Poisoner Tamara Ivanyutina: dishwasher, which became a serial killer

In 1987, the entire USSR shocked the case of the serial poisoner Tamara Ivanyutina, who poisoned 20 people with the most dangerous thallium. Among the dead were small children.

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Tamara Antonovna Ivanyutina (Dev. Maslenko) (1941-1987).

The motives of the serial killer Tamara Ivanyutina were revenge and self-interest. She had grandiose fantasies about a thriving pigsty, “mountains of gold” and black “Volga”. In addition, she did not want to “produce poverty” - in the face of other people's children. Very modern and well-known to us "trends".

Psychiatrists recognized Ivanyutin absolutely sane. At the same time, they identified three main features of her personality: extremely high self-esteem, overly sensitive and vindictive. All these features are characteristic of sociopaths, paranoids and narcissuses.

Tamara was born in the family of Anton Mitrofanovich and Maria Fedorovna Maslenko and was the fourth of six children in this large family.The main deity, the supreme idol and the main measure of success in the family was wealth.

The father did not disdain to sprinkle poison on a disliked person, and his mother confessed the following life wisdom: “It is not necessary to write complaints, but to be friends with everyone and treat. But adding poison to food is especially harmful. ”

Old Maslenko, without hesitation, poisoned his communal neighbor, who turned the TV on too loudly and interfered with sleep. And even a relative who made a remark about the puddle in the toilet. That they are so "revenge for insults." They added rat poison to cooked pilaf and pancakes for treats, stuffed oranges and gingerbread with poison ... And they were very proud of their ingenuity.

How "went to success"

Having matured, Tamara jumped out to marry a representative of one of the most successful professions of that time - trucker. People who lived in the USSR, remember that "long-range", along with the sailors, have always been extremely successful - it was a joke, they traveled around all the republics of the Union, wandered to the CMEA countries, and sometimes, lo and behold, even in capital countries! Live and rejoice! But this was not the girl Tom. Money and an apartment - that’s what she needed right now.And so she began to poison her husband. For a little bit, but gradually increasing the dose.

During the investigation, his partner described the last flight in the following way. Tamara's husband became ill during the flight. His legs hurt badly, he did not feel the pedals. I asked him to replace him for an hour or two, but the poor fellow’s health was getting worse. Neither after two nor after three hours the driver could not get behind the wheel. Driving past a village river, I asked my partner: “Maybe I should take a swim to cheer up? I will quickly pump myself, I will return to normal - and move on. I Tomka and clean towel prepared ... "

When the driver wiped his head, his partner saw with horror that the whole towel was covered with hair. He refused to eat the sandwiches with which his wife provided him: not because he suspected something was wrong, but he was simply afraid to doze off after a hearty snack at the wheel. Shortly after returning from the flight, Tamara Ivanyutina’s first husband died of a heart attack.

After a short time, Tamara married Oleg Ivanyutin and took his last name. When he saw the house and the plot of Ivanyutin’s parents, he immediately made the decision - the old men to the expense, the plot for a small pig farm, pigs for meat and fat - and get rich, get rich, get rich.

In one terrible day for the elderly, Tamara and her mother-in-law cooked dinner.Together we sat at the table, but only in the evening the old man became ill. The next morning, the mother called Oleg and said that trouble had happened to her father: her legs were being taken away, her feet were numb. He says that he can not wear socks himself. And when the grandmother began to help him, he roared with pain, as if he was cut into pieces. Oleg advised to call an ambulance, but in the emergency hospital, the doctors examined his grandfather and said that it was worsening polyarthritis. Prescribed medication and sent home.

Tamara was very concerned about the health of her father-in-law and insisted to go immediately to her parents. She applied a hot-water bottle to her legs, fed her with a spoon. In general, Oleg praised her as the most caring daughter-in-law in the world ... Apparently, she splashed this liquid in the soup. That same night, my grandfather died in hospital.

At the funeral of her husband, the widow became ill with a heart. Oleg asked Tamara to bring medicine from home. She returned with a glass of valkordin and a glass of water. Having barely drunk the medicine, the mother staggered. There was a white blot on her lips, and she immediately vomited. Among those present began a panic. The widow screamed that they poured poison. Some woman claimed that with her own eyes she saw Tamara dripping some liquid from a vial into the medicine, taking it out of her jacket pocket.Men began to demand the police, someone offered to take the contents of the glass for examination. And then Tamara threw both a glass with medicine and a glass of water on the ground. Oleg Ivanyutin shielded his wife from an angry crowd and began to reassure his mother. Oleg's mother had the same symptoms: her arms and legs hurt, her feet were numb. She could not turn the tongue, almost did not speak. By evening, she was taken by the ambulance, and two days later she died.

The road to a personal pig farm was open. But where to get food? The answer is one - at school!

