Monthly during pregnancy at an early age are possible?

Normally, when pregnancy occurs, featuresThe female cycle changes, and menstrual flow for this period terminates. In some cases, there are exceptions, this is influenced by certain hormonal and individual factors. Monthly during pregnancy at an early date is quite possible, the main thing - to closely monitor your health and well-being in order to prevent possible problems.monthly during early pregnancy

Causes of discharge during pregnancy

This process can be influenced by many factors:

  • hormonal disorders (a deficiency or an excess of progesterone);
  • the presence of gynecological or venereal diseases (for example, with erosion of the cervix, excretions can appear due to a strong influx of blood to it, normally they do not pose a hazard to the fetus);
  • development of ectopic pregnancy;
  • pathology in the implantation of the fetal egg;
  • attachment of the egg to the wall of the uterus;
  • ablution of the fetus;
  • bubble skidding.

Each of these factors to varying degreescan affect the monthly during pregnancy at an early age. If no problems with health and hormonal background is found, then spotting is not considered a pathology.

They can also be at a time when a womanmenstruation should have started if fertilization had not occurred. Therefore, before you worry and draw conclusions, you need to carefully monitor and get a consultation with a gynecologist.

Lack of progesterone

Progesterone is the main hormonepregnancy. In its function is the secretion of the yellow body, which ensures the full and proper development of the embryo. If the development of progesterone is compromised, miscarriages are possible in the early stages.

To start treatment on time, you need to know the symptoms of hypoandrogenism:

  • severe fatigue;
  • increased irritability;
  • headache;
  • enlarged chest and abdomen;
  • a sharp jump in weight;
  • soreness with menstruation.

The hormone ensures the development of the yellow body;in turn, produces hormones necessary for fetal development up to 16 weeks. After this period, the newly formed placenta independently provides the fetus with all the necessary nutrients.

With the onset of pregnancy consequenceProgesterone deficiency can be spotting and pain in the lower abdomen. If you do not pay attention to these symptoms in time, then in a short time the pain intensifies, acquire a cramping character and a spontaneous miscarriage occurs. Monthly during pregnancy at an early age should always alarm the woman and be an important reason for visiting a doctor.


This word hides the problem of overabundancehormone progesterone. When the female body produces too much male hormone, the process of implantation of the fetal egg is disrupted. Or, if a pregnancy already occurs, the egg is rejected by the body and miscarriage occurs at an early stage.

Symptoms of hyperandrogenism are:

  • weakening of toxicosis;
  • absence of engorgement of mammary glands;
  • the appearance of bloody discharge;
  • pain in the lumbar region and in the lower abdomen.

Allocations for early pregnancy withThe presence of these symptoms requires immediate medical attention. Avoiding miscarriage will help only timely determination of the level of this hormone in the blood and properly prescribed treatment.why are they monthly during pregnancy

Correctly decode the analysis for progesterone will help the table on the weeks of pregnancy, showing its normal content.

Pregnancy Period Progesterone content in blood, nmol / l
1 trimester (up to 12 weeks) 8,9-468
2 term (up to 27 weeks) 71.5-503.1
3 term (up to 40 weeks) 88.7-771.5

The fluctuations in the amount of the hormone depend onindividual features of the hormonal background of a woman and the complications observed during the course of pregnancy. Normally, the content of progesterone can vary widely, without adversely affecting the development of the fetus.

Bleeding in infections of the genital tract

During pregnancy there are monthly and because ofpresence of various diseases, in particular sexually transmitted diseases. Allocations can not always take place in a pregnant woman who has a sexual infection, therefore, at the first sign of pregnancy it is necessary to undergo an examination to exclude STDs. If this is not done and the treatment is not started on time, spontaneous miscarriage with severe consequences can occur.possible monthly during pregnancy

Possible monthly during pregnancy and withpresence of any pathological, chronic or inflammatory processes in the pelvic area and appendages. Therefore, in the presence of bloody discharge, which is of alarming nature, it is necessary to undergo examination and visit a doctor who is able to diagnose correctly and prescribe a treatment with which to keep a pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy

In this case, the implantation and development of the fetusis carried out in the fallopian tube. Since the structure of this organ is not able to significantly increase in size, a similar pregnancy can cause a rupture of the tubes and the development of peritonitis.during pregnancy there are monthly

The cause of ectopic pregnancy can be:

  • pathology of the fallopian tubes (partial or complete obstruction, the presence of adhesions);
  • inflammatory processes of the reproductive system (inflammation of the pelvic organs, appendages and their pathology);
  • The presence of infectious or venereal diseases that were transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse.

Ectopic pregnancy is always accompanied bysevere pain in the abdomen and appendages. Therefore, with the manifestation of this symptom, the care of the medical staff is necessary. Women's consultation must necessarily be attended at the first sign of pregnancy to exclude its ectopic flow.

Pathology of ovum fixing

A fruiting egg is always attached to a healthyplace of the uterus that does not have any damage. If a woman has some chronic diseases of the reproductive system, spikes, you need to closely monitor the course of pregnancy and your health.pregnancy description

The attachment of the egg can be carried out verylow - to the bottom of the uterus, or even to her neck. As a consequence, the placenta is not located there, a placenta previa appears. A nasal pregnancy is the most dangerous, as it causes severe bleeding and in many cases it is followed by removal of the uterus.

Monthly during pregnancy at an early stage in most cases indicate a pathological or infectious process in the reproductive system of a woman.

Implantation of the embryo

The process of implantation of the fetal egg in the wall of the uterus can also be accompanied by scant bloody discharge, the duration of which varies from several hours to several days.

Such bleeding can be the very firsta sign that pregnancy has come. The process of implantation of the fetal egg is described in more detail in the women's consultation. In this matter it is important to be able to distinguish between implantation and pathological bleeding.

To exclude unrest in this regard, you can visit your treating gynecologist. However, it is important to remember the dangers of any gynecological intervention at an early pregnancy.

table by week of pregnancy

Ablution of the fetus

In this case, monthly excretions are false. That is, with the onset of fertilization on the appointed day, menstruation begins. In this case it is important to pay attention to your health (the presence of dizziness, weakness, nausea) and the duration and abundance of the flow of menstruation.

It is recommended for all suspicions after allmake a pregnancy test, to finally make sure of the presence or absence of pregnancy, and after confirming this fact, it will urgently appeal to the doctor.

Do not worry about why the periods during pregnancy have occurred. In medical practice, this phenomenon is not considered pathological.

Bumpy drift

This indicates an incorrect development of the fetal egg - when vesicles begin to form on the outer shell of the embryo (chorion) instead of villi, bubbles or cysts filled with liquid.

Bubble skidding is a cause of excessiverapid cell division and proliferation of the envelope, as a result of which the embryo dies. The development of this pathology is the cause of a violation in the genetic field. In this case, the embryo does not have a chromosomal set of the mother, and the father's is duplicated. This bubble drift is called complete.

Partial pathology may result fromfertilization of an egg with a sperm with a diploid set of chromosomes. In this case, in the development of the fetus, a large number of pathologies are found that are incompatible with life.

Most of the time, a gall bladder may develop in the fallopian tubes during ectopic pregnancy. But there were cases of detection of it in young mothers and women over 35 years of age.

discharge during early pregnancy

Women's counseling should providepregnant woman with all the necessary assistance in terms of examination and treatment. If it is necessary to conduct additional tests, you need to provide the woman with all the documents and directions.

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