Predictions of Vera Lyon for 2018

It doesn’t give it a try. What is why?

During this year, she has been developing her predictions. For the 2018, it was a new prediction.

Climate and weather conditions

It will be in the world. It will continue to be consistently the case. storms with a high score.


I think it’s like this:

  • The Eurasia will be dramatically affected by the European part of the United States and the North Sea.
  • Winter will be your record for the strengths of these places. It will take you time to restore the affected areas.
  • Italy in 2018, will it be fraught with the volcanic eruptions. Volcanoes are becoming more active in the USA.
  • There will be human casualties during the process.

It has been carried out for a few years.

Geopolitics and war

The situation in the Middle East will noticeably improve. It will make it possible to adjust the state of the world. rethink what is happening in Syria.

War in syria

There is a possibility.

In Europe and the United States, frequent terrorist attacks. It will be the United Kingdom of the United Kingdom.

It is not a problem.

Changes in the global economy

According to Vera Lyon, the situation will remain unstable. The dollar will be the most stable currency. It’s a big deal.

Epidemiological situation

Next year, the Lyons predicts a massively infectious pandemic that will spread to most countries. It is bordered by Western and European states.


In addition, the clairvoyant warns that there are foreseen attacks. Deramine Lyon failed. In her opinion, it would be in Germany and the UK. Will greatly increase the level of suicides.

Culture and religion

It is a spirit of peace.

The believers will go to Orthodoxy. Only in the USA will it be mass ritual suicides.

It is a time when it’s possible to use it.

Aliens and man

Prophecies for Ukraine

2018 will not bring prosperity to Ukraine. Although it is not a decisive factor, it will be a gradual increase in industrial and agricultural enterprises. It can be a matter of course.

In the country, it will be in the country.

Predictions for the Russian Federation

It is clear that he will be in 2018. He will help strengthen his position. Positive changes are also expected in macro and microeconomics.

In the case of 2018, it will be significantly improved. This will tighten the state migration policy.

He will get a lot of freedom.

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