Passive aggressive wife

Passive-aggressive wife can, more, In short, happens, nothing, just, by everyone, like, Woman, fly, shit, impossible, As if air, the most, extra, kilograms, constantly, loses weight, month

The most terrible thing in women is that they are indecisive creatures. This is a man who can say - leave me, I love another. I do not want to poison your life anymore, be happy with our three children and five credits. And dump in the sunset.
The point is, of course, unpleasant, but there is a plus in it. The wife understands exactly what is happening. Gone. Changed. I fell out of love.
As for women, he is not so clear. A woman can stay in the aggregate state of “shit hanging in the hole” for a long time, and not notice it herself.
She has long fallen out of love with her husband (and many have never loved men whom they agreed to marry. They just once were comfortable). She does not want sex with him. Take care of him already fell across his throat. But also to go to a great swimming is also curious. The status of "reconnaissance" scares, maybe. Or he thinks - what if I find nothing better? In short, I have not yet decided to leave, but to remain is already nauseous. And what to do?
At such a moment a woman, without even realizing it, can begin to behave passively and aggressively.It seems that she does nothing bad. But unknowingly - harm to the family.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a neglected life appears. The food seems to be in the fridge, but eating this shit is impossible.
As if 30-40 extra kilograms arrive from the air. A woman seems to be constantly losing weight, but at the same time with each passing month it only spreads, not knowing why.
Begin problems with sex: hurt, reluctance, dry. The desire has gone.
The laundry becomes washed and clean at best. But not at best ...
In short, the wife turns into a full-walking antisex.
Another thing is that these symptoms manifest themselves in serious diseases. For example, with depression. And then to save his wife, heal his wife, understand his wife.
And it happens that you just let go.

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