"Salute-7": "What is the truth, brother?"

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In the wake of the release of the All-Russian premiere of the feature film "Salyut-7", numerous publications appeared in the press on the topic, as it was in fact, and interviews with the heroes of those days.
It happened so that two interviews of the direct participants of those events caught my eye almost simultaneously, and some interpretations and assessments of the rescue of the Salyut-7 orbital station diverge almost diametrically.
As is now known, probably, to everyone, the Salyut-7 orbital station unexpectedly switched off on February 11, 1985. When the station was operating in automatic mode, a short circuit occurred in the transmitter of the command radio link. The station was silent and began to freeze.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta describes these events as https://rg.ru/2017/10/05/viktor-savinyh-rasskazal-o-polze-triapok-v-kosmose-i-armageddone.html:
“In fact, everything was very bad. A technical accident occurred at Salute-7: the station did not give signals, got out of control and began to lose altitude, steadily descending to the Earth.PE! Where exactly it will fall - unpredictable. As the effects of the fall.
In the history of cosmonautics, before that, there was already the tragedy of the American station Skylab. Its fragments flew to Australia. Nobody wanted such a repetition. Our cosmonauts were supposed to save the planet from big trouble. ”
Viktor Blagov did not dramatize the current situation so much, in those years he was deputy head of the Salyut-7 station flight in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda Weekly (4-11. 10):

“... The main part of the station would burn in the upper atmosphere. Only the most massive and heat-resistant elements would fly to Earth ... It all depends on where the debris would go. If a nuclear power plant, chemical plant or ammunition depot, yes, it would be a disaster. But the likelihood of this is a few zeros and one. "
Okay, let's write off the exaggeration of the scale of the catastrophe on the emotional correspondence of the newspaper, but then he interviews a very direct participant in the events, one of the rescue heroes of Salyut-7, a flight engineer of the Soyuz T-13, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Savinykh.

“RG”: In the salvation commentary Salyut-7, many called you “suicide bombers.”Did you understand the danger and risk of the expedition?
- Victor Savinykh: Of course, they understood. But everything was in our hands.
But Viktor Blagov, in an interview with KP, again lowers the degree of anxiety:
“KP” - Still, Savinykh and Dzhanibekov risked more than the crew who would go to the live station? -Viktor Blagov: What did they risk more? The risk was at the usual level.

Regarding the state of the station at the time when the Soyuz T-13 spacecraft with the Dzhanibekov and Savinykh docked, the two esteemed respondents also had serious discrepancies:
“RG” - I understand that when the station began to “thaw”, rags became the main problem in order to clean the water flows? - Victor Savinykh: Yes, after the station had high temperatures, all the ice that was around melted. It was the scariest moment. Because the whole station was covered with a thin film of water. You knock on the wall, and from there splashes ...
"KP" - Water droplets on the station flew?
- Victor Blagov: Where will they come from, drop it? The atmosphere was about two liters of liquid, and it all quickly subsided.

We can only guess what was the result of such almost polar assessments of some details of the rescue operation, whether“Forgetfulness” of one of the flight managers, or slightly “embellished” for an emotional enhancement of the cosmonaut’s memories.
In one they agreed exactly-it was one of the glorious pages of the Soviet cosmonautics.

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