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We often hear: “Normal!” This has become customary, but what does an adverb mean? It is pronounced often and in different contexts, so the meaning could be lost in all this diversity. Let's talk about the norm in the personal and social sense, but let's start with the linguistic layer.


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Of course, any word can have many meanings, as well as all sorts of phrases. But the dictionary is strict, it gives us only three meanings of this word:

  1. Something that does not deviate from the norm.
  2. Something that corresponds to the canon of due. For example, when they say: “Do the job properly! That is, make it normal! ”In this case, you should not just do the work at the proper level, but rather arrange everything according to the highest standard.
  3. Satisfactory, that is all, as always.

The last example needs clarification. There are two friends, one asks the other:

- How are you?

- Fine.

From the usual dialogue that everyone has heard a million times, it follows that things are as usual, without much news, ups and downs.But do not be upset. Normal is fine, because the absence of bad news is already good news.


ok what does that word mean

The richness of speech involves not only the possession of the meaning of the word, but also its substitutions. Next in line are the synonyms for the word "normal." They are, as you might guess, a great many.

If we talk about cases that correspond to the norm, then the replacement is as follows:

  • "Good".
  • "Perfectly".
  • "Usually".
  • "As always".

Naturally, there can be more analogs, since “normal” is a word so often used that it has become almost imperceptible. Therefore, anyone who wants to find a synonym for him will have to figure out exactly how to say what is needed. After all, the norm can be borne in mind a lot of concepts. But more on that later.

The second meaning suggests other synonyms:

  • "As needed."
  • "As it should."
  • "Properly".
  • "At its best."
  • "Mosquito nose is not undermined."
  • "Perfectly".

When it comes to the norm as a canon, then most often refers to a certain job or task. In this case, it is not necessary to say that the work was done on a “C grade”. If the case is ready, then the assessment should be only "five". Business can mean any workschool homework or artwork. In this case, it is normal - it is a sign of quality.

Everyone has their own understanding

normal meaning of the word

The position in the subtitle must always be kept in mind. It all starts with school. For an excellent student, the norm is “the highest class”, and for the troechnik - “it will come down as it is”, as in the famous cartoon. Such a global discrepancy of values ​​haunts people all their lives. Normal - what is it and what does it depend on?

  • From education.
  • Social status.
  • Habitual environment.

The three elements mentioned above basically form a person’s identity. Of course, from time to time there are unforeseen life breaks, crashes, ups and downs, spiritual rebirths, but most live in very comfortable conditions. There are radical conditions of existence, but they are unknown to the average person, although, in principle, anyone can be in them. Imagine if a millionaire loses all the money, and he will have nowhere to live. His ideas about normality will drastically shift, or rather crash. But then, if he returns the previous position, he will see more. A rich man, a poor man, then a rich man again, he will not be able to answer the question: “Normally - what does this word mean”? Because for him the reality has become different.

Various perceptions of due

ok what does it mean

We could compare Western and African culture (this is the first thing that usually comes to mind), but we will not do that. It is better to take the well-known trilogy “Back to the Future” as an example and analyze it. In the final part of the epic, where Doc and Martin travel through the Wild West, there is an episode in which McFly tells people of that time that they run for pleasure in the 20th century, and the gangsters are surprised at this time by the white teeth of a guest from the future.

For us, white teeth are the norm, and for the Wild West - almost a pathology, given the conditions of existence of the then inhabitants. And the most interesting thing is that it is impossible to convince people from the past that cleanliness is useful and necessary, and running for the benefit of the body is quite possible. Listeners thought that Martin was a good joker or crazy.

If it were possible to listen to each representative of past eras, then the question: “Normally - what does this word mean?” - guests from the past would offer their own answer. And if to arrange a hypothetical congress, then they would never reach agreement.

But let's not judge them too harshly. It is also difficult for us, modern people, to imagine what will happen in 50 or 100 years, and how the concept of “normal” will change. The meaning of the word may become quite different than we imagine it now.

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