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For each person who considers classes in the gym something more than just entertainment and health monitoring, sooner or later there comes a genetic limit. This is the moment when no efforts and will will help to gain muscle mass, since nutrients and protein can not be absorbed in the amount for which the body is not designed. However, the desire and desire at the same time do not disappear, and the only way out is to undergo a course of artificial testosterone, which will help to overcome the genetic limit and continue to grow muscle mass and strength. The first question that arises when searching for the drug "Omnadren 250": "Do I need a prescription to purchase it?" According to the instructions, it is needed, but in fact is available on free market.

Omnadren 250 reviews

Artificial testosterone "Omnadren 250"

It is one of the most affordable drugs. The Omnadren 250 tool receives quite specific feedback from doctors and athletes. But before moving on to them, consider the drug itself.

The drug "Omnadren 250" - is an anabolic steroid, by its pharmacological properties, it is almost identical to the means "Sustanon." Their differences in all one testosterone ether. The drug is produced in cartons, which contain five ampoules of one milliliter.

The drug contains four types of testosterone:

  • 30 mg of testosterone propionate;
  • 60 mg of testosterone phenylpropionate;
  • 60 mg of testosterone isocapronate;
  • 100 mg of testosterone decanoate.

As excipients, the preparation includes an emollient for injections - peanut oil, and the preservative - benzyl alcohol.


If you are going to gain weight using Omnadren 250, the instructions for a therapeutic course should not be the basis for setting a course for yourself, but it is recommended to study it. A detailed description is in the package. The first step is to deal with allergic reactions and side effects.

Side effects include gynecomastia and a decrease in natural testosterone production. If taken for more than 8 weeks, testicular atrophy is possible. These are the most serious consequences. Harmless but very unpleasant is also enough: acne, prostate hypertrophy, baldness and other androgenic side effects. An increase in temperature is also possible.With improper injections and increased irritability of the body, lumps can form in places of injection. They can be avoided if you trust the injection to experienced people. However, nothing terrible bumps do not threaten and will resolve themselves, no more than five weeks.

According to the instructions, injections can be made no more than once a week, but some types of testosterone in the composition quickly end their action, for example, propianate must be supplied to the body every two days. Consult with a specialist in advance before increasing the frequency of injections of Omnadren 250. The feedback from athletes who took the remedy every four days is mostly positive, but each organism has its own characteristics, so do not neglect the consultation, since the frequency of reception is determined by the longest air (decanoate - from 7 to 9 days).

Omnadren 250 course solo reviews

The course of the drug "Omnadrena 250"

Not only for the first experience, but also for athletes who are accustomed to artificial testosterone, the use of the drug Omnadren 250, a solo course, is suitable. The reviews are quite divergent, one of the experienced athletes gives injections every day, and someone once a week.Although the drug is retained in the body for 7-9 days, athletes are not afraid to increase the dosage to 500 ml per day. For the most part, the reason for the low price. However, the practice and advice of doctors say that the dosage of 250-500 ml per week will be quite optimal. In order to achieve great results, it is still better to take it together with other esters and drugs that enhance its effect, for example, with the Stanozolol or Winstrol products, which increase the absorption and activity of testosterone.

Like the solution “Sustanon”, the main disadvantage of taking the drug “Omnadren 250” (solo course) reviews are called a decrease in muscle mass and strength indicators after the end of the reception. In addition, gynecomastia is very likely, if you do not take aromatase inhibitors, since the level of estrogen increases when you take the drug.

The course begins with two weeks of 250 ml, then the injections become frequent up to one every four days. Three weeks after the end of the course, post-course therapy is conducted.

Omnadren 250 sportsmen reviews

Post course therapy

Means "Proviron".The most popular hormone drug taken after a course of steroids. The active ingredient is masterolon.Helps to avoid the aromatization of steroids, processing them into estrogen. Prevents the appearance of gynecomastia. Accepted 50 mg per day, it is desirable to divide the dose into two 25 mg. The course lasts about 3-5 weeks. It is better to purchase the drug in advance so that later there are no problems, because the body needs help after taking potent steroids. It also eliminates excess water in the body, removes fat deposits on the body.

