Biography of Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown is a bright singer who seems to have absolutely everything. Attractive appearance, beautiful voice and great talent, which distinguishes her among many other performers. All this makes her just the perfect performer.
The career path of our today's heroine began with participation in the project “Spice Girls”, but very soon the girl proved that she can be interesting to the public as a solo performer. In the early 2000s, her musical career reached its apogee, but after that, the popularity of the singer began to slowly fall.
Melanie Brown is known as the lead singer of "Spice Girls"Melanie Brown is known as the lead singer of "Spice Girls"
But is it worth saying that Melanie Brown is simply not worthy of the glory that she once had? Of course not. Indeed, in life is always equal to the account of victories and defeats.

The Early Years, Childhood, and Family by Melanie Brown

The first success came to our today's heroine rather early. Even at a young age, Melanie Brown decided to try herself at the Miss Caribbean Sun beauty pageant.At that moment, she didn’t have any serious preparation or rich experience behind her, and therefore from the very beginning the future singer didn’t seriously expect to win. However, due to some coincidence of circumstances among the many contestants, the judges and members of the jury chose her. As Mel herself admitted in her later interviews, the key to that very first personal victory for her was pitch black hair, which she always wore loose. However, such an opinion, of course, cannot be considered the ultimate truth. Perhaps on that day the judges considered something more in little Mel? This question will forever remain unanswered.
Anyway, from that moment on, the girl began to seriously dream of a career as a pop singer. She learned by heart all the popular songs of British performers, trying to be like each of them at the same time. At this point, her new passion became beautiful rhythms. Already in ten years, our today's heroine began to play percussion instruments (which, you see, it is very unusual for a fragile beautiful girl) and managed to succeed well in this business.
At the age of fifteen, driven by an old dream and favorite rhythms, the girl entered a prestigious music school, where she soon received a special scholarship that is allocated to gifted children. Here, among other things, the girl began to attend the dance section, in which she was also very successful.
Melanie Brown Spice Girls - 2 Become 1
A few years later, Melanie Brown successfully completed her studies and received two diplomas at once - a dance teacher and a musician-drummer.

Star Trek Melanie Brown, "Spice Girls"

However, this was not enough for our today's heroine. Already at the age of seventeen, she began seriously studying vocals and purposefully improving her inborn data. And very soon, Melanie Brown had an excellent opportunity to prove herself and show everything that she had learned in the past.
The beginning of a big way was the most common announcement in the newspaper about the recruitment of girls for the new group. Mel decided to respond to the offer and very soon became one of the participants of the young and at that time still unknown project “Spice Girls”.
The real popularity came a little later.Thanks to the “hit” repertoire, as well as the personal charm of each of the participants, this project very soon became megapopular in Britain and throughout Europe. At this moment, the hits of “girls with pepper” sounded from all the radios, their concerts were collected by thousands of spectators, and the faces of the participants themselves flashed literally everywhere.
At this point, the popularity of the project covered Mel B c head. However, along with the popularity came the first troubles. At some point in the team overdue split. The girls began to quarrel often, bringing one another all new charges. In the same period, something similar happened in Melanie Brown's personal life. Her then-husband, dancer Jimmy Gulzar, turned out to be a true home tyrant. In the end, the three-year marriage ended in a loud divorce and ... the first solo album.
Turning into music all the experiences and feelings, Melanie Brown recorded some bright hits, which were later released as part of the disc «HOT», which was released in 2000.
Melanie Brown Spice Girls - Holler
The album turned out to be quite successful and soon became another small argument in favor of the termination of the existence of the “Spice Girls” collective.From that moment on, the girl began to work fruitfully to create a solo project. And at first, things went pretty well. However, the complete failure of the second solo album “L.A. State of Mind ", which sold a total circulation of only 1,500 copies, put an end to all plans for the British celebrity. Several producers refused to cooperate with her. And some salvation for Mel B was only no less a failure and other "girls with pepper".
Leaving the solo projects, the Spice Girls members re-announced their reunion. “Reincarnation” of the team was supported by Melanie Brown, who very soon set off with the group on a world tour.
In 2002, the singer published her own autobiography, and also began to appear frequently on various projects as a guest star. In 2003, Melanie moved to the United States after her then-beloved Eddie Murphy. In sunny Los Angeles, the girl lives happily today.
In 2007, the singer took part in the show "Dancing with the Stars", which won second place. After that, our today's heroine also repeatedly appeared as a judge on the Australian and British X-factor project.

Personal life Melanie Brown

In the life of the British singer there were several high-profile novels. In the period from 1998 to 2001, the singer was married to the famous dancer Jimmy Gulzar. From this union was born the first daughter of the singer - Fenis Chi (born in 1999). Despite this fact, the marriage of the singer and dancer ended in divorce.
Pregnant Melanie Brown with childrenPregnant Melanie Brown with children
After that, for some time, Melanie Brown met with popular American actor Eddie Murphy. Already after parting with him, their common daughter Angel Iris (born 2007) was born.
At the beginning of 2007, Melanie Brown began dating film producer Stefan Belafonte. In June of the same year, the couple officially legitimized their relationship. Currently, lovers live in the United States, where they raise their common daughter Madison (born 2011) and two daughters of the singer from former unions.

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