My homeland is ... What is a "small homeland"?

Very often you can hear a phrase from a person: "My Motherland is ...". But there is no unequivocal continuation of this phrase. Each narrates about his Motherland in different ways.

At the source ...

For one, the Motherland is the place of his birth, foranother is the city where he lives at the moment. There are many such opinions, and all of them are correct in their own way. A man chooses his homeland what is dear to his soul, which is dear to his thoughts, which determines his behavior and perception of the world around him.

my homeland is

"My Motherland" is a concept that takes its ownbeginning from ancient times, and it was spoken about long before the modern history of states. About him wrote a lot of books and poems, created many songs and various stories. And for everyone this concept was warm and joyful. And sometimes - it caused sadness. Is it necessary that the country in which the citizen was born is exactly the country? Anyone can answer this question on their own.

A huge country

"My Motherland is Russia," they say with pridepatriots. People born and raised in this state, revere its history. Annually our ancestors leave the world, those who found the era of war, crisis, perestroika. But these people never complained about their fate, that they had to survive the famine, the loss of loved ones, all sorts of other difficulties.

my small homeland is

On the contrary, their character has become stronger than steel, and theirmemories they conveyed to us in stories, songs, poems, films. This is a huge value for every Russian person. My Motherland is a coat of arms, a hymn whose words we know from childhood. Observing the traditions and laws of Russia, a person respects his country, treats her with love. The whole world is discussing this state: someone is scolding, someone is supporting, someone is unclear about politics. The double-headed eagle is depicted on banknotes, seals, documents, passports, and it is simply impossible to doubt the strength of the Russian army.

Boundless fields and forests, many beautiful places,a huge amount of minerals, a wide Russian soul - a wonderful occasion for the pride of every Russian. And any foreigner who has been to this country returns home with unforgettable impressions and, of course, a set of matryoshkas.

Such a different Motherland

My Motherland is not only a certain country, inwhich was born this or that citizen. In other words, if a person was born in the USSR, what now? He does not have a homeland? This is completely wrong. Homeland - this is where a person was good at some point in his life.

Russia is my homeland

The land where a person feels like a part of it,where his thoughts and memories, about which he is longing, come back - all this is his native side. The fact is that the first "institution" for the knowledge of the homeland is the immediate environment of man.

"My Little Homeland" - so a person can callthe land or city in which he grew up, part of the land that is connected with his friends, with the street on which he played hide and seek with them as a child. It also happens that a person leaves his native land in search of a better life, but this does not mean that he forgets about his beloved city.

Remembering the native land

My Homeland is a city, village or village, wherepassed childhood, where the first words were spoken, where the first steps were taken. Growing up, we look at old photographs and return to those distant days where for the first time we learned bitterness and joy.

my homeland is a city

We remember how for the first time we fell from a bicycle, breakingtheir knees, as with the neighbor's guys built snow tunnels, as secretly from the parents took out a piece of freshly baked mother's bread for the homeless puppy. My little homeland is all these memorable moments that will forever be with me, they can not be taken away from a person, they can not be sold or bought. Flowering trees near the house, creaking swings, the morning singing of birds outside the window, the road to school is all a part of everyone's soul, this is the Homeland of man.

About the most important

Where does the homeland begin? How does a person know about this word? Homeland begins with close, native people. Motherland is my family. From a young age, our parents, grandfathers and grandmothers, brothers and sisters instill in us love for their Motherland. They teach us to appreciate and honor our native traditions and culture, tell instructive stories, reveal interesting historical facts about our Motherland.

my homeland is my family

Who else can give us such a valuable experience? Of course, patriotism in us is cultivated in the school, but the family makes a greater contribution. Our grandfathers, with tears in their eyes, talked about the heroism of young children at the front, about self-sacrificing actions in the name of their native lands. It is the family that should help the child in the upbringing of patriotism, and a full-fledged person can not be brought up without pride for his country, province or city. The family teaches us to be responsible for our actions, for our words and, of course, for our Motherland.

Native land

For all these examples, it is easy to understand: "my little homeland" is a vast concept. Everyone understands it in their own way. One thing is clear - we call the homeland the place where our memories are, where our thoughts are. This is what the best moments of life are connected with.

Now around the world, people are leaving their homes inseeking a better financial situation. And someone for a long time goes to rest in other countries and cities. But going to foreign lands or countries, having met there a person from their native side, we are happy. It is easier for us to understand it. We quickly find a common language with him. We want to be closer to him. This person is part of the Motherland, part of that great, which causes us to have tender and at the same time sad feelings. Is it worth bringing up such feelings in children? Of course, it's worth it! After all, wherever a person is, he always needs to know: comfort can be found in his native land.

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