Royal Canin: reviews and advice of veterinarians

Today we will talk about Royal Canin pet food. Reviews of pet owners and large kennels are different about him, but for the most part they are positive. Since there are no identical animals, it can be assumed that the feed must be selected in accordance with the individual characteristics of each four-legged friend. However, there is another significant detail. The company's specialists have developed a whole line of Royal Canin products. Reviews of leading experts in the field of pet food production say that it is a good option to get a premium product for your pet for affordable money.royal canin reviews

Why choose Royal Canin?

Every owner wants his pet to be healthy. We all realize how big a role food plays in the life of a four-legged friend. On how balanced it is, will depend on the development of the organism, the formation of internal organs, appearance (wool, skin), as well as life expectancy, activity and learning. That is, nutrition plays an important role in every area of ​​life.

Why today most often owners choose brand “Royal Canin”? Reviews of the owners say that it is very difficult on their own to create a feeding system that would ideally suit the needs of the body of a four-legged pet. While the time-tested corporation uses the knowledge of veterinarians and the latest advances in technology, each portion of food contains everything necessary for the health of the animal. It was the balance and nutritional value of the feed that played a decisive role. Today, the leader in the dry feed market is Royal Canin. Reviews of veterinarians contribute to further increase its popularity.royal canin cat food for veterinar reviews

The main objectives of the company

This is a dynamically developing corporation, which today fulfills a number of new goals. This is the creation of new feed with a more perfect composition. To do this, the company employs veterinarians and livestock technologists, the joint work of which gives tangible results. In addition, today a project is being implemented to produce a wide range of food for cats and dogs with subspecies by age, weight, and animal health.In the research and production complex constantly introduce new, modern technologies that allow to bring production to a new level.

Royal Canin dog food: reviews

Regarding the correctness of the transfer of your pet to dry food, there are many very different points of view, but we will try to reveal to you the opinion of independent experts. Since this is an affordable premium food (and the highest quality and expensive food is considered to be a super-premium class food), then, accordingly, it is considered an acceptable option for mixed breeds and dogs of unpretentious breeds.

If your pet has serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, is prone to allergic reactions, it is better to switch to natural food. Despite this, Royal Canin dog food collects quite good reviews. A large mass of representatives of the dog world tolerates it very well, that is, the food can be used throughout the pet's life.royal canin dog food reviews

The composition of dog food

The first ingredient in the composition is brewing rice grains. This, in fact, grain waste after grinding rice, which have a certain nutritional value.Further, brown rice appears in the composition - it is a complex carbohydrate that is easily digested due to special processing. It is a source of energy and calories. The third product - flour from chicken offal. The source of protein and all the necessary amino acids, but despite this, cheap ingredient of low quality. Flour is made from slaughterhouse waste. These are internal organs, feathers and paws, beaks, undeveloped eggs, that is, everything except meat. However, such flour is a concentrate, it contains 300% more protein than fresh chicken. Additionally, it contains chicken fat, Omega-6 source, wheat and corn gluten, and nutritional supplements.

royal canin for neutered cats reviews

Age dog food

Feed ready balanced feed can begin from the first month of life. For this, Royal Canin feed is quite suitable. Reviews of veterinarians suggest that instead of self-selection of the diet your pet is better to turn to the experience of professionals. The company has recently released even a milk replacer for puppies from birth to weaning. The main group of products in this series is designed for puppies from 2 months to a year.At this time, the puppy grows most intensively, which means that the most important thing is to organize optimal feeding. All the vitamins and minerals have already been added to the finished balanced mixtures, which means that your pet will grow cheerful and healthy. Packing cost (10 kg) - on average 3000 rubles (for example Royal Canin Giant Puppy Active, 15 kg).

Has your pet grown up? It's time to go to feed for adult animals. This product line provides your pet with energy every day. In addition, food is the prevention of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In this group are presented different feeds "Royal Canin" for dogs. Reviews of the owners say that when choosing you need to focus on the size and breed, level of activity and features of the content (house or street, summer or winter). For example, Royal Canin Medium Adult (15 kg) is intended for medium breeds of dogs up to 7 years old, this package costs 3500 rubles.royal canin cat food reviews

Other dog food lines

In order for you to choose the most optimal food for your pet, there are other feeds “Royal Canin” for dogs. Reviews leading dog clubs say that choosing the most suitable is now very simple. Each species is designed for a specific breed and is delimited by age.In addition, there are feed for problem dogs. These include older animals, sterilized bitches and dogs, dogs with excess weight and various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

What to choose a cat owner?

If reviews about dog food of this brand are not always unequivocal (someone considers them very good, others are harmful), there is much more confidence in products for cats. However, everyone wants the everyday product for their pet not to be stuffed with chemicals. Therefore, the owners tell each other about Royal Canin feed for cats. Reviews of veterinarians confirm that these products are quite good. This has already been tested on thousands of animals, as well as confirmed by research.

