Senile insanity and its manifestations

The phrase "senility" is familiar to all since childhood. Fortunately, the reason for this is not a huge number of patients, but the comic use of this phrase. For many, the exclamation: "Yes, this is insanity!" - means only that something wrong is happening that does not correspond to common sense. Unfortunately, in fact, this disease is not at all like a joke, since a person suffering from it can qualitatively poison life to himself and all people around him. And what is especially unpleasant - senility can manifest itself at almost any age, and it is very difficult to notice its symptoms early on.

Senilityorigin of name

Not everyone understands why this disease has received such a name. To make everything clear, you should turn to the dead language - to Latin. "Marasmos" is translated as "extinction" and "exhaustion." The adjective is the age at which the problem most often occurs. Thus, senility is a disease caused by exhaustion of the mind and its gradual extinction, most often manifested in the elderly.


Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.Therefore, it is necessary to know why it can arise. Unbalanced nutrition, smoking, alcoholism, low physical and mental activity - all these factors provoke the death of brain neurons, which causes senile insanity.


The earlier the disease is found, the easier it is to treat it. That is why it is so important to be able to recognize the first alarm bells and not to disregard them. So, you can not sit back with the following symptoms:

Senile insanity symptoms1. Exaggeration of character traits. Prudent and thrifty turns into a miser, cautious - into a coward.

2. Short-term memory is disturbed - the patient can forget what he was doing yesterday.

3. The character changes for the worse, his worst features are clearly manifested in the person.

4. The patient loses the adequacy of behavior and the assessment of life situations, the orientation in time is disturbed, the mind fades away.

5. The person does not want to communicate with other people, the society is his.

6. Conservatism - the patient believes that everything was good only before, suffers nostalgia, refuses any changes.

Senile insanity treatmentSeverity

Such a disease as senility, has several stages.The first - the easiest - is manifested only by a decrease in social activity and unwillingness to communicate, as well as a loss of interest in the world and hobbies. The stage of moderate dementia is characterized by the loss of most skills. The patient can "unlearn" to open the door, cook, turn on the TV. He becomes a heavy burden for his family. Well, if the patient is completely dependent on others, is not able to eat and maintain hygiene by himself, then this is already a heavy and irreversible old age insanity.


Unfortunately, many people think that this problem is incorrigible. In fact, getting rid of it is possible. The main thing is to start treatment in time. So, senile insanity retreats when taking vitamin B12, following a proper diet, gradually increasing the load on the body and mind. Also, a doctor can be prescribed anti-dement and psychotropic drugs. A good effect can have a change of scenery.

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