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A trip to Dubai has recently become considered a symbol of the material wealth of people. If a tourist could afford even a short trip to the Emirates, to the largest city in the country, then he automatically becomes successful and wealthy in the eyes of others. The current Dubai has become a kind of incarnation of enchanting and unfamiliar Asia. For many tourists, this area has become much more interesting than the fairly tired European resorts. After all, Dubai is white sandy beaches and constant sun, cloudless skies, developed entertainment infrastructure, first-class service, good shopping and much more. Apparently, therefore, almost everyone strives to get here.San Marco Hotel 2

Trip to dubai

The city has a huge variety of restaurants and nightclubs, casinos, yacht and golf clubs. Here you can relax with a fun company, and with children or older people.

In recent years, in Dubai and its environs, many hotels and hotels of various categories have been built. Here you can book both luxury apartments in the resort complex and a cozy guest house.Prices for accommodation depend on the category of hotel, as well as the area in which it is built. Today we will talk about the San Marco Hotel 2 * in Dubai. Deira - the area in which this hotel is located - is considered the oldest in the city. Once it was the emirate's shopping center. It lies on the right bank of the Creek Bay (Creek). In this area of ​​Dubai, traditionally classic Arab buildings are combined with modern skyscrapers that go far into the sky. Deira for some time is very popular among tourists who prefer a budget holiday, as well as shopping.


The modern complex of San Marco Hotel 2 * (UAE, Dubai / Dubai, Deira / Deira) is located almost in the center of this business district. Tour operators selling trips to this hotel should immediately warn their customers that it is quite remote from the beach. The distance to the bathing area is about a kilometer. But, along with this minus, San Marco Hotel 2 * in Dubai can boast one definite advantage: it is located close enough to the airport. The nearest international airport terminal is only eight kilometers away, which means a short transfer.In just fifteen minutes, tourists can drive to the hotel.San Marco Hotel 2 Dubai

Within one or one and a half kilometers there are three railway stations at once. Within walking distance of the San Marco Hotel Dubai 2 * famous gold market. Literally a hundred meters away is the KFS restaurant. Near many shops and cafes, supermarkets. Three minutes walk to the metro station green line.


San Marco Hotel 2 * - city hotel. It is a fairly large multi-storey building, built in a modern style. Own territory of this hotel is not, but inside the building provides almost everything that tourists need for a comfortable stay and stay. Modern elevators work between the floors, so those who are allocated rooms on the last, sixth floor should not be upset. Especially since there opens an amazing view of the city.

In front of the hotel there is a small parking lot with parking spaces. Nearby there are several other hotels where our compatriots often stay, so the Russians will not have a shortage of communication with their fellow countrymen. Just a few steps away is the bus stop.

The hotel was built in 2005. But in 2015, a cardinal reconstruction was carried out here, and today it is almost impossible to find out the updated San Marco Hotel 2 * (UAE). Dubai is a city in which hotels and luxury hotels appear almost every day. Here, the demand for housing ahead of supply. However, these budget options in recent years are built less and less.San Marco Hotel 2 Deira


Despite its low "star", San Marco Hotel 2 * (Deira) offers the whole range of services that tourists need for trouble-free living. It has modern elevators, the entire space of the hotel is air-conditioned. In the lobby there is a souvenir shop, ATMs, a currency exchange office, a tour desk. Those interested can use dry cleaning or laundry, concierge services, ironing and shoe shine. The reception desk is always open. Here you can order a transfer in any direction, use a fax or copy machine. Those who wish are also offered a deposit safe. San Marco Hotel 2 * (Dubai) has a small business center with a conference room. Employees at the registration desk speak three languages.

Number of rooms

According to its size, San Marco Hotel 2 * in Deira belongs to the middle category. It has one hundred and twenty rooms, one hundred and twelve of which are standard. There are also luxury and family apartments. According to reviews, all rooms in San Marco Hotel 2 * have a fairly large area and a thoughtful beautiful design. Most of them have small individual balconies. They have a great view of the street and the city.

All rooms are equipped with necessary appliances for a comfortable stay. The temperature inside the room is regulated by individual split-conditioning systems. This factor is especially relevant for Dubai, where it is stifling during the hottest months, and it is impossible to stay outside for a long time.

