Oleg Budrin: movies, personal life

Oleg Budrin was born in April 1969 in Moscow. Unfortunately, there is little information about his childhood and family, but it is known that he is partially Pole. He studied at the drama school named after B. V. Shchukin. The actor had a famous teacher - Yuri Lyubimov, who was a fairly well-known director - both opera and theater performances. The fact that he was in training with the master of the theater, left a noticeable imprint on his career. Since 1992, he played in the Taganka Theater.

Oleg Boudrin

Oleg Budrin: biography, personal life

While studying at the drama school, Oleg Rudolfovich met with actress Irina Lachina. She became famous after the wedding, namely in 1991. It was a very romantic meeting, which later turned into a relationship, the initiator of which was exactly Budrin. A year after the wedding, the couple had a daughter, Maria. To date, the actor couple divorced.

Oleg Boudrin biography

Nothing is known about whether Oleg Budrin was married again, since he does not like to talk about the details concerning his personal life, and also rarely gives interviews.

At the moment he is a producer and actor of the theater. Filmed in various small roles in domestic TV shows.

Oleg Boudrin


His filmography is rather small: “Dear Ep,” “Middle Age Crisis,” “D. D. D. The File of Detective Dubrovsky,” “The Funeral of Stalin,” and “The Time of Your Life.” The picture that most attracted the attention of those in which Oleg Budrin took part is “Dear Ep”. The same film was awarded a prize for the debut of director Oleg Fomin, who at that time was still little known. The actor also played a rather significant role. Opinions of film critics diverged. Someone thought it was quite a good attempt to make a film for young people in extremely difficult times, and someone thought it was a huge failure of the director. Despite this, the film undoubtedly deserves spectator attention.

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