Planting sweet cherries in the fall - we are doing the right thing!

cherry planting in autumnCherry is a wonderful fruit tree withtasty and juicy fruits. Many gardeners recently deservedly give her preference, compared with cherries. This is due to the fact that cherry trees have a whole group of serious diseases that nullify not only the yield, but also the planting. Cherries, especially new varieties, are more resistant to coccomicosis and moniliasis. There are institutes and nurseries, engaged, with a light hand Michurin, the adaptation of southern varieties to the realities of the central strip of Russia. Many metropolitan summer residents are interested in planting cherries in the autumn in the Moscow region.

When and what we plant?

planting of cherry seedlings in autumnMany gardeners-practitioners tend tothe traditional spring planting of stone fruit trees. Nevertheless, planting cherries in autumn is quite possible. The optimal landing time depends on the specific climatic features of your region and the particular suburban area. In order for the planting of cherry seedlings in autumn to lead to a healthy and fruitful "result," a number of recommendations should be observed regarding the variety, the seedling and the planting site. With the efforts of domestic breeders, excellent varieties with high frost resistance and disease resistance were bred. For a cool climate, such varieties as Revna, Pervenets, Zorka, Black Bitter, Narodnaya, etc. are optimal.

For the seedlings it is necessary to turn to reliablesuppliers - a kennel with a good choice or a privateer with a serious reputation. Choosing a one-year-old seedling, you need to pay attention to its roots. The ideal condition of the root system is a branched friable shoot of thin hairs and several sturdy rootlets. The farther the cherry is planted, the more attention is paid to the winter hardiness of the rootstock. To plant cherry seedlings in autumn was successful, they should not have leaves. Please also note that the cherry is a self-fruit tree, so there must be at least one more variety in the garden, or other cherry varieties should be planted on the mature seedling afterwards. Planting sweet cherry in autumn in the Moscow region, on the one hand, increases the risk of death of the tree, on the other - it makes it possible to temper it and adapt it to the harsh conditions of our unstable climate.

How to plant?

Since cherry is a very large plant,Provide a distance from the neighboring tree of the order of 4-6 meters. Cherry is extremely capricious and demanding of the soil. She needs a well-protected and illuminated place in the garden. The soil she prefers is well drained, fertile. With a high level of groundwater tree suffers and dies. Planting cherries in autumn requires some preliminary preparation. The pit should be done in advance. It should be roomy, with a depth of 60 cm and a width of 60 cm. It is necessary to enrich the earth in the pit with humus. When planting, you need to dig a peg into the pit, to which then attach the seedling. At the seedling it is necessary to remove the damaged roots to healthy tissues. The tree is lowered into a pit and covered with earth. So, landing is finished. Cherries require a good moistening of the stump circle. A couple of buckets of water are enough. Planting of sweet cherry in autumn will be successful if the weak seedling is safely sheltered from frost, strong wind and spring sun.

How to circumcise?

planting cherries in autumn in the Moscow region

The best time for pruning is in spring with a stablewarm weather. Autumn pruning due to freezing can provoke cracking of the bark and infection of the tree. Due to the fact that the cherry is badly branched, it is necessary to cut it, otherwise in 5 years on the site there will be a monster 10 meters high with long bare branches. To shorten branches is above the kidney. Crown type - sparse-tiered. This allows you to saturate the crown with air and light. In this case, all the branches that grow inside are deleted. The correct cut of the branch is on the ring, without any hemp.

How to water and fertilize?

The tree is very sensitive to watering. Approximate norms - 100 liters of water per 1 square meter of the near-barrel circle. After the completion of irrigation, mulching is very desirable, which preserves the necessary humidity and looseness of the soil. Be sure to do sub-winter watering to saturate the tree with moisture and normal wintering.

How do we care?

cherry plantingSweet early starts to bloom, which meansA high risk of damage to flowers during spring frosts. In advance it is necessary to be reserved by smoke checkers and to spend defensive smoking at temperature of 1-2 degrees. It is also necessary to remove radical shoots, it often breeds aphid colonies. After flowering, it is recommended to treat the tree with a 1% solution of Bordeaux liquid in order to combat a monilial burn. In summer, all the fallen unripe fruit should be collected and put in a compost pile. After the fall fell leaves, the tree must be prepared for winter. Stub and the main branches should be coated with a mixture of Mullein, lime and clay, taken in equal proportions. Nitrogen fertilizers are introduced under the cherry tree only in spring, no later than May, in the amount of 20 g per 1 sq. Km. meter. Autumn - time for humus, 5 kg per 1 square. meter. Planting cherries will be more effective in summer sowing of ciderates: lupine, peas, and other legumes - in the near-barrel circle. In the autumn, they are mowed and ground into the soil as a green fertilizer. To prevent the development of diseases, carefully examine tree trunks, branches, leaves and fruits. Affected branches are cut and removed from the site, the leaves are burned, and the tree is treated with copper oxychloride (40 g per 10 liters of water).

We examined how the cherry planting occursin the fall. Of course, with proper and regular care this culture is able to decorate the life of any gardener, enrich it with the delicate aroma of blossoming flowers and sate with a holiday of taste.

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Planting sweet cherries in the fall - we are doing the right thing Planting sweet cherries in the fall - we are doing the right thing Planting sweet cherries in the fall - we are doing the right thing Planting sweet cherries in the fall - we are doing the right thing Planting sweet cherries in the fall - we are doing the right thing