School number 16 Minsk region of Kiev

In March 1987, three sixth-graders and 11 workers diagnosed with the flu were brought to the hospital by ambulance from a Kiev school. All had the same symptoms: weakness, nausea, pain in the legs, baldness. Despite the intensified treatment, two children - Sergey Panibrat and Andrey Kuzmenko - and two adults died almost immediately, the other nine people were in intensive care.

For that time, four consecutive deaths were a real emergency. The prosecutor's office took up the case. Doctors of the hospital, called for an emergency meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, suggested that the cause of death was an unknown form of influenza, so standard treatment was ineffective.The following opinion was also voiced: people were poisoned with strong toxic substances through food or water. Initially, this version was not even considered, but after the investigating authorities interviewed the victims, it turned out that they all ate in the school canteen what was left of dinner: chicken soup and chicken liver. And those who dined on time, did not suffer.

Diet sister Natalya Kukharenko.

The first to fall at the hands of Tamara was a nurse Kukharenko, who had been careless about making Ivanyutina’s remarks, including for not following the rules of hygiene, rudeness and rudeness. Tamara did not stint on the comments to the children and even the teachers, she constantly spun around the stove, looked into the pots. But it was difficult to find another dishwasher for meager wages, so Ivanyutin was kept at work.

When Kukharenko was hospitalized, the patient complained of numbness and coldness in her legs, and the doctors diagnosed her with heart failure. But only on the eve of a woman looked healthy, active and fun. Six months before, with the same symptoms, two schoolchildren and two teachers were hospitalized. One of them told the investigation that he was strangely bald, but it was not possible to establish the reason.

All these facts showed that the "diseases" were not an accident. It was decided to exhume the remains of Kukharenko. It was then that discovered the presence in the tissues of thallium. But no one even thought of deliberately using this heavy metal for poisoning. The request to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station to conduct activities for the destruction of insects and rodents in the food unit received a negative response. Specialists checked all the school premises, food, pots, containers for cereals and buckwheat itself, remaining in them. To no avail. But the investigators drew attention to the strange behavior of the dishwasher Ivanyutina. She strongly obstructed the inspection, Hamila.

“I concluded that they don’t like us at this school,” recalled the chemist expert Valentina Kalachikova. - Washer dishes Ivanyutina followed on my heels, like a guard. Probably, I decided that I would squeeze the pan from them or fill the pockets in my pockets. Terrible feeling, honestly. The look is unkind, heavy ... How was this shrew generally allowed to work with children? ”

The next step was to check all the personal files of the canteen workers. And then it turned out that Ivanyutina’s employment record was fake, because she had a previous conviction for speculation, which means she had no right to work in children's institutions.This was the reason to study the life of the dishwasher. Here the deaths of the first husband, the parents of the second, surfaced. They all complained of nausea and numbness in the limbs. Oleg himself was ill for a long time (general weakness, pain in the joints, baldness), but the doctors could not establish the diagnosis. Thus, Ivanyutin became the number one suspect.

The investigation

During the search in the house Ivanyutina found the right thing literally at the last moment.

When they looked at everything that was possible, Valentina Petrovna Kalachikova suddenly went to the nightstand, which stood by the window, and asked to open the door. Ivanyutina, observing everything that happened with contempt, hesitantly stepped toward the nightstand:

- This is a sewing machine, I got from my mother-in-law. Will you inspect?

- We will inspect, open or give the key, I will open it myself.

Ivanyutina hurled the keys to the floor and almost hissed: “Open it yourself, seamstress!”

Kalachikova examined the contents of the boxes. Bobbins with threads, needles in boxes, a set of tools for embroidery, a bottle with machine oil for lubricating mechanisms ... She took a bottle in her hands and suddenly realized that for butter dishes were painfully heavy. And put the bottle in her pocket.The analysis in the laboratory showed that there is a Clerici liquid in the tank, the so-called thallium water solution. It is used in geology to separate minerals by density. Therefore, in the first place, all organizations of the Ministry of Geology of Ukraine were subjected to verification. And almost immediately found a supplier. One of the lab assistants of the exploration expedition regularly supplied the family of Maslenko with thallium, ostensibly for baiting rats. For all the time they received about 500 mg of poison.

Not lagging behind Tamara and her sister Nina Matsibor, who sent to the world a legal spouse. Nina married a man much older than her. Having registered a young wife in his apartment, the elderly husband signed a sentence for himself. A week after the wedding, he went to the hospital with complaints of weakness and pain in his legs. His death was written off at the age.

