Do I need sex?

Humans are one of the few mammals that have sex not only for procreation, but also for pleasure. Scientific studies conducted at different times prove that regular sex life affects the health of both men and women. Read in our article about how sex contributes to improving the quality of human life in physical and psychological terms.

Do I need sex for the body

Regular sex has a positive effect on many aspects of health. Here, for example, some of them:

  1. Sex improves the cardiovascular system. Scientists at Queen’s University, Great Britain, researched several thousand people and concluded that making love three or more times a week makes blood vessels more elastic and also reduces the likelihood of developing strokes and heart attacks.
  2. Sexual activity improves the sense of smell. Specialists of the same university found that an increase in the blood hormone prolactin, which is observed after the act of love, contributes to the formation of neurons in the brain in the part of the cortex responsible for the recognition of odors.It is worth recalling that the presence or absence of smell influences the quality of life of a person, enriching him, including with new taste sensations.
  3. Sex helps regulate weight. The joke about the harmony of the French, known for their love of love joys, has real roots. One intercourse helps to spend about 200 calories, and an increase in the hormone testosterone helps to strengthen bones and muscle tissue. Regular tension of the muscles of the abdomen, hips and buttocks reduces the formation of cellulite.
  4. The good news for women is: you want to keep your bladder healthy for many years and never suffer from diseases related to its work - surrender to passionate sex more often, because it allows you to train the hidden muscles of this organ as well as the well-known Kegel exercises.
  5. Sex affects the state of the prostate. Some studies find a direct relationship between the number of orgasms in men and the incidence of prostate cancer. This is due to the accumulation of carcinogens in the seminal fluid, which are a by-product of substances required for the production of sperm.During ejaculation, unwanted substances leave the body.

Impact on the psychological state

Love making helps fight depression. Everything is simple here: after orgasm, the level of endorphin in the blood increases several times, and this helps to improve mood. Also, after the coitus, the hormonal status of the organism changes - the ratio of various hormones - as a result, the brain centers responsible for pleasure are activated.

In addition, it is impossible to lose sight of the social aspect: the presence of a sexual partner and experience of sexual relations is not for nothing that is the dream of young people and girls from the onset of puberty. Sex enhances self-esteem and affects positive self-perception.

All these facts allow us to give a positive answer to the question about the need for sex.

Who needs sex

Reasonable abstinence is beneficial for men. During the heyday of the Ottoman Empire at the court of the Sultan was a special person who was engaged in accounting for the flow of sperm ruler. There was an opinion that 1000 ejaculations are allocated to each man by the creator, and the faster he spends them, the sooner he will lose sexual power.

Today, scientists do not confirm this view of medieval healers, however, it is known that after the absence of sexual contacts, the quality of sperm improves within 2-3 days, and testosterone builds up in the body, providing strength and endurance to the male body. Therefore, athletes before the competition is strictly forbidden love joys.

At the same time, the female body, on the contrary, is energized during orgasm; the health of the reproductive system depends on having regular sex; improved performance and well-being. Therefore, ladies do not want to take long breaks in sex life.

It is worth noting that all these positive changes are more likely to be true in the presence of a permanent partner. The fact is that to ensure the beneficial effects of sex requires a measured sex life, which can hardly be expected with promiscuous connections, and the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases reduces to naught the benefits of frequent intercourse.

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