Rare color samurai photos

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Samurai - in feudal Japan - secular feudal lords, ranging from the major sovereign princes (daimyo) and ending with the petty nobles; in the narrow and most frequently used meaning is the military feudal estate of petty nobles. Often draw an analogy between the samurai and European medieval knighthood, but such a comparison is largely inaccurate. Samurais are not only knight warriors. They were both the bodyguards of their daimyo or overlord, and at the same time his servants in everyday life.
Rare color samurai photos
Family teaching and teacher instruction were the two main factors, the foundation for educating the youth of the samurai class, forming the ideal of a warrior based on mythical tales, Buddhist indifference to death, fear and pain, Confucian cult of filial piety and a purely Japanese basis of loyalty to his feudal lord.
Rare color samurai photos
The future samurai were raised fearless and courageous, in other words,they developed qualities that were considered among the samurai as the most important virtues, under which a warrior could neglect his own life for the sake of another.
Rare color samurai photos
Such a character was developed by reading stories and stories about the courage and militancy of legendary heroes, famous warlords and samurai, watching theatrical performances. Often, the father ordered the future warrior to develop the courage to go at night to a cemetery or a place known for its notoriety (where evil forces were found, etc.).
Rare color samurai photos
The boys practiced visiting public punishments and executions, as well as a nightly inspection of the severed heads of criminals, at which the samurai’s son had to leave his mark, proving that the young busi did come to the place indicated to him.
Rare color samurai photos
To develop patience and endurance among young people, warrior sons were forced to perform unreasonable hard work, to spend nights without sleep (during the holidays of the gods of learning), to walk barefoot in winter, to get up early, etc. Unintentional deprivation of food was considered useful.

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