Biography of Alexey Faddeev

Alexey Faddeev's childhood

Hometown actor Faddeev - Ryazan. It was there that he loved the theater, there he realized that he could be an actor and began to dream of a future profession. This was largely due to the fact that as a schoolboy he played in a real play that showed the drama theater. The staging was called Threshold.
After school, Alesha went to Moscow and from the first time entered the Shchepkinsk school. He got on the course of Yuri and Olga Solomin. Students often play in crowd scenes, but Alexei was lucky enough to get the main role, despite the fact that he was still just a student. It can be argued that luck accompanied him from the very beginning. His mentors Solomin, seeing the natural talent of the student, tried to help ensure that the roles he played were diverse. He played a romantic lover and reckless balagura, shameless rascal and naughty jovial.
Actor Alexei Faddeev began his career in the theaterActor Alexei Faddeev began his career in the theater
In theses, Faddeev appeared in the image of Higgins in the play “Pygmalion” and in the image of Nikita in the play “The Power of Darkness”.

The beginning of the acting career of Alexei Faddeev

Alexey began to play in the Maly Theater. In the "Forest" in Ostrovsky, he made his debut on this stage. He was immediately noticed. The Bulanov played by him looked really funny and pathetic, like a man who tried on an unusual, alien role. Wanting to look like a secular lion, his self-confident and shameless character seemed intimidated, cocky puppy.
From 2006, Alexey in the same production appeared on the stage in the role of Peter. This hero was the opposite of Bulanov - with apparent obsession he was an uncertain and indecisive person.
From the very beginning of work in the theater, Faddeev more than once had to play different, often completely opposite in character, roles in the same performance.
“Who is there?” Glafira Tarkhanov and Alexey Fadeev
Beginning actors often take part in the production of fairy tales. Alexey was no exception. He played in The Tale of Tsar Saltan, first of Chernomor, and then Kota the scientist.
Despite a very successful debut in Les, for some time Faddeev took the stage as unnamed courtiers, archers, and servants. In such a theater as Maliy, being on the stage, albeit in an insignificant role, next to the stage masters is already a great success and honor for any actor, and even more so for a beginner. However, not everyone can get lost next to them, and it does not turn out to stand out immediately.

Theatrical Roles of Faddeev

In 2002, the production of "The Effort of Love" was completely given to young actors. In this comedy Shakespearean play, Alexey, in the role of jovial Boye, demonstrated both vocals and plastic.
“The Mysterious Box” is a vaudeville, in which a year later Faddeev once again joked and danced, but this time he got the lyrical role, he played an enthusiastic lover Emil.
Alexey Faddeev, showr
In the 2004th in the play "The Cherry Orchard" Alexey portrayed the arrogant and mannered Yasha. In the same year, he appeared in the "Three Sisters", playing first the innocent lieutenant Rode, and then appearing in the role of staff captain Salty. After Chekhov's performances, Faddeev took part in the productions of Ostrovsky. This is again "Forest", as well as "Wolves and Sheep."
Separately, it is necessary to say about the serious independent work of the actor staged "Dmitry the Pretender and Vasily Shuisky." Soon, Alexei again plays Nikita in the production, which was for him a diploma - “The Power of Darkness”. His hero - the victim and the executioner, who in the pursuit of "easy" profit does not notice true love, ceases to understand the value of human life. However, at the end of the performance Nikita is repenting, who can no longer correct what he has done, but gives us hope that his soul will be saved. The work in these two performances showed that Faddeev is capable of playing not only in lyric and comedy productions, but also in dramatic tragedies. Such a wide range of young actor says about his talent and luck. Cinema

Alexey Faddeev in the cinema

Starting from 2002, Alexey began to act in films, and a year later in TV shows. These are the paintings “Operational pseudonym”, “Main caliber”, “Return of Mukhtar 1”, “Demons”, “Naval patrol”, “Escape”, etc.
Actor Alexey Faddeev with his wife Glafira TarkhanovaActor Alexey Faddeev with his wife Glafira Tarkhanova
In 2004, the actor took part in the work on the filming of the series "Shtrafbat." He performed several stunt tricks.

Alexey Faddeev today

The latest works in the cinema Faddeev were: the role in the television series "Institute of Noble Maidens", "Investigation Committee", "Country 03". His latest feature films were Abduction of a Bomb, Boris Godunov and Himself Without a Weapon. He worked together with such actors as Ksenia Khairova, Alisa Sapegina, Maxim Schegolev, Victoria Tarasova, Dmitry Blazhko and others.
In the theater staged by Don Juan, the actor successfully enters the stage in the leading role, plays in the Molgiere Bulgakov and The Dowry.

Personal life of Alexey Faddeev

Faddeev is married. Glafira Tarkhanova became his chosen one. She, like her husband, is a theater actress who steps onto the stage of the Satirikon Theater. Glafira became popular after the main role in the movie "Gromov". The couple have three children - sons Yermolai, Korney and Gordey. The third son was born at the end of 2012. It is possible that the cast will not stop at this, as they also dream about their daughter. Alexey in his free time goes in for sports, keeps fit.

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