Most sick cats who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, quickly get in shape after transferring them to a balanced diet. Therefore, if the vet prescribed you a diet with the transition to feed this brand - feel free to agree. The tests passed after some time will confirm a positive trend.

royal canin for dogs reviews

The composition of cat food

This is the first thing that the owner will pay attention to when choosing Royal Canin feed for cats.Reviews of veterinarians come to our aid, telling that during the research in the feed was not found artificial colors and flavors. The manufacturer has taken care to completely exclude them from the product. All ingredients correspond to those stated on the package. These are rice and corn, corn gluten, animal fats and dried poultry meat. At the same time, the product line is so wide that it will be easy for you to choose the ideal option for your pet.

Food for kittens

If you took home a fluffy ball, then the first thing you need to optimize its diet. Therefore, the best assistant for you will be "Royal Canin" for kittens. Reviews of experts in the field of felinology say that it is the feed of this brand that ensures the harmonious growth and development of your pet. For babies from birth, there is a substitute for milk Royal Canin Babycat Milk. This is good nutrition for kittens from birth to 2 months. This substitute for mother's milk helps to support the growing body through a unique combination of nutrients. For babies from 4 months there is wet and dry food, from which you can choose the one that suits your kitten.

royal canin for cats reviews

Adult food

This is the widest category of feed.Everyday products are extremely important for your pet to always be beautiful and healthy. An excellent choice is Royal Canin cat food. Reviews of many hosts reliably indicate that this is exactly what every purr needs for a long and happy life. After all, each food is a balanced complex, which is quite difficult to prepare every day from natural products, because it requires a certain time.

A cat is a carnivore that cannot be kept on cereals, a vegetarian diet or boiled fish, as many do. Milk is also not the most useful food for an adult cat. It is very convenient that for each breed there is its own, adapted feed for cats "Royal Canin". Reviews of the owners say that this greatly facilitates the selection and optimizes the feed for the animal's requests. Moreover, if your favorite is metisky, then it is also easy for her to choose her diet. If she is short-haired, then the British Shorthair Adult, for cats of the British breed, is well suited. Conversely, if your beauty has long hair, then Persian adult, designed for Persian cats, will be a good choice.royal canin feed veterinarian reviews

Food for sterilized animals

This is the most problematic category, since this procedure greatly changes the metabolism, which affects the health of your pet. An excellent choice would be “Royal Canin” for neutered cats. Reviews of veterinarians and owners of sterilized animals suggest that it is such specialized foods that help to ensure normal health and high activity after surgery. Despite the abundance of various feeds on the market today, there are undisputed leaders who are trusted. This food reduces the risk of obesity and prevents diseases of the urinary system. In addition, it contains a large amount of useful protein. This is the Neutered Young Male from the Royal Canin series for neutered cats. Reviews of the owners say that even the most pampered animals enjoy eating it.royal canin for kittens reviews

For the most beloved

Sometimes we ourselves contribute to the fact that fluffy beauties begin to eat poorly and beg for the most delicious pieces. After all, we give them not always useful delicacies, which gradually leads to a distortion of taste. The company comes to our rescue and offers a line of Royal Canin feeds for cats.Reviews of the owners say that they become a real salvation, because otherwise it’s impossible to feed the beloved one with anything. This is Savor sensation (“Safe Sensation”), which is liked by the most demanding animals. In this special recipe has a moderate calorie content, which allows to solve the problem of excess weight. The complex of active nutrients contained in the feed, including biotin and borage oil, contributes to the beauty of animal hair.

The second product in this series, Protein preference (Protein Preferences), is another popular Royal Canin food for cats. ReviewsIt is recommended to try it if your pet has a poor appetite and a slim build. Specially selected ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates allows the fluffy beauty to quickly get in shape. This is a diet of high nutritional value especially for fastidious cats.

royal canin feeds reviews

Prevention of the genitourinary system

In the first five years of life, this pet usually does not bother your pet. But when the cat gets older, the risk increases greatly. To avoid long and complicated treatment, use Royal Canin for cats.Reviews say that in 10 days of this diet, the tests return to normal, which means that the risk of developing urolithiasis becomes several times lower.

Carefully balanced formula helps to maintain the health of your pet. Do not forget to put fresh water. Only with sufficient fluid intake decreases the concentration of urine, and hence the risk of the formation of crystals. Thus, Urinary Care is the urinary tract health formula for an adult cat. This is especially important for cats, since the structure of their reproductive system is conducive to the development of cystitis and inflammatory processes.

Royal Canin feed: reviews of veterinarians

Veterinarians ambiguously refer to dry food. Some consider them to be the best alternative to natural food, as this is a more balanced diet. Others are categorically against the use of dry food on an ongoing basis and allow its use only as a treat. But they all agree that even if we choose dry food, it is only high-quality, which does not harm the health of the pet. This is what Royal Canin is.It is very popular with us due to its availability, unlike many super-premium feeds.

But at its average cost it consists of quality ingredients and meets all the needs of the body of a four-legged friend. Using such feed, you save time and effort. In addition, you do not have to worry that your furry pet eats insufficiently diverse and full. Leading veterinarians say that properly chosen food is the best prevention of many diseases, as well as the key to a long and happy life.

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