In November 1980, Tamara’s mother, Maria Fedorovna, fell ill and went to the hospital. Her husband Anton Mitrofanovich was very worried about her health. At some point, the matchmaker decided to visit her. After the hospital I went to Anton Mitrofanovich and expressed concerns about the health of the svati. They say that from the entire chamber it is the most difficult. Do not sduzhit.“That is?” Asked the matchmaker in bewilderment. “And then there is little hope. We must prepare to bury like a human being. ” This phrase was a sentence for her. Maslenko suggested that Svetier should not talk nonsense, but rather drink the health of his ailing wife. While a relative poured out the moonshine and collected food on the table, she seized the moment and splashed poison into a glass. At night, the doctors of the ambulance, being lost in conjectures, gave her injections — sometimes from the heart, in order to relieve the pressure, but all is in vain — by the morning the woman had passed away. By the way, the patient told the doctors that she poisoned herself with a boiled egg. Like, when they ate, Maslenko began to clean the egg, and it turned black right in his hands. He announced that the egg was spoiled and cast aside. But when he left, Svatya felt sorry for throwing him out, and she finished the egg. Unfortunately, doctors thought it was a death thief.

During the searches, Maslenko did not find any poison. But the poisoners gave themselves away. When Tamara was already in the SIZO, Maria Maslenko baked pancakes and went to treat her neighbor. She had a large disability pension, which was the subject of Maslenko’s black envy. But she did not eat the neighbor, because she had heard that the old woman’s daughter was suspected of being poisoned. She threw one pancakes to the cat, and in the evening the animal began to clump in convulsions, and after three hours she died.A neighbor reported this to the police, and the spouses Maslenko was arrested. In the same way as Tamara, they told in detail and with gusto who, when, how and for what they poisoned.

Originally Ivanyutina wrote a confession. The time has come for the psychopathic benefit performance. Being in grandiose, she spoke in detail about her crimes. It turned out that she treated two sixth-graders in a poison just because they refused to set up tables and chairs. “I decided to punish them,” said Tamara.


Ivanyutina also said that she had first experienced the effect of poison on neighboring chickens and cats. I experimented with quantities — I knew what dose to give, so that a person got slightly sick, and what dose — so that she would surely die. At the same time she did not care at all in what torments her victims die. “There should be no chance in such a case,” Ivanyutin explained smugly. - My friend almost got burned on an ordinary chicken egg. It’s good that the doctors turned out to be burdocks ... ”

However, Ivanyutin later stated that she had made a confession under pressure from the investigation and refused to give further testimony. Apparently, when the “fuckers-sledaks” did not buy into her “a lot of gold,” for the first time she soberly assessed reality and realized that she had really gotten into trouble.

But the investigation was already clear the whole picture of the crime. So, in the fall of 1986, Ivanyutin poisoned the school party organizer to death - a woman prevented the theft of food from the dining room. Then Tamara treated with thallium two pupils of the first and fifth grades, who dared to ask her for the rest of the meatballs for her dog. Fortunately, the guys survived, but such poisoning does not pass for the body without a trace.

After the death of dieter sistema Kukharenko in March, the head of the canteen by the name of Noga sensed something was wrong and began to lock up the back room at night so that Ivanyutin would not have access to the products. The psiopatka openly declared that “The leg will follow Kukharenko”. Then the poisoner filled the orange with a solution of thallium with a syringe and treated the "enemy", but he, fortunately, did not accept the offerings. On that ill-starred March day, when children were poisoned, the liver with thallium was also intended for the head. Just by chance, because of the meeting of the trade union committee, some school workers were late with lunch. As the witnesses later said, Ivanyutin watched with a satisfied smile as innocent people devoured poisoned dishes.

The end of the Kiev Borgia family: Lukyanovsky jail in Kiev. There, under the USSR, death sentences were carried out.

In total, the family has 40 proven poisonings, 13 are fatal. Surprisingly, according to the results of the forensic psychiatric examination, the whole family was recognized as sane. Most of all in terms of poisoning succeeded Tamara Ivanyutin - 20 poisonings, 9 of which were fatal.

The trial of serial killers lasted several months. Oleg's husband, in his testimony, said that every time Tamara brought more and more waste from school, while rejoicing that the children did not eat well. And the teachers got it just because they forced the children to finish eating their portions. It was not at all in the interests of the criminal, so she decided to poison the especially persistent teachers. In addition, in her opinion, the poisoning in the school canteen should cause distrust of school food and thereby increase the amount of waste for her pets.

Tamara Ivanyutin was sentenced to capital punishment and confiscation of property. Her father, mother and sister received 13, 10 and 15 years of imprisonment, respectively, and an obligation to reimburse all victims for the costs of treatment.

When she was given the last word, she refused to admit guilt and apologize to the relatives of her victims. “I don't have the upbringing,” she dropped haughtily.

Tamara Ivanyutin was shot at the end of 1987 in the Lukyanovka pre-trial detention center in Kiev; she became the third and last female criminal who was officially sentenced to death in the USSR. The old murderers died in prison, sister Nina, after serving part of the term, was released in the Independent Square of Ukraine. Further its traces are lost.

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