Restaurant "Chaliapin" - the best place for rest

Among the huge number of cultural institutionsfor rest undoubtedly popular restaurant "Chaliapin". Institutions with this name are open in many cities of Russia and give their visitors the opportunity to relax and relax in a cozy atmosphere with a magnificent interior, enjoying unforgettable masterpieces of old Russian cuisine. All these simple dishes, made by the hands of the most experienced chefs, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Restaurant "Chaliapin", famous for Repino

A great place to hold any closedevents, accompanied by a feast, in which a large number of guests will take part, as well as for the celebration of weddings and anniversaries, is the country restaurant (or, as it is popularly called, "dacha") restaurant "Chaliapin" in Repino. Feedback causes an irresistible desire to visit this institution.

chaliapin restaurant

In this suitable place for rest of any company placeThere are 3 magnificent halls. In each of them for making a highlight in the interior there are creating cozy atmosphere fireplaces. For relaxation in the warm season there is an open veranda, which gives the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful evening in the bosom of nature.

Repin restaurant "Chaliapin" revives itsproject is the oldest, dating back to the XIX century, the Russian tradition of suburban restaurants, which were located in nature. Even the interior of this establishment corresponds to the trends of that time and creates a real dacha idyll.

What is the grandeur of the restaurant's cuisine?

About the menu, which offers its guests a restaurant"Chaliapin" in Repino, the reviews are also magnificent. Here the real kingdom is famous in many countries of Russian cuisine. At any time you will be served such food, about which many are not just forgotten, but even did not hear at all. All of them are cooked according to old recipes, left from our grandmothers and giving dishes a truly unsurpassed taste.

Only here you can taste Guryev porridge withprunes or dried apricots, which will be served with a rosette filled with a wonderful strawberry sauce. And what a delight in the visitors cause fish dishes from fish, right in front of the guests caught in the special aquarium located in the hall!

Jubilee in a country restaurant - a sea of ​​unforgettable sensations

To guests of a big anniversary, weddings or corporate partieswill be offered such tsar-dishes as a suckling pig or lamb, as well as a sterlet. At the request of the customer, the cook can prepare them for visitors on open coals.

chaliapin restaurant in Repino reviews

Everything in this place has an unforgettable andfull relaxation: the absence of a long and firmly rooted into our life the frantic rhythm of movement, fresh air and the surrounding nature with its picturesque landscapes of the Baltic coast!

"Chaliapin" in St. Petersburg - an ideal place for rest

Restaurant "Chaliapin" in St. Petersburg - it's just the samethe youngest brother of the eponymous institution in Repino, opened in the Tavrichesky Garden, next to the Smolny Cathedral. Both establishments have one founders, which makes not only their interiors similar, but also the spiritual atmosphere of comfort and comfort that prevails here.

The only difference in their design isthe fact that the country restaurant adheres to the dacha style of the beginning of the XX century, and the restaurant "Chaliapin", located in the city line, resembles, rather, the dining room or living room of a large aristocratic house of the same time.

restaurant shalyapin in St. Petersburg reviews

Restaurant "Chaliapin" in St. Petersburg reviewsnumerous visitors deserved no less magnificent than his brother, located in Repino. Among them are enthusiastic descriptions of the interior, and laudatory words addressed to chef Mikhail Yudin, delighting guests with simple, but at the same time unsurpassed to taste snacks and hot dishes created according to the recipes of the old Russian cuisine.

The menu of the restaurant is the visiting card of the establishment

The kitchen is here, just like in the first one -suburban - "Chaliapin", is represented by dishes prepared according to domestic Russian recipes, and a small number of European, with rare inclusions of shrimp, glass noodles and soybean sprouts.

chaliapin restaurant in St. Petersburg

Only after visiting the restaurant "Chaliapin", you will be able toTry cold snacks, which are real masterpieces of cooking. This is a great taste of jelly with mustard and horseradish, the eel, which was smoked on its own smokehouse, a trout of a special chief-ambassador, which is stuffed with caviar and home-made cottage cheese.

Of hot dishes, the most popular among the visitors of this restaurant are the pancakes, cooked with bacon and fried onion, liver pie, as well as pancakes and pancakes.

Everything that the cuisine of this restaurant offers to itsthe guests are truly unique in taste, because each dish is not only a magnificent ancient recipe, but also the soul of a team of experienced chefs invested in its preparation.

Ivanovo does not lag behind the Northern capital

But not only in St. Petersburg and Repino there aresuch wonderful places for recreation, like the restaurant "Chaliapin". Ivanovo also became famous for such a place. In this small town the institution is very popular. The splendor of Russian cuisine offered in this restaurant can amaze even the notorious gourmet.

In the afternoon there is a wonderful business lunch,and in the evenings - a wonderful and unforgettable stay in a special atmosphere of tranquility and comfort with a varied menu and an extensive wine list. Among the undeniable advantages of the restaurant "Shalyapin", located in Ivanovo, you can note such as:

  • Unique location - it is in the center of the city.
  • Spacious and bright rooms, the interior of which is made in warm, comfortable for any visitor tones.
  • Magnificent taste qualities of culinary delights and drinks offered to guests.

restaurant shalyapin Ivanovo

An unforgettable holiday will be an evening spent inthis institution or in the company of friends, or with the family. A jubilee, wedding or corporate party, organized here, will leave a lot of warm memories.

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