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The desire to decorate their homes was inherent in man at all times. The interior of a room of any era does not seem cozy and aesthetic without wall accessories and paintings. Masterpieces, made with a needle, usually reflected the inner world of the owners themselves. Nowadays, the high-speed pace of life does not always allow us to allocate enough time to implement creative ideas. Fortunately, art lovers, there is an alternative that does not take much time and at the same time allows you to feel like a brilliant author-artist. This is a mosaic of paintings, the principle of execution of which will be provided in our article.

Square Crystal Mosaic

What is a mosaic

The leading factor in this kind of creativity is not the type of any material, but the nature of its implementation. Individual small elements in the aggregate can create incredibly beautiful paintings. The mosaic is the cloth made of various details of a different form and the size. For these purposes, use of ceramics, stones, glass, cardboard, beads, rags and photos.Moreover, the base may consist of improvised figures or remnants after repairs, for example, from ceramic tiles.

In specialized stores there is a large selection of sets for creating mosaic pictures. The hobby goods market is full of various materials, differing in structure and quality. As a rule, the kit includes the necessary tools for work and diagrams with a picture.

Material selection

It is better to start your creative activity with simple images with a minimum number of shades. These are budget options that are not difficult to implement. Although experienced craftswomen are happy to work on intricate paintings and get great pleasure. In such sets there is a rich palette of colors and a rather large outline.

Frequently purchased material are acrylic parts of square or round shape with a glossy surface. Rhinestones with a more refined cut are more expensive because they are made of durable plastic.

tile mosaic

Types of mosaic elements

Diamond embroidery from square acrylic crystals has a luxurious look and is distinguished by mysterious charm.The game of many different shades of colors makes the image realistic and expertly wonderful. Embroidery is a mosaic called because it is her imitation, made without a needle. The adhesive surface serves as the basis for laying out a mosaic pattern.

Diamonds of round shape are suitable for the performance of bright compositions: flowers, butterflies and birds. The configuration of the crystals requires more diligence and perseverance, but it is worth it. Saturated and funny mosaic paintings can dilute the monotony of a nondescript interior or decorate a children's room.

Images of broken glass look filigree and resemble masterpieces of antiquity. This type of mosaic involves making a sketch of the future picture, which will be pre-prepared elements. Details for this type of mosaic are cut out in the form of small fragments and complete figures, for example, petals.

The most difficult technique is photomosaic, using a personal photograph of a person. The work is carried out with the help of computer programs that should be studied in advance. Its principle is as follows: a series of small photos representing mosaic elements is created, and a large photo is laid out of them.If you look at such a picture from a distance, the viewer can only see a portrait, but near the small photos are clearly visible.

It has long been known and very common method of displaying ornaments - the decor of ceramic tiles. The mosaic picture made in such a style does no worse than a shop look. In addition to the broken tiles, porcelain, shells and even egg shells can be used for fragments of the pattern. The advantage of this technique is that it provides an opportunity for unlimited fantasies.

Landscape of the elements of ceramic tiles


When you have all the necessary materials on hand, you can proceed to the preparation of the workplace. The main conditions - a flat plane and good lighting.

For now let's stop on how to make a mosaic picture using diamond embroidery technique. This option is worth paying attention to the masters who want to decorate their premises with a chic picture, the production of which would not need to spend as much time as it would take for traditional embroidery. In addition, it is not necessary to have special abilities of skill. Such work can be done by any woman.

First of all, you should be familiar with the components of a set for an exclusive type of needlework. A standard embroidery kit usually consists of a mosaic pattern (on an adhesive surface), faceted crystals, tweezers, and sometimes containers for details.

It is very important to prepare a canvas. It is necessary if necessary to trim its edges and smooth. It should lie flat on the working surface, without waves and folds.

Technique of mosaic made of stones

Work process

Creating one picture is provided in two versions: the first, when the canvas is completely filled with rhinestones; in the second case, only the main fragments of the image are laid out from the mosaic. Having defined the process of creation, we proceed to its implementation.

· Faceted pebbles need to be arranged in colors in special containers and carefully study the color scheme of the scheme. Each bag has a numbering, with which it will be easier to navigate during operation.

· Adhesive tape needs to be removed only from a part of the image which you plan to execute at a time.

· According to the numbering indicated in the scheme, diamonds are placed alternately. If there are tweezers in the set, it is better to use it.A pencil can also be used to press in stones.

· Shrink crystals evenly. To avoid defects, the force of pressing on each individual element should be the same. In this case, the surface of the picture will be smooth and dense.

· Stones can be laid out in several rows, moving in one direction, or you can sit down by colors.

· Each finished row needs to be adjusted with a ruler, thus eliminating unwanted clearances.

· At the end of the work, it is necessary to cut off the excess fabric and cover the surface of the painting with silicate glue.

Ceramic square DIY painting

Ceramic painting

Creating paintings from scrap materials requires taking precautions. You need to do this work in thick rubber gloves.

For work you will need a glass cutter or tile cutter. They are used for cutting squares, and for transverse fracture into small parts. In addition to flat geometric shapes, broken tiles are used for ceramic mosaics. For this purpose, whole modules are wrapped in cloth and hit with a hammer from the wrong side. The more varied the details in size and shape, the more interesting the image will be.Do not be afraid to use in the composition of additional material such as seashells, polished pieces of glass, beads, gems and buttons.

The field for creativity must be properly prepared. If it is small, it must be cleaned and dried well. Under the wall composition necessarily need a grid. To fix it, an old layer of coating is removed from the surface and putty is applied. A sketch of the future drawing is made on the wall.

Mosaic of ceramics with a marine theme

Technology of laying ceramic elements

The ceramic mosaic algorithm consists of several simple steps:

  • Preparing a working solution for fixing elements. It is better that it is transparent, without any shades.
  • Next, separate parts of the fragments are lubricated and applied to the destinations. This method is more convenient for creating a mosaic on a surface with a large area. Glue can be applied immediately to the entire ornament, and then distribute the pieces of bat tiles.
  • The laying process must be carried out in stages. At first it is necessary to glue large parts, and then fill in the rest of the field. First of all, patterns and complex fragments are laid out.
Ceramic mosaic of geometric elements

Picture decoration

It is important to note that the effect of incompleteness will detract from the brilliance and chic look of your work. If it is not possible to purchase an expensive frame or contact the workshop, a picture from a mosaic can be placed in a baguette, made with your own hands. The subject of the frame must conform to the overall design style and be suitable for the picture itself.

The theme of the finished fabric plays a key role in choosing the material for the frame. Still lifes, historical plots and drawings depicting animals suggest a classic wooden frame. In a plastic baguette a mosaic picture with a summer sea landscape will look good. It can be decorated with seashells and sea stones. Small drawings intended for a child’s room will be appropriately placed in cardboard frames. So that they do not look too simple, it is better to use corrugated cardboard, decorated with felt elements.

If the frame is too bright, it will overshadow the beauty of the picture. The color scheme of the frame should be well combined with the shades that prevail in the image.

The frame does not have to be square or rectangular.Oval and round pictures also look very interesting. The main thing is that it does not touch the contour of the image itself. In small paintings, you should indent no more than 2 cm.


Stylish decor, made with your own hands, will give your interior a certain charm and allow you to get a lot of pleasure from the creative process. Moreover, doing your favorite activity, you not only can take a break from everyday worries, but also save yourself from unnecessary stress.

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