Nudity at the Chelyabinsk dump

Naked body on a white wedding dress - a symbol of immaculate love. In the most inappropriate and unexpected place: at the Chelyabinsk dump. What is it - a challenge to public services, new photos for Playboy, or maybe just a new avatar on the social network?

A photographer from Chelyabinsk, Natalia Rezepina, for about seven years, touches global environmental issues in her work. This time, she aroused people's interest in this topic, but not in an entirely standard way.

The city dump has become a location for photographing nude. Model Daria Chakina, not at all embarrassed, exposed her charms, and all this in order to draw the attention of people and politicians to the environmental problems of the city.

It was easy to get to the dump, because one could only guess about the future collapse in this place. Now the dump is closed and, perhaps, it is these piquant photographs contributed to this.

It is all about the global Chelyabinsk problem with garbage that cannot be taken out. In late September, the prosecutor's office has already opened a criminal case against an official who is not going to resolve this issue.

Against this scandal, Natalia’s August work surfaced. And when the photos hit the federal news - they decided to close the dump.

Here it is - the thin skin of artists and the notorious quality of something to predict.

The model emotionally revealed the essence of the problem. The naked body in the frame looked aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time caused a lot of questions

Natalia Rezepina reported that photos are being prepared for her exhibition. The photographer worked on the collection of material for about seven years. Photo "Nude" was the final to implement the display of works.

“The task is to draw attention to this problem and its solution. Society in Russia is ready to collect and dispose of plastic. As soon as the citizens have the habit of putting two types of garbage in different containers, a business will appear, and the problem will be partially solved.

And the location led navigator. Silence, bright sunlight and mountains of garbage. And a clean, but sparkling wedding dress. Symbol and sign.

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