The drug "Tamoxifen."The most affordable and effective antiestrogen. It is taken on courses of steroids for 20-40 mg per day. The drug "Tamoxifen" struggles with the aromatization of steroids, eliminates the accumulation of excess water in the muscles, fights with the appearance of acne, which is important when taking the means "Omnadren 250". Unlike drugs "Proviron", "Tamoxifen" only prevents aromatization, and does not fight with the appearance of its signs, so you can start taking it immediately after leaving the course.

Means "Omnadren 250": reviews of doctors

The drug is very similar to the tool "Sustanon." Due to this, the Omnadren 250 solution quickly gained popularity. Reviews and recommendations of doctors are quite straightforward - the drug has a positive effect on the body with a minimum number of side effects that are easily eliminated,however, it is recommended to use no more than 500 ml per week and only under the condition of great physical exertion and the use of agents that reduce the aromatization of testosterone. Doctors do not recommend taking the solution "Omnadren 250" without concomitant medications, exceed the dosage and prick without appropriate knowledge.

Omnadren 250 doctor reviews

Health effects

Like all steroids, the main negative effect of the drug "Omnadren 250" causes the hormonal system, temporarily reducing the production of its own testosterone and flavoring it. It also leads to excessive accumulation of water in the muscles and disruption of the sebaceous glands of the skin, which often causes rashes and acne after administration. All this can be avoided by following the instructions described in the paragraph "Post-course therapy."

Testosterone Omnadren 250

Athletes Reviews

Mass buildup is the main purpose of the Omnadren 250 drug. Reviews bodybuilding environment voiced only positive, as the price of the drug is much more attractive than that of similar means, and it performs its main task better than the solution “Sustanon”.

According to athletes, the drug has such disadvantages:

  • A number of side effects that, in principle, have all such drugs (acne, high blood pressure, gynecomastia, water accumulation in the body, low testosterone production).
  • Availability. No matter what they say, accessibility causes an urgent need to inject yourself 250-500 ml per day.
  • A large part of the accumulated muscle mass goes after the end of the use of the drug.

In general, these are all the negative aspects of the Omnadren 250 drug. The testimonials of athletes also note its positive qualities:

  • The combination of esters gives a stunning effect for building muscle.
  • The water retention in the body increases the stability of the joints to large weights, which allows you to increase the strength performance without the risk of injury.
  • The process of regeneration accelerates, appetite increases.

Omnadren 250 need a recipe


Consider the result of taking Omnadren 250. Reviews of specific people allow us to conclude about the difference in the initial data and results.

For example, an athlete weighing 95 kilograms for a course of 5 weeks gains ten kilograms with a high protein diet. The course includes:

- The drug "Omnadren 250". Between the first two shots the difference is 7 days.Then every four days for the injection of 250 mg of the substance, that is, one milliliter of the drug.

- Means "Proveron". His course begins with the last injection of the previous one. At 50 mg per day for three weeks.

- The drug "Tamoxifen." At 20 mg per day, ends with the course of the funds "Checkon".

After leaving the course the athlete weighs 102 kg.

Power indicators grow as follows:

Bench press - 130, after the course 145.

Squat - 140, after the course 155.

Deadlift - 155, after the course of 180.

This is an example of the work of the drug "Omnadren 250" for the first course. With it, you can achieve much greater results, especially if you take other anabolic drugs at the same time.

Omnadren 250 bodybuilding reviews


Having considered the tool "Omnadren 250", reviews of athletes and doctors about him, we can conclude that this is an excellent drug to increase muscle mass and strength indicators. It is suitable even for the first course with proper application. The drug gives good results as in the application with others, and when taking only the means "Omnadren 250". Whether a prescription is needed depends on the pharmacy. The drug was allowed in the free market, which is why it gained such popularity.However, due to the fact that it was bought in huge quantities, it was forbidden to sell without a prescription, but some private pharmacies can still distribute it, which is why it is still the most affordable steroid.

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