The rooms have flat-screen TVs, you can watch the broadcast satellite channels (there are two Russian-speaking). A small built-in safe with an electric lock in which you can store documents and oversized valuables is available at an additional cost. On request, hotel guests can receive an iron and ironing board free of charge. Judging by the reviews, the furniture in the rooms is new and comfortable. There is a wardrobe, luggage, coffee table, chairs.For those who can not imagine themselves without invigorating drinks, an electric kettle is provided in the room, as well as the necessary utensils. Mini-bar is filled at the request of customers. For the use of its contents need to pay separately.San Marco Hotel 2 Dubai Reviews


In the UAE, it is difficult to find a hotel in which there is no minimum set of services. Moreover, in this prosperous country, the “star” of hotels is somewhat different from its European counterparts. This applies to everything - both rooms and infrastructure. Even in a two-star hotel, high-quality expensive household and plumbing equipment can be installed. Hotel San Marco 2 * is no exception. The UAE, Dubai in particular, are in a zone of arid hot climate, therefore, both locals and tourists take a shower several times a day. The hotel rooms have a small bathroom with shower. It has a modern high-quality plumbing, a large washbasin, a toilet mirror. In each room, residents can use a hair dryer. Soaps, shampoos and other necessary hygiene products are updated daily. With the same frequency during the cleaning of the rooms, the maids give out clean towels.Room service is round-the-clock, however this service is chargeable.


When buying tours to any country, including the United Arab Emirates, travelers can choose the food concept that is convenient for them, ranging from breakfast to full board or all-inclusive. In any case, every tourist solves this issue independently. However, many reviews suggest that it is best to take the concept of "half board". The fact is that, in general, the local cuisine is quite specific, it is not suitable for every Russian citizen or like it. Eating in a cafe or restaurant, where the menu always has dishes familiar to us from European cuisine, of course, is one of the options. But keep in mind that this is not a cheap pleasure. As for the food in the hotel, there is always a buffet system with a variety of dishes, and a person can take what they like at their choice.San Marco Hotel 2 D reviews

San Marco Hotel 2 * (UAE) offers all food concepts. But the most popular among Russians is “breakfast only”. The fact is that many people prefer to combine a beach holiday in this country with a tour of local attractions, so it’s convenient for them to eat at the hotel in the morning and leave for the whole day. You can dine and dine in inexpensive pizzerias or cafes.Otherwise, food can be ordered in the room or visit a restaurant located on the territory of the San Marco Hotel 2 *. Dubai is a city in which there are a lot of food establishments, they are located everywhere, so tourists have a huge choice. The hotel has not only a restaurant, but also a cafe and snack bar. On request, tourists can get in the restaurant diet menu.


Today, many Russians who rest on a small budget choose the San Marco Hotel 2 * in the UAE. Dubai, Deira in particular, is famous for its luxurious beaches. As already mentioned, the bathing area from this two-star hotel is somewhat remote. San Marco Hotel 2 * is located on the third line from the sea. The distance to the beach can be covered by public transport or by taxi. However, for those who live three times a day, a free transfer is organized from the entrance to the hotel to the sea. Comfortable shuttles take tourists to the public beach. Transfer tickets must be taken in the evening. Five times a week, tourists carry on the famous "Al-Mamzar." The entrance fee is five dirhams (a little more than 80 rubles) per person, and once or twice - to a man-made free bay. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available for a fee.The beach is sandy, the entrance to the sea is comfortable, smooth.


San Marco Hotel 2 * has its own small swimming pool. Its area is thirty square meters. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available around the pool. Since San Marco Hotel 2 * does not have a territory, animation is not provided in it. There is also no playground. But on the beach, tourists can get the whole range of water entertainment, of course, for a fee. Here you can go snorkeling, boating, speedboat, yacht, catamaran, water skiing, as well as parasailing, windsurfing and sailing. On the beach there are bars and cafes, there are all the amenities: showers, toilets.

Additional Information

The guests of San Marco Hotel 2 *, reviews of living in which are mostly positive, also offer a number of additional services to make their stay at this hotel a pleasant, unforgettable and, most importantly, hassle-free. The presence in the infrastructure of dry cleaning and laundry today is unlikely to surprise anyone. But the post office is not in every hotel. If necessary, residents can rent a safe from the reception desk employee.In addition, the hotel staff will help you easily and quickly rent a suitable transport to more conveniently move around such a big city like Dubai.San Marco Hotel Dubai 2

In addition, the hotel has a special employee who will advise tourists who come to shop about the location of the best and, most importantly, inexpensive shops and malls. The hotel twice a week offers a free shuttle service to the largest Dubai malls. In San Marco Hotel 2 * (Deira)There is a small gym, in which the most modern simulators are installed. This service at the hotel is free, and therefore is very popular with guests. On the second floor there is a sauna. You can connect to the Internet from anywhere in the hotel. For children, the hotel provides a playroom.


