Pouring cherries. Cherry Liqueur Recipes

Today we will tell you about how cherry scent is made. It should be noted that this is ideal for a festive table. However, it is not necessary to purchase it in the store. After all, the berry liqueur can be cooked on your own at home.cherry liqueur

general information

There are quite a few ways to make cherry scent. It should be noted that none of the recipes does not require the use of any expensive and outlandish ingredients. Moreover, if a huge amount of the mentioned berries grows in your garden, the production of this drink will cost you a penny.

Cherry pouring: a recipe for step-by-step cooking with vodka

Different ways of making this drink include different ingredients. It should be noted that the most robust is obtained with vodka. Moreover, this drink will cost you a little more than without the use of alcohol.

So how is cherry liqueur made? For this we need:

  • overripe maroon cherry - 1 kg;
  • granulated sugar - about 500 g;
  • 40-degree vodka - from 500 ml.

Berry processing

To make the cherry liqueur tasty and garnet-colored, only ripe berries should be used. They need to sort out the garbage and rotten copies, and then put in a colander and rinse thoroughly in cold water.

Some housewives argue that cherry juice does not require washing the main berries. But such a product can grow in different regions. And if you see that there is a lot of dirt on the cherry, then it should be washed.cherry liqueur recipe

Formation process

Cherry pouring on alcohol should be infused for quite a long time. And so that you can follow the fermentation of berries, they are recommended to spread in a three-liter glass jar. It should be washed well and then put a layer of pure cherry on the bottom. Next, the berry is required to fill 5-6 large spoons of sugar and again lay out the main product. These actions should be carried out until the bank is filled to the shoulders.

By the way, to make the juice from the cherry ooze well, before putting each berry into the container, it is required to pierce a toothpick.

Final stage

It should be noted that different recipes of cherry liqueurs require the use of different amounts of granulated sugar. After all, someone likes an alcoholic drink sweeter, but someone less.

After all the components are in the jar, it should be carefully filled with forty-degree vodka. As a result, you should get a container filled to the shoulders. If you put too many berries and alcohol in the jar, then there is a chance that during the fermentation process the drink will overflow.


Closing a can filled lid is not recommended. The container neck should only be covered with multi-layer gauze. To make the cherry liqueur ferment, you need to put it in any dark place. It is not necessary that it was warm. To prepare an alcoholic drink, room temperature is sufficient.

After two or three days, the filled jar should be removed and the contents thoroughly mixed with a large spoon. This is necessary so that the granulated sugar is completely dissolved in vodka.

It should be noted that the cherry liqueur, the recipe of which we are considering, should roam in a dark place for about 2 months.At the same time, it is advisable to constantly monitor the drink. After a few weeks of aging, the granulated sugar should completely dissolve. Around the same period should be changed and shade of liqueur. At first it will become a transparent pinkish, and then it will acquire a rather saturated cherry color.cherry liqueur without vodka

Bottling process

After the homemade cherry liqueur is infused for two months, it should be removed from the dark cabinet and filtered through a sieve. Bottling the drink should be tasted immediately. If it is too strong, then it is recommended to dilute it with natural cherry juice. If you like liqueur, then before serving it is desirable to cool it well.

Cooking alcoholic drink at home

Before you make a cherry liqueur, you should think about what kind of drink in the end you want to get. If you want it to be quite strong, then we recommend additionally to use alcohol, previously diluted to 40%.

So, the recipe for homemade cherry liqueur requires the use of the following components:

  • burgundy ripe cherry - 1 kg;
  • granulated sugar - about 400 g;
  • alcohol diluted 40% - about 600 ml.

Fruit preparation

The pouring of cherries with pits turns out to be more fragrant than the drink with the use of peeled berries. That is why this recipe does not require their prior removal.

Thus, it is necessary to sort out the ripe maroon cherry, throw out all putrefactive elements, and then place it in a colander and gently wash it in cold water. After that, the berries must be laid out on cotton fabric and thoroughly dried.

To make the cherry liqueur more saturated, but at the same time, soft, burgundy fruits are recommended to be dried up in the sun. To do this, take a clean and dry cotton cloth and place it on the windowsill. Next on the substrate is required to carefully lay out clean dried berries. It is necessary to ensure that they fit in a single layer. Otherwise, they will fade for quite some time.cherry liqueur recipes

Backfill process

The time for drying ripe cherries depends only on how brightly the sun shines through your window. If the weather is bad, then to speed up the process, you can also use an electric dryer specifically designed for vegetables and fruits.

After the fruits become wrinkled and partially lose their juice, they need to be poured into a clean three-liter jar. Moreover, the filled container must be shaken so that the berries subside tightly. Next, the fruit is required to pour pre-diluted with alcohol so that it covers the cherry 1-2 centimeters.


Insist berries in alcohol preferably 12-14 days. Moreover, the jar is recommended to be placed in a warm and dark place (for example, in a cupboard in the kitchen). After this time, the first liquid fraction should be drained into a separate bottle. As for the remaining fruits, they must be poured again with vodka and left in the same place for exactly 2 weeks. After this period, the second fraction should be again drained into a separate bottle, and alcohol should be added to the jar in the same way.

Final stage

After the second fraction has been drained, a jar of alcohol and berries must be insisted in a dark place for about two months. After this time, the contents of the container should be drained. Next, the resulting cherry liqueur is required to combine with the two previous fractions and mix thoroughly.After that, you need to add sugar to the drink. Moreover, it is recommended to use it to taste. If you want to get softer and sweeter liqueur, then its amount can be increased.

