Peach pie. Pie with canned peaches - recipes, photos

There are many excellent recipes for making sweet cakes - from yeast, puff, shortbread or sponge dough. As a filling, as a rule, various fruits and berries are used - apples, pears, plums, raspberries, currants. In this article, we will share with you a few tried and simple recipes for making pies with fresh and canned peaches. Be sure to take them into service and treat your loved ones delightfully delicate, tasty, fragrant and not too high-calorie homemade cakes.peach pie

A simple pie with canned peaches in a hurry

If you do not have time for long preparations, and you want to please the home ones - prepare a sweet dessert according to the following recipe. The dough turns out lush, and the filling melts in the mouth. Peach pie has a delicious aroma and delicate flavor.For its preparation, you will need a set of ingredients, including: a package of butter, one cup of granulated sugar and flour, and also 5 eggs of chicken eggs. In addition, the test requires half a cup of milk, 10 g of vanilla sugar and 7 g of baking powder. As a filling, we will use canned peaches (400 g), and make a creamy fill from half a glass of sugar and sour cream (15% - 400 g).

The technology of making fruit dessert is simple. First you should do the dough. Soften the butter (it is convenient to do it in the microwave). Mixer whisk it with vanilla and regular sugar. Add chicken eggs, milk, baking powder and, finally, flour to it. Knead not too thick dough. Now prepare the filling - open the jar, take out the peaches and cut them into slices.

We bake an incredibly delicious fruit dessert

For the cake, prepare the form and be sure to grease it with butter. Put the dough in it, and put the canned peaches on top. Place the mold in an oven preheated to 180 ° C. Note the time - 30 or 35 minutes. After half an hour, check the dough for readiness with a toothpick.And finally, make a gentle fill for the cake. Using a mixer, beat the sour cream with a small amount of sugar. Remove the cake from the oven and pour it over the cream. Cool the fruit dessert, let it soak a little, then serve. That was such a tasty and appetizing pie with peaches! The photo shows our dessert in all its glory. Bon Appetit!peach pie recipe

Useful treat for children - cottage cheese pie

Delicate, soft shortbread dough and vanilla filling of peaches and cottage cheese make this dessert incredibly tasty. Your household - both adults and children - will definitely appreciate it. So, to make the base of the cake, you need a glass of flour, half a cup of sugar and half a package of butter, one egg and 1 tsp. baking powder. The filling will consist of 400 g of cottage cheese, 100 g of sugar, 200 g of sour cream, 2 eggs. You will also need a can of canned peaches (400 g), vanilla sugar (10 g), starch (2 tbsp.) And lemon juice. We advise you to use not too fat (up to 9%), soft and smooth cottage cheese to make the filling. So your filling will turn out more gentle and air.

Technology of making pie with cottage cheese and peaches

To begin, soften the butter in a microwave oven, then rub it in with sugar, add an egg to it and mix well. Next, we introduce baking powder and flour. It is advisable to add it in parts, stirring well. When the dough is ready, we blind the ball from it, put it in a baking dish, greased with vegetable oil. Carefully distribute the dough on the bottom, form the sides of the cake. It is advisable to make them high - not less than 6 cm. For half an hour, we will remove the cake in the fridge, but for now let's get down to stuffing.

In a deep bowl, we put sour cream, cottage cheese, eggs, vanilla and plain sugar, starch. There also squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Mix and mix with a mixer until smooth. Open the jar with canned peaches, pickle liquid. Get the dough out of the fridge and put the curd filling on it. Put the halves of peaches on top, slightly dipping them into the mass. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C, put the cake in it and bake it for 40 or 50 minutes. Cool ready dessert and put 40 minutes in the fridge. Serve a pie with peaches and cottage cheese should be chilled. Such a gorgeous, and most importantly - healthy dessert will surely please you and your guests. Bon Appetit!peach layer cake

Sandwich cake with fresh peaches

An incredibly delicious dessert can be prepared not only with canned, but also with fresh peaches. To create a shortbread cake with these fragrant, sweet and juicy fruits, use the following simple recipe. We need to prepare some ingredients, including: flour (3 cups), baking powder (4 tsp), a package of butter, sugar (1.5 cups), salt (0.5 tsp) , eggs (4 pieces). To give the cake a special flavor, we will use cardamom (a quarter of a teaspoon), one lemon zest, almond essence (1 teaspoon) and vanilla sugar (2 teaspoons). Let's pick up 7-8 beautiful and not too large peaches for the filling. In addition, we need a half cup of olive oil.

