Pistol PSM

Pistol PSM was developed by the Tula teamTsKIB SOO for the cartridge 5.45x18 mm. The bullet consists of a bimetallic shell and a single lead core or from a combined core made of lead and steel parts. Present cartridges with lead cores are exported.

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Law enforcement officers usecartridges with bullets that have a combined core. In the head part of the bullet, the steel part of the core is localized, which ensures a high piercing ability of the bullet. Many experts argue that the key advantage of this cartridge is the ability to pierce light body armor. Thanks to the high punching effect, you can confidently hit the target in the bulletproof vest of the 1st and 2nd classes or for easy shelter.traumatic pistol psm

The model was developed within twoyears (1970-1972). In 1974, PSM entered mass production. The automatic system works according to the scheme of using recoil with a free shutter. The PSM pistol is equipped with a double-action trigger type trigger with auto-positioning of the trigger on the safety platoon. When all the cartridges have been consumed, the shutter-casing becomes the gate delay, which is activated by the storekeeper. In the extreme position remains until you join the equipped magazine. On the left side of the shutter, the trigger guard is located. The shutter-casing, trigger hook and trigger are locked with a fuse. The magazine latch is located at the bottom of the handle of the gun.

So far, the presented modelIt is used as a weapon by operatives of special services and law enforcement bodies. It is a premium weapon. Self-loading PSM - a pistol optimized for concealed wearing. Thanks to the unique design of the cartridge, the model is characterized by a good stopping and high punching action.

psm gunIt is clear that the traumatic pistol PSM - notmilitary weapons, it is designed for self-defense, and therefore requirements for it are put forward by several others. For traumatic weapons do not need a high range of fire, respectively, reduces the length of the barrel and reduces the total mass of weapons. PSM-R (traumatics) is created on the basis of the combat pistol PSM. The PSM-P pistol is a compact, efficient and fairly durable model. This is the ideal of compact weapons. Its small thickness is striking. Minimum dimensions - this is an absolute advantage for the weapon, since it can be hidden even in your pocket.

There are, of course, minuses in this model. Slight thickness of the weapon does not have at all to its comfortable grasp. There is practically no feeling that the weapon lies comfortably in your hand. Due to the small weight of the gun there is recoil, so you will have to give the training a considerable amount of time. Only in this way you can accurately hit the target. These nuances are not so critical, since the PSM-P pistol is used exclusively for self-defense.

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