For those who come to Dubai not only for a beach holiday, but also for exploring local attractions, the location of this hotel will seem somewhat inconvenient: “San Marco” is located far from the city center - about fourteen kilometers away. But those who are going to shop here can think that they have made the right choice of hotel.San Marco Hotel 2 * is located in the Deira district - the oldest and the cheapest. There are many inexpensive shops, there is a gold market, the prices of which will pleasantly surprise our compatriots. Those who prefer to spend their money on traveling around the country can use the services of the tour desk located in the lobby. Here you can not only buy tours, including with a guide, but also, using the help of your workers, create a route for independent travel.

You can go on a sightseeing tour of Dubai, climb the tower "Burj Khalifa". The cost of the tour is one hundred dollars per person. It also includes dinner in the restaurant. Judging by the reviews, many Russians liked the trip to Atlantis, the famous Emirates water park.

You can buy a jeep safari for fifty y. e. per person. The price includes forty minutes of extreme riding on huge off-road vehicles around the sand dunes of the desert, a visit to an Arab village, riding camels, painting hands with henna, a photo session. A very expensive tour called "The Book of Records of Dubai" will show the diversity of this city.

Accommodation Rules

The hotel has rooms for smokers, as well as for those who move in wheelchairs. Check-in is scheduled for fourteen and check-out is for twelve hours. Children on request issued a folding bed. If desired, customers can order a paid service "early registration." Pets are not allowed.San Marco Hotel 2 Dubai Deira

San Marco Hotel 2 * (Dubai): reviews of our compatriots

Many Russians before buying tours to this hotel must carefully read the comments of those who have already been here. As mentioned above, San Marco Hotel 2 * is a city hotel. Here often stop those who, arriving in this city for business purposes, at the same time and relax. Many of our compatriots come here for shopping. And that, and others budget budget San Marco Hotel 2 * perfectly will approach. Dubai, the reviews of which are overwhelmingly good, attracts travelers of different categories.

Hotel "San Marco" is suitable for marine recreation. Although the beach is far away, the administration decided this question by arranging a transfer. But for families coming here with children, judging by the reviews, it may not be too comfortable here, since very few services are provided for the younger guests.

So, what do our compatriots write about the San Marco Dubai 2 * hotel? For the most part, Russians leave good reviews about staying there. The hotel is a perfect combination of price and quality. Inside, guests can enjoy modern furnishings with little use of Arabic design elements. The rooms, though simple, are quite spacious. Their interior has to rest and relax. Plumbing in good condition.

As for food, many people find it quite good. Of course, there are those who complain about the monotony, especially those who lived in the hotel "San Marco" for two or more weeks. But on the other hand, no one denies that the products are always fresh. Food is served in sufficient quantity for all. Many people are delighted with the baking served in the morning. And those who for some reason did not like the proposed kitchen, ate in the city, where there are many inexpensive places where you can have a tasty snack.

No one has any complaints about the work of the staff. Maids and receptionists at the hotel are always polite and smiling. They are always ready to help customers, and problems are solved quickly and calmly.

An important advantage in choosing this hotel is the cost of living.Rest in San Marco will cost from forty to eighty thousand rubles for seven days per person. The price of the tour varies depending on the catering scheme, room category and, of course, the travel company whose services will be used by the tourist.

In general, our compatriots mostly recommend this two-star hotel for a rest in the economy class. Some reviews express dissatisfaction with the presence of a nearby fish market, but most Russians, living in a hotel, did not even know about its existence.

Of course, those who are accustomed to luxury apartments and Egyptian hotels "all inclusive", here may feel not quite comfortable. Not quite comfortable and those who love a large area.

Summing up, we can say the following: choosing “San Marco”, the majority of our compatriots did not regret it at all. The only thing that Russians advise is to choose the right time for the trip, for example, October or November. And then the rest in Dubai will be remembered for a lifetime.

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