We bake a delicious dessert

The technology of making the cake is simple. First knead the shortbread dough. In a deep container we combine flour, salt, baking powder and cardamom. Mix soft butter and whip with sugar. Add eggs and olive oil to it. Without stopping to beat, we enter the necessary amount of vanilla sugar, a lemon dried peel and almond essence. Combine butter with flour and knead the dough.Ceramic form coated with butter and sprinkled with flour, and then lay out the dough on it. My peaches, cut in half and remove the bones. Place the fruit on the base, slightly pressing them into the dough. Bake for 40-50 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C pie with peaches. The recipe, as you can see, is simple, and the dessert turns out to be unusually tasty, with a delicate almond flavor. Serve sandy peaches to the table should be chilled, cut into portioned square pieces.peach sand cake

Dietary dessert with peaches. Treat for losing weight

The following recipe is sure to appeal to those who carefully watch the figure, do not want to gain extra pounds and at the same time loves delicious homemade cakes. This dessert has a low calorie content, it is healthy and very tasty. Be sure to use our simple recipe. To make a diet cake with peaches, you will need to prepare some ingredients. Including need fruit - 3-4 peaches and apples (depending on size). You should also buy 500 grams of low-fat drinking yoghurt, 1 chicken egg, baking powder. To make the dough, you will need oatmeal and semolina (4 tbsp.), A little vanilla and ground cinnamon for flavor.

The technology for making this low-calorie fruit dessert is simple. First, in a deep bowl, mix yogurt, baking powder for dough and chicken egg. Then add to them semolina, vanilla and oatmeal. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Wash apples, peel them and cut into small pieces. My peaches, remove the bones and cut into medium-sized slices. Sprinkle fruits with cinnamon. Lubricate the baking pan with a small amount of butter. Put the sliced ​​fruit into it - first the apples, and then the peaches and sprinkle them with cinnamon. Fill the filling with dough. Put the puff pie with peaches in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, we note the time. After 40 minutes, check it for readiness with a toothpick.canned peach pieThe dessert turns out magnificent, gentle and very fragrant. He will delight you with a great fruit flavor and will not harm the figure. Natural products, fresh fruit and the lack of sugar make this dessert a great alternative to any other home-made baking.

Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe

If you like chocolate desserts,be sure to try making your own cake with canned peaches and cocoa powder. This fruit delicacy possesses saturated taste and matchless aroma. For its preparation will need wheat flour (150 g), 3 tbsp. l cocoa powder, 100 g butter and brown sugar, baking powder for the dough (packaging, 11 g). In addition, you will need a can of canned peaches and two chicken eggs. The method of making chocolate cake is as follows. First, beat the chicken eggs in a fluffy mass. Add cocoa powder, flour and baking powder to the dough for foam. Melt the butter and pour it into the dough. Wash again with a mixer. Open a jar of peaches and drain excess liquid.

We bake an excellent chocolate pie with canned peaches

Prepare a round container for baking dessert. Grease it with butter and pour the dough into it. Carefully lay out the halves of canned peaches on it, slightly pressing them down. Turn on the oven at 170 degrees. Place a container of dough in it and bake the cake for 40 minutes. Check for readiness, take out of the oven and let cool for a while.Served to the table cut into portions. If desired, you can pour the chocolate cake with sour cream and let the dessert stand for a couple of hours. Bon Appetit.peach and cottage cheese pie

Yoghurt dessert with fresh peaches to your table

If you like fresh, light and not too high-calorie desserts, try making a fruit pie with peaches in a slow cooker. It is easy to make, the main thing is to prepare the necessary products and devote 30 minutes of free time to the culinary process. So, for a yogurt cake, 100 g of butter, 200 g of sugar, 3 eggs of eggs, 200 g of wheat flour and a pinch of salt are required. In addition, it is necessary to purchase a package of baking powder and 120 g of unsweetened yogurt without additives. We will use several large peaches as a filling. Pouring for dessert will be made from 50 g of butter, the same amount of cream (20%) and 2 tbsp. l honey

Cake making technology

The dough for this light and tasty dessert is easy to prepare. First, one peach is whipped to a puree-like consistency with a blender. Then yogurt is added to it. Sugar is whipped with butter, eggs, flour, baking powder and salt are introduced into it. Finally, a peach-yoghurt dressing is added to the dough.In the bowl of the multicooker, pre-oiled, pour out the dough. The remaining peaches are washed and cut into slices. Fruits are laid out on the dough. On the instrument panel is set the mode "Baking" and time - 40 minutes. Filling is made from butter, honey and cream.peach pie photoThe finished cake is taken out of the multicooker, a wooden skewer is used to make holes in the dough, and then pour it with butter cream. Dessert is allowed to cool and soak, and later served to the table.

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