New year, new orders ...)

... I remember on duty on the New Year, everyone relaxed and drank champagne. Well, I .... relaxed. But it was not there. The woman in the city department of internal affairs calls and says that she was robbed, cleaned to the skin.
What to do? Bummer holiday, it is necessary to collect SOG. They collected, even the investigator and expert from the tables dragged. We arrive, opens teacher with glasses, single woman. And he says "I was robbed, all that is acquired by overworking ...."
I say "How much damage, how much damage?" She is about a thousand and a half (do not laugh, at the beginning of the 2000s it was money and an article of the Criminal Code)
I pull out ... "I pull out of wide legs ..." Mayakovsky.
I take out a thousand and a half and give them to her, asking "Is that enough so that we don't have to fuck the brains?" She says, "Oh, thanks, comrade ocherser, enough for me to buy champagne!"
I say - well, okay.
Everything would be fine .... but the task force saw it all .... and now, after more than ten years, they even speak in the department, even the head of the investigation explains to the young people how the operas Ershov figured out.
But SO sorting out for the New Year, no salary is enough.

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