Natalia Podolskaya: biography and family (photo)

Natalia Podolskaya is a well-known performer,participant of the TV project "Star Factory-5" under the direction of music producer Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. Today we will talk about the biography and family life of this talented person.

наталья подольская

Family of Natalia Podolskaya

The girl was born on 05/20/1982. in the city of Mogilev (Belarus). My father's name is Yuri Alekseevich, he's a lawyer. Mama Nina Antonovna - the head of the exhibition hall. Natasha has a twin sister named Juliana, younger brother Andrew, as well as older sister Tanya.

Since childhood, parents have realized that their daughter -a gifted personality. Natasha began to sing even earlier than to speak, and began to imitate famous pop stars. She liked to show small performances in front of her family, trying on different costumes. At 6, she dressed up in her mother's dress and sang before a mirror with a deodorant in her hand. Three years later, the parents wrote the little girl to the theater-studio "Rainbow", where she studied singing and dancing. At the same time, the girl first appeared before the audience together with the group "Studio-W", with whom later traveled various countries of Europe.

The first rays of glory

The first victory of Natalia Podolsky was the Grand Prixat the festival "Golden Shlyager-Mogilev". At the age of 17 she entered the Belarusian Law Institute at the Faculty of Law. In her student years she performed at the festivals "Slavianski Bazaar" (Vitebsk) and Universetalant (Prague). In the latter she won in the nominations "Best song" and "Best performer". It was at that time that the girl met Tamara Miansarova. Natasha went to her lessons for vocals, while studying at the same time.

Important events in the life of the singer

natalya Podolskaya biography

Later, a concert was held at the State Concert Hall "Russia", inwhich was attended by Natalia Podolskaya. The biography of the talented vocalist was supplemented by another significant event: the disc with the song in her performance the vocal teacher gave to Viktor Drobysh.

The girl graduated with a red diploma. Despite such success, she made the main choice in her life and devoted herself to music. After graduation, the young singer won the National TV Festival "At the Crossroads of Europe".

In 2002, the rising star left for Moscow andentered the Institute of Contemporary Art (vocal department). She mastered the choreography at the school "Street Jazz", the teacher in which was Sergei Mandrik. In parallel, the young singer starts recording solo songs, including "Day and Night", included in the collection "Graduate-2002".

natalya Podolskaya has given birth

Unsuccessful "Eurovision"

A talented vocalist decided to test her skillsin the project "Star Factory-5" on the First Channel. It was at that time that Natalia Podolskaya gained real fame. Biography has replenished with one more event: the third place in the project and the release of a solo album "Late" in the framework of the "Star Factory". This singer vividly stood out among the contestants. She signed a contract with Igor Kaminsky and Viktor Drobysh.

Later the singer got to the qualifying round"Eurovision-2004" with the song Unstoppable, but failed to pass it. However, the following year, Natalia Podolskaya represented Russia (leaving behind Anastasia Stotskaya and Dima Bilan) in Kiev with the song Nobody hurt no one. But she won only 15th place. She considered this result to be a complete defeat, as Kaminsky accused her of everything else. From this moment the producers began to conflict with each other.

The role of meeting with Presnyakov for the career of Podolsky

To gain confidence in myself a young vocalist helpedacquaintance with Vladimir Presnyakov (junior) on the set of the "Big Race" program. The girl recorded the composition "One", the clip on which took first place in the heading "SMS-chart". In 2006 she began to often perform in a duet with her future husband. So, they performed the song "The Wall" on the program "The Battle of the Year", and a year later the new single "Firebird" appeared. In 2008, Natalia Podolskaya, whose biography is not indifferent to the fans, officially became a Russian citizen. During the same period she took part in the project "The Circus with the Stars" on Channel One, and 12 months later in the "Two Stars" program.

Independent solo career and side projects

natalya Podolskaya and Presnyakov

In 2010, the term of the contract with Victor was completedDrobysh, and the singer began to independently pursue his career. She again went to the festival "Slavianski Bazaar" (Vitebsk) with the song "Pride", and also became a participant of the project "Ice and Fire". Together with Angelica Varum, she recorded the single "The Day Has Faded Again," which became the laureate of the song "Song-2010". The girl created a track "New World" with DJ Smash. In 2011, in the program "Star Factory. Return "with pleasure Natalia Podolskaya participated.

2014 promises to be no less striking in the biographythe singer. Together with Vladimir Presnyakov in Moscow, it is planned to organize a concert where there will be many hits, among which new songs will certainly appear. In addition to vocal creativity, the girl managed to appear in the advertising company Rockport "Ideal shoes" and still takes part in the TV show "Toch-to-the-Tot", which turns into different and very interesting creative characters.

наталья подольская 2014

Personal life

According to Natalia, her first love wasunhappy. She fell in love with a man of an older age who at first believed in the talent of the performer and helped in everything. However, later everything changed, and their relationship became more and more tense, after which there was a break. Fortunately, a few years later the girl met a loved one.

It is known that Natalia Podolskaya and PresnyakovVladimir together since 2005. At the time of acquaintance, he was engaged in divorce with his former wife. When the singer found out about this, she broke up without explaining the reasons. Simply, she did not want the press to consider her the culprit of the collapse of the family, but Vladimir then considered himself a free man, because he broke with the past.

After a while, the meetings resumed, andfeelings have outgrown in a serious relationship. Almost immediately Natasha and Vladimir began to live together. Five years they had a civil marriage, and in 2010 they were officially married. In their joint work they never had conflicts.

Is Natalia Podolskaya pregnant or not?

natalia podolskaya pregnant woman

Having met the young vocalist together with VladimirPresnyakov on one of the social events, once again you can see how organic this pair looks. Although the difference between them is 14 years, this is not particularly noticeable. In addition, Vladimir rarely leaves his chosen one. The journalists conducted interviews and found out that the spouses live well and do not quarrel.

Fans often ask questions: "Natalia Podolskaya has given birth to a child or not?" - Or: "When is the pregnancy planned, because the performer is already 32?" Talks on this topic with the celebrity and her husband cause sadness, but they give the following answer: "It is impossible to foresee anything when God gives , then the first-born will appear ".

Previously, Natalia told reporters in heran interview that is going to become a mom in the year of the Dragon (2012), because according to astrological forecasts at this time talented people are born, full of artistry and with the makings of a leader. However, fate decided otherwise, but the girl still does not leave the dream of motherhood.

That's how talented the singer Natalya turned out to bePodolskaya. She continues to work together with Vladimir, so fans will follow her creativity and look forward to the appearance of new songs.

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