The parasites ??

Just a couple of years ago, it became clear: the factories for the burning of photographers can no longer work that way! A good half of the workshops should be adapted for work with bloggers. But time goes on and more and more often we hear that the main power needs to be aimed at them ..
It is difficult to go out and not stumble upon a traveler. Moreover, most likely in the Around the World go. Some in one direction, others in the opposite direction and each strives to tell ... About fulfilling a dream, about the romance of the road, about these countries with unpronounceable names, and striving to finish off with calculations for prices, from which it directly follows that you spend something more and you sit at home.

There are only two ways out: either carefully avoided, or join their ranks. In any case, if you are in Moscow, the information is useful.
On April 24, almost all travelers and sympathizers: photographers, bloggers, presenters of the My Planet TV channel, and journalists will gather in the Museum Museum on the Krymskaya Embankment right on the Bryusov Ship.
Travel Day Festival is communication with like-minded people, exchange of ideas, meetings with experienced travelers and the birth of new projects.

The program includes master classes from leading experts of the travel industry, vivid performances by musical groups, a marching exhibition at the stern of the ship, delicious food in the food zone, a draw for tourist equipment and even a real hike.
Among the participants:
Mark Podrabinek- photographer, author and presenter of the program "Behind the Scenes" on the TV channel "My Planet";
Alexander Pukhov- The host of the program "Dancing Planet" on the TV channel "My Planet";
Veronika Daletskaya- The chief editor of the club "My Planet";
Denis Doropey- blogger, traveler, organizer of hikes, twice winner of the My Planet Award for the best report of 2014 and the best video of 2015;
Alexander Fedorov- photographer, travel journalist, author of the project “Step Aside”;
Dmitry Aleshkin- Instructor for survival in extreme conditions, the head of the survival school "Wolf";
Nikita Budkin- TV presenter, journalist, author of the project “Around the World“ Good ”.
In advance sale cost 500 rubles, the day of the event will be 800. Buy and register here.
If you want to walk around Moscow next Sunday and not hear a word about traveling, hiking and backpacks, remember, Museon is not for you.

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