Ridiculous death of famous people

27-10-2017, 12:08
Dying, burying a chicken in a snowdrift, demonstrating an “iron press” or checking the success of esoteric practices - is it stupid or logical? We tell about the fate of the owner of one of the most beautiful houses of old Moscow, the famous illusionist, fashion runner and great scientist.

Stupid mansion and the death of a dispute: Arseny Morozov

Arseny Morozov, Savva Morozov’s great-nephew, had a reputation as a black sheep: he did not take part in the family business, did not engage in charity, and did not even collect highly artistic collections for posterity. Only interests were: esoterics, travel and hunting. Duril than, say, running ahead, and became famous.
Mother Varvara Alekseevna presented a negligent offspring for the 25th anniversary with a plot of land on Vozdvizhenka, hoping in this way to make his life more sedentary - and there, you see, and everything else comes to her senses. But Arseny, instead of building a solid mansion befitting a shareholder of the Tver Manufactory Partnership, went with a friend, architect Viktor Mazyrin, who is also a cause of all mysticism, to look for a prototype of his wonder-house in the world.The search led them to the Portuguese city of Sintra, where both were subdued by the Pena Palace, towering on a cliff above the city. It was decided: it is this building in the Spanish-Moorish Manuelino style that will be erected on Vozdvizhenka.
Following the results of the construction, Varvara Alekseevna summarized: “I used to know that you were a fool, and now all of Moscow will know about this.” Indeed, Moscow didn’t approve the exotic building that stood out among the stately mansions. Even Leo Tolstoy did not fail to throw a stone at the "house with shells" and its owner: in Resurrection, Nekhlyudov, passing through the city, reflects on the construction of "a stupid unnecessary palace to some stupid and unnecessary person" Scandalous fame has fallen upon the architect Mazyrin.
But Arseny was going to live in his palace happily ever after. This was guaranteed by the Portuguese, Russian and Chinese "symbols of good luck", decorated the house: ropes tied into sea knots, the main entrance in the form of a horseshoe and a chain dragon chained over it.
However, no charms will not help the "fool". Once Morozov argued with his friends that he would shoot himself in the leg and, thanks to esoteric practices, he could easily endure the pain.He won the argument, but three days later, at the age of 35, he died of blood poisoning.
Caught off guard: harry houdini

The great illusionist Harry Houdini was unsinkable. In the literal sense. So, in 1903, he was thrown off a bridge into the Thames, chained into handcuffs and shackles and tied a 30-pound ball as a cargo. He naturally swam. He was locked in a coffin, which was lowered to the bottom of the pool. He got out of the bag hanging from the skyscraper's hanging. Passed through a brick wall. During his tour in Russia, Harry, who was, according to the rules, entered the death cell of Butyrka Prison, after 15 minutes he already called out the jailers in the corridor. There is a way out of every situation, Houdini claimed with his tricks. And the grateful audience faded from horror and squealed with delight.
Harry was used to solving the most difficult tasks in order to survive, but death prevented him from gathering and took him by surprise. Once, on a tour in Montreal, student fans came into his dressing room and asked: is Mr. Houdini really able to withstand a blow to the stomach without feeling anything? Immersed in his thoughts, the illusionist nodded. Then one of the young people suddenly struck several blows.“Wait, I have to get ready! - Harry stopped him and strained the press: - Now beat. But it was too late. The blows provoked rupture of the appendix, peritonitis developed, and on October 31, 1926, Houdini died.
The experiment was a success: Francis Bacon

Do you know the aphorism: "Knowledge is power"? He was not invented by the creators of the journal of the same name, but by the English philosopher and scholar Francis Bacon, who lived in the 16th century. The creator of the new philosophy, who proclaimed that the goal of science is to increase man’s power over nature, believed that "the best of all evidence is experience." The high position of Lord Chancellor at the court of Jacob I did not interfere with the curious, as it should be a scientist, Bacon, to experiment himself.
Once in the early spring of 1626, it occurred to him to check the extent to which cold slows down the process of rotting and whether it is possible to use snow instead of salt to preserve meat. No sooner said than done. The chicken carcass Bacon bought on the market personally stuffed it with snow and buried it in a snowdrift. Unfortunately, in the course of the experiment, the elderly scientist had a cold. Before he died, he managed to write to his friend: “I hasten to inform you that the experience with freezing meat was a great success.”
Jogging did not help: Jim Fix

In the 1970s, the civilized world embraced another passion - running. And not just running, but jogging - “jogging”. Excess weight? Dyspnea? Insomnia? Danger of heart attack? Learn the technique of shuffling, and go!
The popularizer of this recipe for health and longevity in the United States was Jim Fix. Jim, 35, started running in 1967. At that time, he weighed 97 kg, smoked two packs of cigarettes a day and had a hereditary predisposition to heart disease. Three years later, he lost weight to 70 kg, stopped smoking and published the book "Complete Guide for Runners." The book and the numerous television speeches of its sharply acclaimed author made such a strong impression that by 1980 in the USA the runners' account went to tens of millions of people, among whom was President Jimmy Carter.
Fix, who had already run 150 miles a week by that time, was so confident in the victory of the method over illness and death that he did not pay attention to the growing pains in the chest. And it is completely in vain. At 52, he died while jogging from a heart attack. As it turned out, the disease has already gone too far.
The death of an adherent of a healthy lifestyle for a long time amused the startling stand-up comedian Bill Hicks. He loved to fix Fix with rock legend Keith Richards, who possesses all the inherent flaws of the profession and at the same time distinguished longevity.

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