- Sentry, what freaks! We flew to the family, and we were put in different parts of the cabin. Burn in hell!
Familiar? Have
true, there were similar posts in the FB or LJ on the flight "Victory".
A person will write a giant sheet, blame everyone around except ... himself. In the banal zhlobstve.
He cannot admit to himself, to his wife, with whom he was sitting in different parts of the salon, to his child, that dad was a redneck. What daddy during the purchase of a ticket on the option page of choosing a seat in the cabin decided to save on his family and did not pay 149 or 499 rubles for choosing a seat.
Yes, yes, the one who bought the ticket decided that his family was in danger of flying in different parts of the cabin. Consciously. Do not believe?

Photo (s)russos
Here is this page, which is impossible to miss when buying a ticket.
But here in us the wickedness wakes up. How so, pay for the place? Not used to it! I will not! They went nafig!
Shakes "Continue"

But the system warns dad or husband: "Dear, are you sure? Are you sure you want to buy a ticket at the minimum fare and go where the automatic system will put you? Do you really agree not to sit next to your family and friends? Can you still choose a place?" But no, he was a goon and a goonhe does not want to give blood 149 or 499 rubles for a more comfortable place.
I won’t give up the clerks, I'd rather scandal in the plane, and then I will write a post on Facebook, which are all around the assholes and heartless

And every second person will think that they want to profit from it, that they are deceiving him. That's just what? It's just business, nothing personal.
The company may generally wish to set the rules. Buying a service? So you agree with them.
Do not like, consider them robber or unworthy of you? Who makes buying a ticket? Buy another airline with a transfer or train if there are no other options.
Well, if you make a decision to use the services that you do not like, excuse me. Be kind to follow the rules.
Well, do not be angry.
Well, seriously, the price of peace is only 149-499 rubles.
These are the unexpected conclusions made after reading the comments to yesterday's post about the airline "Victory".

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