orgies, threatened to post videos of meetings in the network.
The frightened woman was silent, afraid to open her mouth, while the attackers did not send out an offer from the social networks to fellow villagers to have sex. After that, a scandal broke out, the husband threw a woman, and she had nothing to fear. And she ventured to act alone against healthy and strong men, some of whom are also wearing epaulets. As it turned out, another woman filed a similar suit against this policeman.It is true then she went back down.
I don’t take it until the completion of the investigation to assert something with a 100% guarantee, but if the high-profile case is confirmed, then we face a crying, the least serious case of rape and harassment. The fact that such a thing could happen in the 21st century, in the civilized world, does not fit in my head at all. However, not much was said about this case. He was somehow lost behind the background of Harvey Vanstein and the unhealthy bacchanalia around sexual harassment. All this time, our social networks have been passionate about reharing the facts: who, whom and where was inclined to sex, offered sex for a career, or simply touched the knee.
In the west, there is already the first victim of this surrealistic bullshit. Carl Sargent, the minister of government for Wales, committed suicide four days after his dismissal. The reason for the dismissal was the accusation of three women of "inappropriate sexual behavior." All three of his victims are alive and well. They drink to themselves, come on, some martini, and they never blow. Our first victim is fighting off the attacks of the suspects and their relatives, living under the weight of violence committed with her, experiencing the betrayal of her husband. It is removed from the loop.
In Novaya Gazeta, Yulia Latynina, although she is a character and odious, very clearly characterized this phenomenon. She called him - "sexual inquisition". When anyone can be blamed for some kind of “knees” and ruin his life, business, career.
Sexual abuse is one of the worst crimes against the person. But you need to know when to stop!
I want public attention to be directed to the case in Dagestan and others like him. So that these women are not afraid to complain. In order for them to have something, where to go. So that we can protect them from shame, incompatible with life.
And not to the fact who 20 years ago touched an old mop, Angelina Jolie, behind her knee, who no longer knows how best to play the pop.

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