Pros and cons of laser hair removal

A modern woman wants to look perfect from head to toe.

Among cosmetic procedures for a long time there are many such that she can afford and there is no need to worry about body and face care at home.

One of these procedures is laser hair removal which offers. This is the fastest and most productive method of removing unwanted hair, not only on the face, but also on the body.

The principle of the procedure is that a laser beam acts on the desired area of ​​the skin and the follicle is destroyed, from where the hair begins to grow.

The pigment melanin, which is located in the hair follicles and roots, catches the laser beam, as a result of which the center of the hair and the nearest vessels are destroyed.

After a certain period of time, the vegetation at this place decreases, and then disappears altogether. Of course, such a procedure must be carried out several times in order to finally achieve the desired effect.

The number of procedures is determined by the beautician, as well as the characteristics of the patient. On average, it varies from 3 to 8 times. For different parts of the body its number of repetitions.

Laser epilation has multiple contraindications, such as:

- pregnancy, breastfeeding;

- oncology;

- hormonal disruptions;

- varicose diseases;

- dermatological diseases of the skin.

To prepare the procedure should be taken seriously. For several months, it is recommended not to carry out any manipulations with hair and follicles, to refuse to visit a tanning salon and other types of tanning, and not to use cosmetics on the appointed day. For women, it is also recommended to calculate the time in advance so that at least a week passes between the laser hair removal session and the menstrual cycle.

In general, the epilation procedure itself is painless and quick. Initially, cosmetologists should determine the phototype of the patient's hair and skin. Next, find an acceptable anesthetic, as a rule, this cream, which is applied in advance on the skin.

After each laser laser should be followed by cooling,this minimizes the occurrence of allergies and redness, and after finishing the procedure, the beautician applies a special preparation to the laser-treated skin that removes inflammation.

In the first days after epilation, it is recommended to moisturize and soften irritated skin. In rare cases, burns and bruises remain, which are easily healed by special means. It is highly undesirable to visit tanning salons, saunas and baths, as well as hormonal preparations and antibiotics.

Given the reviews of women, the advantages of laser hair removal are much more than minuses. In general, negative experience takes place where an unqualified specialist hastily been selected and the cosmetologist's strict prescriptions were violated before the procedure. Also a minus is the cost of the session. For some, this is not a cheap pleasure.

Do laser hair removal - everyone decides for himself. Someone likes home SPA-procedures, and someone does not have the time and prefers to trust the master.

But still, if you decide to carry out hair removal outside the home, strictly follow the recommendations of the beautician and be serious about his choice.

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