Name Stephanie: meaning and origin. What does the name Stephanie mean?

Ever since ancient times, people were convinced that the meaning of a name reflects its character, fate. That is why new parents, before giving the name to the child, first try to find out his characteristics. Consider what the name Stephanie means. What fate awaits its owner?

name stefania meaning

Name Stephanie: origin and meaning

Stephanie - a female name that came to us from ancient Greece. Translated into Russian, it means "diadem", "wreath" or "crowned". It is pronounced differently in different countries, but the most common form is Stephanie. Currently, this name is not very popular in Russia, although many girls used to be called that earlier, but the shape of the name was slightly modified, and it sounded like Stepanida.


Stephanie is the name most often referred to as girls from religious families. Choosing this option for their daughter, parents should think carefully, because its owners since childhood have a difficult character.The baby often grows unsmiling, closed, although in the soul she is kind and very sensitive.

The value of the name Stephanie for the girl is very large. It is difficult to find contact with her, because she has very little trust in others. The girl can react quite aggressively to certain circumstances that the other child would not pay attention to at all. All this creates some problems that make it difficult to establish contact with the child, but this can be avoided with the right approach.

Of course, in the character of the baby there are positive sides. The girl grows up as an intellectually developed child, since she has a wonderful memory by nature. However, Stephanie does not like to study, mostly due to his inability to communicate with teachers. Often the girl is too harsh with the teachers, which, of course, does not allow to build friendly relations.

the meaning of stefania for a girl


So, how does the name of Stefania affect the girl? Its value left its mark on the health of the child. She is, of course, not heroic, but you can't call a weak baby either. The most vulnerable point of Stephanie is the nervous system.Initially, this may be imperceptible, but at the first signs of illness, parents should not self-medicate, but seek qualified help, since the usual disorder can turn into a more serious illness. In addition, the owner of the name may suffer from cardiovascular diseases and migraines.

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Name feature

How does the name of Stephanie affect the character of the girl? Its value is quite influenced by its owner. She is a strong and independent person. These are the main features that are visible even with the naked eye. Even having matured, Stesha remains a person with a complex character. She is impatient for the shortcomings of others, although she herself sometimes has them. For example, demanding a highly moral behavior from others, she herself can behave quite cheekily, ignoring the opinions of others.

The name Stephanie, the meaning of which is “crowned,” often justifies its designation. The girl has a lot of abilities and can be a leader in the team. However, she will always need to restrain her emotions, in order to occupy a position not to go too far.Otherwise, her desire can cause quarrels with colleagues and superiors.

Parents who want to give their child the name of Stephanie, the origin and significance of it should be known in advance, because, calling the baby so, they preset certain features in it. Independence is what Stesh is always striving for. And with age, it turns into a cult. Each person who has encroached on her freedom, instantly becomes the enemy. Among the many professions, Stephanie chooses those that best suit her character. Women bearing this name most often become prosecutors, tax officials, inspectors, architects, translators.

name stefania origin and meaning


The name of Stephanie, the value of which determined the character of its owner, often affects the love sphere. Idyll in a relationship with a partner, as a rule, does not last long, and all because of the negative qualities of the girl. Stephanie is quite amorous, but the feeling quickly passes, and the girl grows cold to the subject of recent lust. Stesha expects unlimited adoration from a partner. In the pair she, as a rule, is the leader, trying to drive her partner under the heel.

A family

Family relationships in women can be built in different ways.If she manages to pacify her pride, then family life will be fine. Otherwise, even having a husband, a woman will feel miserable and lonely. Her character can change only with the birth of children. Stephanie is the name of a woman who devotes herself to her little ones. Stesha loves children and tries to spend as much time with them as possible. A strong marriage for a woman can be with Artem, Valery, Alexey, Sergey, Kirill. As for the incompatibility of names, it is better for a girl to avoid men bearing the name Nikolai and Boris.

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Mystery name

For most of the surrounding mystery remains the inner world of the girl. Often she herself can not fully understand their feelings and experiences. If Stesh is able to calmly analyze her actions and find flaws, then this will help her to identify positive traits of her character. Having changed herself, the girl will change her view on many things and, possibly, will become more successful and happy.

  • The planet named - Uranus.
  • Zodiac sign - Aquarius and Capricorn.
  • The color is purple.
  • The animal is an electric ramp.
  • Plant - barberry.
  • The tree is aspen.
  • Stone - amethyst.

Day Angel

According to Orthodox customs, Stesha celebrates birthday twice a year. True, the name of Stephanie in the Yuletide is not, she is credited with the name Stephanides, who fall on November 24th. Catholic namesday Stephanie celebrated on January 3.

Name Forms

Diminutive: Stefochka, Stefanochka, Stepanidka, Stefushka, Stenyusha.

The abbreviated form of the name: Stesha, Stefa, Tesha, Teffi, Stepa, Steff, Fanita, Fania, Fanny, Tesha, Pan.

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