After all the actions described above, a strong alcoholic drink is required to be poured into bottles, corked and put in a refrigerator. If you do not plan to use the liquor in a short time, then it can be stored at room temperature.cherry brandy

Homemade cherry liqueur: a recipe without vodka

Many experts argue that tannins, which are contained in cherry stones, can significantly harm human health. That is why they recommend to pre-clean the fruit, and only then insist.

It should also be noted that lovers of all kinds of tinctures are advised to make such a tasty and aromatic liqueur without the additional addition of vodka. After all, alcohol makes this drink not just strong, but harmful to the body. That is why we decided to tell you about how cherry juice is prepared without vodka and without stones.

By the way, the production technology of such a drink is a bit more complicated than the one presented above.In this regard, we recommend that you more closely familiarize yourself with all the steps described below.

So, we need:

  • burgundy ripe cherry - 2 kg;
  • granulated sugar - about 800 g;
  • filtered water - about 250 ml.

Cherry Processing

Before making such a liqueur, you should take the required number of berries, sort them out from the garbage and putrefactive specimens, and then throw them into a colander and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Next from the cherry is required to squeeze out all the bones. This process can be carried out by hand, and it is better to purchase a special device. With it you will save a lot of your time.

Formation process

After the berries are washed and devoid of seeds, you need to take a three-liter glass jar and pour about 200 g of granulated sugar into it. Next, on top of the sweet product you need to lay out and peeled fruit in a small layer. Moreover, these actions should be repeated until the berries and sugar are over.

Due to the fact that this recipe does not provide for the use of vodka or alcohol, a small amount of filtered water is required to be poured into the jar instead.And it should not be cold or warm, but at room temperature.cherry liqueur on alcohol

As a result of all these actions, you should get a three-liter capacity filled to the shoulders. It is not recommended to fill the jar above the above mark. Indeed, in the process of fermentation in it will accumulate gases, which significantly increase the volume of the contents.


After the berries, sugar and water are placed in the jar, a water seal must be installed on its neck. If you do not have such a device, then you can wear a conventional medical glove on the container. However, before this, in one of the fingers it is necessary to make a small hole. By the way, an additional rubber glove is recommended to tie to the neck with the help of a rope.

In this state, the jar with the future cherry liqueur should be put in a warm place. The ideal option would be a sunny windowsill. After all, the preparation of a low-alcohol beverage requires a temperature of 25-29 ° C, which is quite realistic to achieve in the summer.

By the way, after the fermentation process starts in the bank, the glove will noticeably inflate. To worry about this should not be.This is a completely normal reaction of this attribute to gases escaping from the tank. After the fermentation process is over, the glove should fall again. This event is a kind of indication that it is time to move on to the next stage in the preparation of a low-alcohol beverage.


After the fermentation process is noticeably reduced, it is necessary to pour the pouring from a three-liter can. To carry out this process, you can use a conventional nylon cover with numerous holes. By the way, at this stage the precipitate entering the main drink should not disturb us. After all, the main task is to get rid of pieces of berries.

Thus, the cherry-free fraction should be poured into another can and similarly insisted on the sun for two days. After this time, the drink requires filtration. It is best of all to carry out this process by means of a usual multilayered gauze + a small strainer.how to cook cherry liqueur

Final stage

At the final stage, cherry juice without vodka is poured into clean bottles. It should be noted that at this moment the drink is already completely ready for use. It remains only to cool.However, some experts argue that if you insist the finished liqueur at room temperature for another month, it will significantly improve its taste.

How to store?

If you do not expect a quick use of home-made liqueur made from seedless cherry and without the use of vodka, then it is advisable to place it in a cool and dark place. In this state, the shelf life of the berry drink will increase to three years.

Cooking French Cherry Liqueur together

As mentioned above, there are many recipes that allow home-made cherry liqueur. Moreover, it can have different strength, taste and even color.

To make a French drink of ripe cherries, we will need:

  • burgundy ripe cherry - 1 kg;
  • granulated sugar - about 400 g;
  • orange and lemon peels, cinnamon, clove buds - add as desired and taste;
  • Any vodka - about 600 ml.

Cooking process

In order to make French liqueur at home, you need to take a well-matured cherry, then sort it out, wash it under cool water and carefully remove all the existing bones.In this case, the stem can be left. However, they are recommended to cut to the 1st centimeter.

After preparing the fruit, take a pair of sterilized glass jars with screw caps. They need to be filled with stoned cherry and close well. Next, you need to take a wide saucepan, pour into it plain water and boil well. Remove the dishes from the fire, set into it filled with berries jars. Keep glass containers in hot water preferably for several minutes. Then they need to remove and cool completely at room temperature.

After all the actions described above, the covers should be removed from the cans, and then alternately filled with vodka so that it only slightly covers the cherries. It is also recommended to add to taste a little cinnamon, granulated sugar, a few clove buds, orange and lemon peels. All the above ingredients will give a special flavor to the brandy and make it even softer and more tasty.recipe for homemade cherry liqueur

At the end of a jar of drink from vodka, cherries and other ingredients is required to close tightly. For fermentation, they should be placed in a warm place.Periodically, the pouring must be interfered so that the granulated sugar is completely dissolved in alcohol. Keeping the drink warm is preferably about three months. After this period, cherry liquor is required to filter through gauze and a sieve and pour into bottles. Having kept the alcoholic drink warm for two more days, it must be placed in a refrigerator. After cooling, the brandy can be safely served to the festive table.

Let's sum up

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to make a cherry alcoholic drink at home. And if such berries grow in your garden, then you can safely use one of the above recipes. Believe me, at the festive table, none of your invited guests will refuse a homemade cherry liqueur. After all, it has a pleasant aroma and is drunk quite easily.

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