Renovation influenced the election

It is no longer a secret that in these elections the support of opposition candidates turned out to be higher than in previous years.
The guys from RBC Real Estate compared the data of Mosizbirkom with the map of addresses for the renovation program and found out how the subject of demolition of Khrushchev reflected in the voting results.
To refresh the memory, let me remind you that this year the program of renovation of the capital five-story building was launched and we all remember the reaction of the citizens. And although I myself have been waiting for many years when the parent’s five-story building will be demolished, I also went to the rally, but the truth with a different purpose is to hear and try to understand the opponents of renovation. The rally gave its fruits and after it the authorities made changes to the law and destroyed several of the worst myths that frightened the owners of dilapidated housing.
As a result, the opposition received a majority of votes in those areas that the five-story building demolition program either did not affect or spread to individual addresses. It is significant that the candidates from the party of power received a majority of votes in those areas that were not originally included in the renovation program,but got there by a vote at general meetings of owners. Among such areas, for example, Kapotnya, where the inhabitants of 28 five-story buildings have achieved the inclusion of their housing in the urban demolition program. There is high support for the EP and in New Moscow, where the owners initiated the demolition of 187 residential buildings.
And the opposition received the majority of mandates in the Khamovniki, Troparevo-Nikulino, Yakimanka, Cheryomushki, Tver, Krasnoselsky, Lomonosovsky, Akademichesky, Gagarinsky and Ramenki, Airport areas, follows from the data of the Moscow Election Committee. Most of these areas, the renovation program either did not affect or spread to single addresses. Cheryomushki are knocked out of this row, where 119 houses are identified for demolition. Here, representatives of United Russia received five mandates, members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation took seven seats, and candidates from the United Democrats - three.
And here’s another survey by the Levada Center, where among Muscovites whose houses came under demolition or are in the zone of supposed renovation, revealed that residents of the demolished five-story buildings and neighboring houses began to have a better attitude to Russian President Vladimir Putin thanks to renovation. 23% of all respondents saidthat their opinion of the president improved because of his position on the program, 5% of respondents changed their minds for the worse, 44% did not change their attitude.
Details with numbers on the RBC website
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