Overview of Shell Helix HX8 5w40 engine oil - specifications, application features and reviews

The production process of motor oils Shell Helix HX8 5W40 is designed for cleaning and reliable protection even with the longest lubrication period. Shell Helix 5w40 oils are Shell's pioneering development for high-tech engines. They have a lower volatility coefficient, improved energy-saving indicators, and maintain a stable viscosity longer than other products in this category.

Shell Oil Line

The production technology of Shell Helix engine oils is constantly complemented by innovations and improvements. Shell concern increases the efficiency and quality of use of its products in three main aspects:

  • Maintain engine cleanliness.
  • Minimizing friction.
  • Reduced wear.
Famous Brand

Inside the Shell Helix line is divided into subgroups with the alphanumeric designation HX3, HX6, HX7, HX8 (the higher the number, the higher the oil level). In addition, division with the addition of a certain word is used:

  • Helix Ultra is a general line of high-level synthetic oils.
  • Ultra Racing is oils for high-performance engines. Here is improved protection in extreme conditions.
  • Energy-saving Ultra E are oils that help reduce fuel consumption.
  • Ultra ECT - here the emphasis is on protecting the exhaust gas cleaning system.
  • The word Diesel speaks for itself - oil for diesel and turbo diesel engines.

Lubricants HX8 Synthetic and HX7 are classified as semi-synthetic products.

Shell Helix Ultra HX8 5w40

Compared with other synthetic oils of well-known manufacturers, it should be said that this type of oil has 35% more effective protection, longer-term oxidation stability and has the following properties:

  • Thanks to antifriction additives of the new generation, energy losses due to friction are reduced.
  • The viscosity of the lubricant allows its year-round use.
  • Advanced technologies for active cleaning prevent the formation of sediment and dirt in the oil system and engine.
  • Due to Shell helix hx8 5w40 oil, the engine works as efficiently as possible until the next lubricant change.
  • Special base synthetic oils reduce the volatility of the oil and its consumption.
  • Lubrication minimizes engine vibration and noise.


Modern cars require engine oils, which prolong the life of the engine and increase its efficiency. Shell has developed and patented a completely new technology for producing oil based on natural gas, Shell PurePlus, to meet all these requirements. It functionally maintains the cleanliness of the engine and provides a higher level of both protection and cleaning.

Oil filling process

Shell Helix HX8 5W40 oil has the following technical characteristics:

Viscosity characteristics


Dynamic viscosity at -35 ° C

19,300 сП

Viscosity at 40 ° C

79.1 mm² / s

Viscosity at 100 ° C

13.1 mm² / s

Density at 15 ° C

0.840 kg / l

Viscosity index


Pour point -45 ° C

Flash point

242 ° C

For which car is suitable

SHELL Helix Ultra HX8 5W-40 oil is intended for all turbocharged diesel engines of passenger cars or pre-chamber naturally aspirated or direct injection engines.

Engine oil Shell Helix Hx8 5w40

Motorists Reviews

Owners of cars in their reviews about Shell Helix hx8 5w40 talk about various advantages and disadvantages.

Product Advantages:

  • Saving engine fuel consumption, provided it is properly configured and hassle-free operation.
  • Good cleaning of the power unit.
  • Throughout the life of the application, viscosity characteristics and features remain.

The main disadvantage is a large number of fakes on the market, associated with the popularity of the product. This minus in their reviews confirms the owners of cars, faced with the problem of quality falsified product.

Oil quality control

Cost and shelf life

The price of Shell helix hx8 5w40 (we are talking about a four-liter canister) ranges from 1300 to 1700 rubles. On average, the shelf life of Shell oils is five years. At the same time it is desirable to respect the temperature and other aspects of storage.

How to determine authenticity

The quality of lubricating oils is Shell's main competitive advantage. They constantly monitor the sold products for compliance with quality standards and analyze in detail the detected cases of detection of fakes in the lubricants market.Differences with the original product can be identified by external signs, as well as at a relatively low cost.

The following is a description of this Shell Helix hx8 5w40 engine oil:

  1. Light gray canister, smooth, smooth, free of defects and flaws.
  2. The lid has the same color as the canister.
  3. The lid is integral with the connecting ring, which, when opened, must remain intact on the neck of the canister.
  4. The label is well glued, the text on it is clearly visible, easy to read and has no errors.
  5. The label has a bar code on a white box. The first digit in it is 50.
  6. On the canister should be a clear and not lubricated batch-code with the date and place of bottling, as well as the batch number.
  7. The label with the name of the cleaning technology has a mirror (mirror, not just brilliant) coating.
  8. The bottom of the canister is embossed.
Two canisters with oil

You can verify the authenticity and distinguish the original product from a fake in the following ways:

  • The original Shell Helix canister has a hologram with a sixteen-digit code on the lid.
  • Verify the authenticity of the product can be visually and on the official website of the manufacturer. To do this, in the corresponding window you need to enter the code indicated on the canister. The answer will be given immediately.


To order Shell Helix products on the web, you can use articles that are easy to find on the manufacturer's website. Here is a brief overview of popular Shell Helix oils.

  • Shell Helix hx8 5W40 4l is a product that consists of 100% high-quality additives and synthetic base oils.
  • Shell Helix Ultra Extra Polar SAE 0W-40 is a winter oil that will ensure trouble-free and reliable engine operation. Even when changing the oil once a year, Ultra Extra Polar will work well in summer and spring. It operates in the widest range of temperatures: below -35 ° C and above +40 ° C.
  • Shell Helix Extra Plus 5w40 - designed for gasoline and diesel engine types of cars on an improved synthetic basis. Reliably protects the engine and in city conditions, and on the route.
  • The latest generation Professional AV-L 5W-40 oil is exclusively for protecting the engines of Skoda, Audi and SEAT cars. It is recommended by these auto brands for normal and extended replacement periods.


To avoid problems when using Shell Helix HX8 5w40 oils, professionals give the following tips:

  • When you first fill or change the oil, we recommend flushing the engine.
  • It is undesirable to mix oils with other types of lubricants.
  • The type of this oil is recommended for city operation.
  • Can be used in all cars that require oil of this viscosity grade.
  • This type of oil gives the best results in cars of European manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes), as well as Korean-made.
Buying oil

Use and disposal

We offer some tips from experienced car owners regarding the use of oils:

  • Be sure to read the instructions before starting work.
  • Do not use near open flame.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • After use, the oil should not be poured into water or on the ground; it is advisable to send it to a special collection point for the disposal of such products.


The synthetic Shell Helix hx8 5w40 engine oil possesses the improved operational characteristics: temperature stability, coefficient of friction of details, service life. This extended temperature oil for hot summers has a high viscosity, providing a slight increase in fuel consumption.

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