Serotonin - what is this hormone and what is its role in the body?

What is a hormone serotonin? What is its role in the body? Serotonin, or, as people call it, the pleasure hormone, is a chemical element of the brain that prevents depression and improves mood. The process of making this hormone has an important effect on the regulation of nerve cells, brain function and the state of the human nervous system as a whole. After all, serotonin is the key to effective and fruitful work of neurons. In addition, it stimulates the process of adjusting body temperature and blood pressure, improves respiratory and renal functions, and constricts blood vessels. What is serotonin? What causes its deficiency in the body? Depression, depression and stress, which occur due to a lack of the hormone serotonin, have a number of negative consequences:

  1. Violation of metabolic processes of the body.
  2. General deterioration in health.
  3. Allergic reactions.
  4. Reduced immunity.
  5. Diathesis.
  6. Chronic insomnia, sleep disorders.
  7. Enuresis.
  8. Exacerbation of toxicity during pregnancy.
  9. Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses (in especially acute and advanced cases).

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How to increase serotonin?

If you have knowledge of the artificial increase in the level of serotonin in the body, you can learn to avoid everyday routine, always feel energetic, joyful and efficient. Moreover, there is nothing difficult in this science. So, there are a number of chemical and natural ways to increase the content of serotonin. What is serotonin? How to increase its level in the body? Consider the most popular, effective and affordable methods.

Sports and Exercise

Serotonin is a hormone whose amount can be increased with the help of sports and physical exertion. During sports training, the body begins to produce the substance tryptophan, which, in turn, provokes the production of serotonin. However, at the same time, give yourself a moderate, feasible load. According to research data, serotonin is produced only by those athletes who feel vigorously and comfortably, and do not torture themselves with exercises to exhaustion.Sports training, if desired, can be replaced by hour walks in the fresh air.

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Massage treatments

What is serotonin? What other ways are there to increase its level? High-quality massage increases the level of serotonin in the body, while reducing the production of stress hormone - cortisone. Therefore, massage treatments are a great way to relieve emotional and physical tension, to raise the overall tone. If you have no time or financial opportunity to visit a professional master, try to learn the basics of acupuncture acupressure, which you can do on your own and under any conditions.

Light exposure

According to scientists, light activates the synthesis and production of serotonin. Therefore, provide yourself with sufficient lighting. Particularly favorable in this case, daylight and direct exposure to sunlight. So open the windows and more often go outside during the daytime. In the cold season, periodic visits to the solarium are recommended.

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Relaxation and meditation practices

Stressful situations, overload, mental and emotional overstrain lead to a decrease in serotonin levels.How to increase serotonin? In order to increase the content of this hormone, you must first eliminate the stress factor. To maintain harmony and inner balance, the following practices are recommended:

  • Yoga.
  • Autotraining.
  • Meditation.
  • Art therapy.
  • Breathing exercises.

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Happy memories (psychological method)

What is serotonin? Hormone. What will help to raise his level? You can get a charge of serotonin by consciously evoking pleasant memories in you that fill you with a feeling of happiness. If it’s hard for you to do it yourself, try to sort through old photos, meet your childhood friends, etc.

Psychological counseling (professional assistance)

For the body to produce serotonin and the normal functioning of the nervous system, the correct positive attitude, positive thinking, and reasonable optimism are very important. If a person fails to cope with his own problems, experiences and sad thoughts, it may be worthwhile to turn to a professional psychologist for help.

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Essential Nutrients

For sufficient production and synthesis of this hormone, a substance such as tryptophan must be regularly released into the body. The daily dose of this amino acid is one to two grams.

Also a high dose of magnesium, glucose and vitamins of group B will help to maintain a high level of serotonin. All these substances are contained both in special medicines and in many foods.

What foods contain serotonin?

What is serotonin? What products does it contain? To begin with, this wording of the question is somewhat incorrect. After all, this is not a substance, serotonin - a hormone that is produced by the body. Therefore, it would be more correct to say: "What foods increase the level of serotonin in the body?".

Products that increase the content of serotonin, are divided into several categories. These include:

  1. Products saturated with tryptophan (hard cheeses, legumes and soybean, cottage cheese, oyster mushrooms, and buckwheat)
  2. Products with a high content of simple carbohydrates (sweets, chocolate, pastries, muffins, etc.) - this food helps to quickly raise the level of serotonin in a stressful situation.However, it is not worth to abuse simple carbohydrates, because they can lead to dependence on sweets, and in addition, they will adversely affect your figure.
  3. Foods rich in magnesium (prunes, raisins, dried apricots, nuts, seaweed, seafood, bran, fiber, pharmacy, wheat germ).
  4. Products containing vitamins of group B (brewer's yeast, bananas, pumpkin, melon, pumpkin, citrus, oatmeal, liver, offal, dates).

In order to feel completely satisfied and stay in high spirits, try to include these products in your diet. For the production of the daily norm of the pleasure hormone, it is enough to eat at least one of those on this list per day.

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What is serotonin reuptake?

Serotonin, reverse seizure - what is it? Depressive states are always associated with a decrease in serotonin levels. Therefore, one of the chemical methods of raising this hormone, as well as a drug for treating depression, are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Reuptake drugs increase the concentration of free serotonin.Their principle of operation is as follows: this drug blocks the reuptake of the hormone serotonin in the area of ​​contact of nerve cells. This leads to the fact that the transmission of information by serotonin to the cells is not restored, with the result that depressed cells are activated by depression. As a result, the nervous, psychological and emotional state of a person improves significantly.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are among the safest antidepressants, but they also have their side effects. In particular:

  • Insomnia.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Headache.
  • Nausea.
  • Increased emotional excitability.

But in most cases, these symptoms are mild and pass by themselves. The course of treatment with drugs of this group is usually about a month.

Thus, serotonin in the body is an extremely important substance necessary for both psychological and physical health. It is good that there is not one way to increase the level of serotonin in the body. Put them into practice and a good, sunny mood is guaranteed!

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Serotonin - what is this hormone and what is its role in the body 29

Serotonin - what is this hormone and what is its role in the body 34

Serotonin - what is this hormone and what is its role in the body 95

Serotonin - what is this hormone and what is its role in the body 52

Serotonin - what is this hormone and what is its role in the body 91

Serotonin - what is this hormone and what is its role in the body 47

Serotonin - what is this hormone and what is its role in the body 60