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Samson meaning of name and interpretation of the name. Samson - sunny (dr. Heb.).
Name days, patron saints. January 12 (December 30) - The holy martyr Samson and his comrades suffered for Christ in the time of Julian the Apostate.
July 10 (27 June) - Rev. Samson A strange doctor, a physician, built a house for pilgrims, beggars and sick people in Constantinople, and served them with zeal and love for the sake of God and the salvation of the soul.
Superstitions, omens, customs. July 10 - Samson Senogna. If it rains this day, it will be wet before Indian summer.
Zodiac name - Capricorn. Planet - the sun. The color of the name is pale yellow. Auspicious tree - pine. The cherished plant is the lotus. The patron of the name is a white horse. The stone mascot is amber.
Diminutive forms. Samonya, Samokha, Monya.
Middle name. Samsonovich, Samsonovna; razg. Samsonitch.
Name and character. Samson is an introvert, immersed in his own thoughts and little passionate about the events of the world. He does not like to share his experiences. He seems to be reading his own life to himself ... although if circumstances compel him to take care of someone else, interfere in someone else's life, Samson takes his troubles as his own.
Name in history and literature.Samson is one of the most romantic biblical characters. The angel announced to the future mother that she would give birth to a son who would be the winner of the Philistines. He also warned that Samson would never eat the juice of the vine or cut his hair, for his strength would be in his hair. Bible stories about Samson consist of several episodes, sometimes funny and touching, sometimes cruel and tragic. Fate, as if on purpose, experienced a hero, and it turned out that he fell in love with the Philistine. It was a beautiful woman named Delilah. She skillfully discovered the secret of his strength, and when he was sleeping, lulled by her caresses, the Philistines cut his hair and gouged out his eyes. Placed behind bars, Samson bitterly repented of all his sins, adventures and wild adventures. And, apparently, the sky still took pity on him. Hair began to grow quickly, and with them came the lost strength. Then one day, when a noisy and colorful event took place in Gaza, with bloody offerings in honor of the idol of Dagon, the nobility of the Philistines wished Samson to be brought to the temple. Samson, hiding the strength that had returned to him, obediently entered the temple and also humbly asked him to lead him to the columns. He wanted to show that he can not stand on his feet without support and support.Then the terrible happened: Samson shook the stone pillars with such force, which served as a support for the whole temple, that they collapsed along with the heavy vault and walls. Under the rubble of the colossal structure, as many Philistines perished as Samson would not have been able to destroy in his entire life.
Samson Yakovlevich Makintsev (1776–1849) - an adventurer, sergeant of the Russian service, who deserted to Persia. Having entered the Persian service, Makintsy, or, as he was called in Persia, Samson Khan, began to recruit Russian deserters, for which he was consistently elevated. In the years 1820–1821. participated in the war of Persia with Turkey and contributed to the victory of the Persians at Toprak-kala; during the war between Russia and Persia, he refused to fight against the Russians; later pacified the rebellion in Khorasan.

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