Polyurethane primer: composition, types, properties and rules of use

Begin to analyze the polyurethane primer should start with the fact that this type of raw material has excellent protective properties. Primer - a reliable tool for interior decoration of walls.

What is a primer?

Its wide distribution is this type of primerthanks to its strengthening properties. The composition penetrates deeply into the walls, where it also increases resistance to corrosion and moisture. In addition to these qualities, the polyurethane primer also has high adhesion qualities. What is this material? This is a special composition, which is based on polyurethane raw materials, and also has many different solvents in its composition. The main purpose is the processing of various surfaces before the construction and finishing works. To this type of work can be attributed the final painting, for example.

polyurethane primer

If we talk about the composition of the polyurethane itself, then itis a modern polymeric material, the main property of which is the ability to stretch in length, greatly exceeding the original. This group of materials is often called synthetic elastomers.

The advantages of polyurethane primer

If you use a primer based on polyurethane, you can achieve good results. The building primer has many advantages:

  1. Use this type of material can be even on a surface that was not previously prepared, that is, not dust-free. The composition of the primer will also bind the dust, making the structure stronger.
  2. The possibility of applying this formulation to the floor withworking heating. Here it is important to note that only a polyurethane primer can be used in such conditions. Any other mixtures will be harmful to the coating.
  3. The products are universal, that is, it can be used for interior decoration of walls, and for exterior.
  4. Economical. This advantage is achieved due to the fact that the consumption of this mixture is from 0.2 kg to 0.5 kg per 1 m2. Other compositions use 0.8-1 kg.
  5. One very important feature is the possibilityapplication of polyurethane primer for wood, concrete. That is, it can be used on any surface that is characterized by good absorbency.

polyurethane primer primer


Despite the fact that this type of mixture is considered one of the highest quality, it is also not devoid of some drawbacks.

The first disadvantage of this composition is that it dries uppretty long. The process of solidification of this particular product takes from 3 to 5 hours. Other primers are characterized by the fact that they dry no more than 2 hours.

The second disadvantage is the cost. The price of a polyurethane primer is quite high. The cheapest copy will cost at least 200 rubles per kilogram. Of course, the price tag will vary depending on the quantity, quality and manufacturer. Some mixtures cost 5000-6000 rubles per 1 kg. However, here it is worth mentioning that a quality polyurethane base is so well absorbed that it will not be necessary to repair it after a while.

polyurethane primer for concrete

Types of primer

Polyurethane primer for concrete or any other material is divided into two types. It can be a one-component or two-component composition.

The first type consists of one type of solvent, andalso from the basic substance. Most often this type of primer is used for such coatings as wood, concrete walls, or MDF. Due to the fact that the structure of such a mixture is very fluid, it perfectly penetrates into MDF boards or concrete slabs. Penetration of the primer inside the structure contributes to its strengthening, as well as leveling. In addition, a strong increase in adhesion improves the subsequent finish coat.

polyurethane primer

Two-component primer

Two-component polyurethane primer forfloor, concrete, wood is produced in two bottles. One of the containers contains a mixture of polyurethane, and the other is a hardener. It is important to note that before applying such a lubricant, it is necessary to mix the contents of both vials with each other. It is logical that the fluidity of this composition will be worse, due to the use of hardener, but strength characteristics, on the contrary, will increase. Because of these features, most often the two-component composition is used for exterior finishing, as well as for use on a concrete floor with high traffic.

polyurethane primer for flooring

Here it is worth noting that if one of the componentshas a zinc-filled component, such a primer can provide excellent corrosion protection for the metal. Practice shows that the use of this type of solution is rarely used to treat such coatings as wood or MDF. Very often it happens that the use of a primer is a finish finish, without subsequent painting. This happens in such premises as a garage, a workshop. In this case, experts recommend the use of a polyurethane primer (enamel), which will contribute to maximum consolidation of concrete, will protect it from destruction.

Types of solution

In total, there are three types of solution - acrylic, alkyd, epoxy.

The first type is acrylic, it is most often producedone-component. It is used for surfaces such as MDF and wood. The peculiarity of this lubricant is that it is able to penetrate deep inside the structure, strengthening it, and leveling.

The second type is alkyd, it is also used forMDF and wood, but already for outdoor decoration. This kind of solution reliably protects these surfaces from darkening and contamination. You can use primer-enamel of this type in the event that you want to make it so that this finish is the final and the natural beauty of the wood was visible.

polyurethane primer for wood

The third type is epoxy, most often appliedfor metal surface treatment. This is due to the fact that this solution is able to create a reliable protection of the metal from external influences. And the presence of a zinc component can also increase resistance to corrosion.

Polyurethane primer "Primer"

The use of this type of solution is possible inresidential, industrial and public buildings. In addition, it is this primer has sufficient hygienic properties that it can be used in medical or pharmaceutical buildings. Also, the use of the solution is allowed in public catering establishments and in the food industry.

The properties of raw materials include the following:

  • good impregnation and powerful strengthening of the surface layer of the material, which is characterized by a porous structure;
  • the strength of binding of the composition is very high;
  • the composition contains organic solvents.
  • composition penetrates quite deeply.

The reliable Primer 1101 polyurethane primer consists of an isocyanate polymer found in lacquer kerosene, and there are also target components.

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