My dear Crimea

Dear in this case in the literal sense.
I decided at the end of July to fly home to the Crimea, to rest. I went to see the ticket prices and ... changed my mind about flying to Crimea. Nafig with such prices. And you know who has the most expensive tickets?
In the airline "Russia". Somehow unpleasantly symbolic, isn't it? From 14 thousand rubles one way! 28 thousand round-trip.
Crazy? From Moscow to New York or Beijing for the money you can fly.
A ticket is cheaper than 10 thousand rubles from Moscow to Simferopol in one direction is almost impossible to find.
No, in the booking systems, of course, the options from 7 thousand rubles are lit up, but there is one unpleasant moment in them. These are non-profitable rates. And who flies to rest without luggage? Right, nobody. For baggage be kind to pay from 2 to 3 thousand rubles.
So this post is an addition to the post.varlamov.ruabout the problems of the tourist Crimea.
Here are screenshots of the current situation on the cost of tickets from Moscow to Crimea.
We look at the site of Aeroflot, which has subsidized tickets. Rather, they were.
If you look through different dates, you can see that there are no tickets for Aeroflot flights at all.Only expensive business class.
But the presence of tickets for some flights "daughter" - AK Russia. Just with those same deranged prices.

Here are the screens from the site Prices start at 7026 rubles for non-guaranteed tickets.
Immediately add 2-3 thousand here (for different AKs there is a tariff for 1 piece of your luggage), if you are going to take dresses and shorts, and not just a purse and a toothbrush.

The irony, but even Yakutia carries to the Crimea cheaper than Russia.

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