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The ship of Thor, who left Asgard together with the remnants of its inhabitants, is attacked by the titan Thanos, whose goal is the Stone of Space, previously known as Tesseract. Asgardians and Hulk can not oppose anything to the new owner of the stone. Only Torah and Hulk manage to leave alive from the ship. At the same time, on Earth they already know that an alien warrior Thanos collects 6 infinity stones in order to destroy half of the population of the Universe with their help. And two of the remaining 4 stones are stored exactly on Earth. The stone of time is owned by Doctor Strange, and the Stone of Reason is in Vision's forehead from the Avengers team. But can such superheroes, so different in their own way, cope with the intergalactic evil?
Movie Review

Comics, 2018, starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Josh Brolin and many, many others.
Needless to say, the film collected nearly $ 2 billion for rent in a month, which is comparable to the budget of some countries. The story of the superheroes from the Marvel comic series is only gaining momentum.And these very superheroes / villains became like filth, many do not even have time to trace. The main characters are already all the Avengers, except Ant-Man, the Star Lord team, Doctor Strange, and a number of other old heroes, such as the Winter Soldier and the Red Skull. Thanos and his retinue are added to them. And each character is played, at least, by a famous actor. That is, do you understand the scale of what is happening? There's even more than the superheroes in the film Stallone - The Expendables. And one of the characters on the poster - Falcon - not in the film. And all this diversity is not very well reflected in the quality of the picture and its storyline - there are too many heroes and their stories, in the framework of the film it is impossible to pay attention to everyone, as to describe in detail all the details of what is happening. And for one film, Thanos manages to collect all 6 stones, the first of which was the Stone of Power, stored by another superhero from the Corps Nova. But this story is not shown at all, the film begins with the receipt of the second stone. In addition to the understatement of a lot of inconsistencies and just nonsense. For example, when we receive the Stone of the soul, we see a character - the Red Skull, opposed to Captain America.How he got into space on an unknown planet and his very behavior seems strange. There is absolutely no time for the story to the dwarf-smith, who in one fell swoop without hands he forged a new super-weapon for Thor to replace the lost hammer. In addition, it turns out that he forged and glove, which stores all the stones of Thanos, only we saw it earlier in a completely different place. Vision somehow takes the form of a man, although it is, in fact, a robot. Also, the battle of such very ordinary superheroes like Natasha Romanoff, the Star Lord and the inhabitants of Wakand with alien invaders, who by their abilities are simply incomparably stronger, and ordinary people cannot take out their attacks and other attacks, looks completely implausible.
No less strange is the main villain himself - Thanos. In the film, he is not at all evil, yes, he wants to destroy half of the living beings in the Universe, but only to avoid overpopulation and other problems. That is, he is such a kind of prophet, but otherwise he is very sensual, although he admits at times completely meaningless sacrifices. Something similar we have already seen in the movie The Keepers,when the main antagonist arranged the nuclear annihilation of New York, so that the USSR and the USA would not unleash the Third World War during the Cold War. Not quite familiar, and Captain America. Bucky suddenly forgot how to work with his mechanical hand and only shoots from Kalash. Thor at the end of the film with a new weapon suddenly became stronger than the all-powerful Thanos ... well, a lot of nonsense and incomprehensible, which leaves a completely different feeling from the film than it was before. And it all ends up completely sad. And the famous post-tomb scene is just one, boring and leads to another new, but not very interesting character. And, the earlier these films were famous - this is for its quite good humor. There is almost no humor here, there is a very good joke about Kevin Bacon, otherwise it’s dumb.
But, of course, for those who are aware of the other 20 films, it is interesting to watch, 2 billion from the film is a smart exhaust. 4 points out of 5, purely for fans of the series, of which there are already so many.

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