Pencil welding

Miniature welding of metal conductors or small parts can be done with a conventional rod from a simple pencil. A mini welding machine with a graphite rod is possible not only to weld, but to cut metals of small thickness.
How to apply it and for what, I think, you decide.

Will need

  • A step-down transformer.
  • A simple pencil.
  • Wires.
  • Clamp type crocodile.


For a miniature welding machine, you will need a transformer with an output voltage of 27 V. Its power is somewhere between 50-60 watts. You can take any other transformer with similar characteristics, or use ready-made sources with adjustable voltage.
Pencil welding

The pencil is simple. It must be carefully cut by gluing without damaging the inner core.
Pencil welding

Making improvised terminals. Crocodile for the common wire, and a homemade wire hook for the electrode.
Pencil welding

We fix the graphite rod into the holder. Wires soldered to the transformer.
Pencil welding

Metal welding

Before you start welding anything, take care of safety. Be sure to use safety glasses and do not touch live parts.All actions you do at your own peril and risk, so be vigilant and careful.
Prepare a refractory surface for welding: a brick, a piece of stone or tile and so on.
Getting started. We will weld two copper wires. We connect the common to the wires to be welded and touch the surface to be welded with an electrode.
Initially the arc does not ignite, the lead smokes. For initial startup, this is normal.
Pencil welding

After a couple of seconds, the rod warms up enough and the voltage with temperature is enough to ignite the arc.
Pencil welding

We continue welding. The main thing here is not to burn the rod, as it heats up to red and breaks. Therefore, from time to time we remove it by tearing the arc in order to let it cool slightly.
Pencil welding

As a result, the copper conductors are well welded.
Pencil welding

They do not break, because the node has become one.
Pencil welding

Such a useful property in the farm exactly where to apply.

Metal cutting

As with a real welder, this mini model can also not only weld, but also cut metal.
But this will have to increase the temperature and current. This can be achieved by reducing the length of the electrode.
As a result, the temperature rises sharply. Cut off the screw.
Pencil welding

Of course I had to spend a little more time, but everything was cut well.
Pencil welding

A big plus of such crafts is that no expensive materials are used, but in order to collect everything enough five minutes of time.
Do not underestimate the benefits of such a device, in some cases, it can certainly come in handy.

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