Sex, sleep, soup: Facebook collected the best hangover recipes

Former PR director of MegaFon Pyotr Petrov-Lidovsky asked his Facebook followers about their favorite dishes “in a state of quality hangover”. We have classified recipes from comments and share with you an invaluable collective experience (illustrations are taken from instagram using the hangover breakfast tag).
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For a tangible part of the advisers, the favorite hungover dish is alcohol: beer, becherovka with pilzner, champagne, vodka with garlic and black bread, "sotochku visarkarik lacquer a pint of decent stout." Several people expressed an authoritative opinion that a quality hangover with food is incompatible.
“There are no favorite dishes in a quality hangover!”
“If quality is a reluctance to live, not what to eat. According to science - meldonium capsule. In a simple way - a glass of cold champagne. ”
"Ice pick."
“Throw flowers out of a vase and drink water. Without opening the eyes.
Other fluids that save from suffering: cold tap water, water with enterosgel (also recommended by Polysorb), pickle from sauerkraut or pickled cucumbers, Coca-Cola and Fanta, a bottle of cold Borjomi and the beloved by many “Essentuki 17” ".

Publication from Dmitry (@ demitrrrr89) January 20, 2017 at 11:52 PST

Someone with a hangover drinks coffee and fresh juice, juice or fresh black tea with lemon and sugar. With reference to British scientists, coconut water was called the best recipe. Several people prefer dairy products: ryazhenka, whey, tan, airan (they say, the main thing is not to smell them). Non-drinkers also appeared in the comments, but the lack of experience is immediately apparent.
- I do not drink, but I know: black tea with milk.
- We immediately see that you do not drink. Keep it up.
From the original recommendations - sports isotonic drinks and something like non-alcoholic "Bloody Mary". The comments left two options for this cocktail: just tomato juice with salt, black pepper and lemon, as well as a more gourmet version.
“At the bottom of a tall glass 10 drops of Tabasco. 5 drops of Worcestershire sauce. 50 grams of tomato juice. 5 drops of tabasco. One yolk. Salt. 50 grams of tomato juice.Celery 10 centimeters. Do not mix. Drink in layers, but with a shot. "

Publication by Julia (@ tartaletka2015) 9 Apr 2018 at 9:42 PDT

The traditional hangover is soups, especially salty, fatty or spicy. They were listed a lot: in the confident first place Hash (one of his fans advises to combine with spicy adjika), and still just broth, chicken soup, pea soup, hodgepodge, borscht, cabbage soup, fish soup, pickle, ginger soup with salted salmon.

Publication from Mesr (@mesr) May 8, 2016 at 7:53 AM PDT

Among the more exotic options leading Vietnamese fo bo. Besides him, they called ramen, miso soup, shurpa, Moldavian zamu, Kalmyk makhan made from mutton and Korean soups. Here we will also include unexpected cold soups: gazpacho, okroshka on white kvass and okroshka on brut (who tried it, tell in the comments if it is possible).
“Kharcho is good or Tom Yam! Something spicy to tears! ”
Variants with noodles turned out to be popular: in addition to the usual lagman, they called Korean Kouksi noodles and cold soup with these noodles, as well as Uygur noodles Ashlyam Fu. Well, the classic hangover breakfasts, which do not require much effort from the performer and leave the house, are doshirak, rollton and the almost forgotten “Galina Blanca”.Another quick option is "tomato fast-feed from a bag of sour cream, with horseradish and garlic."

Publication by Eugene (@ladydenjo) June 18, 2016 at 4:01 am PDT

In general, many with a hangover want fast food and other food, which is considered to be harmful: shawarma, double cheeseburger from McDonald's (recommended to combine with orange juice with ice), country-style potatoes with cheese sauce, dumplings. Also, they eat meat with a hangover: just boiled, lula or khinkali.

Publication by Mari Michurin (@mmanyou) 6 Jun 2013 at 12:28 PDT

Someone prefers dishes that are usually not associated with a hangover: scrambled eggs with ham, sushi, herring under a fur coat. In one recipe they advised to accompany borsch with Prague cake, and some recommend pure ginger without any stupidities like broth, meat and vegetables.
“Korean carrot salad, sweet and sour Chinese soup, scrambled eggs with well-grilled tomatoes and even with onions.”
In addition to the well-known classic recipes, the editor BigPikchi discovered in the comments unpredictable ways to come to his senses and is now waiting with interest for the next hangover.
“If the international situation allows, then try calibrated pickled squash.If the brain requires a final enlightenment, then I give up on any dish and smoothly turn to the second act of a quality hangover. ”
“Turch, but not from green beans, but from tomatoes, hot pepper spices and so on. In a three-liter jar. Returns to life even in severe cases. And still a bomzhik salad: mash canned tomatoes without a skin with a fork, finely chop Yalta onion, fill with unrefined sunflower oil. Instead of instruments use fresh loaf. "
"Somehow the guys from the State Department taught: 0.5 cold Coca-Cola and ice cream with caramel."
“Cocktail of three C: sleep, sex, soup. Strictly in the morning and strictly in that order. ”
Special thanks to the commentator, who remembered the perfect recipe for a hard morning in the presentation of Mikhail Bulgakov.
“When I moved my toes, Stepa guessed what lay in his socks, with a shaking hand, he ran over his thigh to determine whether he was in trousers or not, and did not determine.
Stepa, goggling, saw that a tray was served on a small table, on which there was sliced ​​white bread, pressed caviar in a vase, white pickled mushrooms on a platter, something in a saucepan, and finally vodka in a voluminous jeweler decanter. Especially struck by the steppe that the decanter sweated from the cold.However, it was understandable - it was placed in a sink filled with ice. ”

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