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Biography of Maxim Matveyev

Star "Stilyag", "Anna Karenina", "MosGas" and "Demons", an indispensable member of the Moscow Art Theater troupe. Chekhov, actor Maxim Matveev, went a long way before he was called the “star of the young generation” by both loyal spectators and demanding critics.
Popular Russian actor Maxim MatveevPopular Russian actor Maxim Matveev

Childhood and family of Maxim Matveyev

Maxim Aleksandrovich Matveev was born on July 28, 1982 in the city of Svetly of the Kaliningrad region. His family, simple Soviet workers, were far from the world of art.
Children's photo Maxim Matveyev. He is 5 years old in the picture.Children's photo Maxim Matveyev. He is 5 years old in the picture.
Mama Lyudmila Vladimirovna - philologist, worked as a librarian. The boy did not know his own father. The boy was mainly raised by his grandfather, who, according to the actor’s recollections, had golden hands. “He asked me to draw what I wanted. I drew, and after three hours my grandfather made a toy according to my sketch, ”said Maxim.
Right on the photo: Maxim Matveev's motherRight on the photo: Maxim Matveev's mother
Grandma Maxima worked as a ticket collector at a local cinema and, of course, let her grandson pass to all sessions for free. There the boy met many of the masterpieces of the Hollywood film industry, but he was impressed by Star Wars. For a long time in his fantasies, he imagined himself a Jedi with a laser sword at the ready.
When Maxim was 10 years old, his mother found a new love, and the young man had a stepfather, a sailor by profession. In 1992, the family moved to Saratov, the homeland of her husband, where Maxim had an uterine brother Volodya.
Maxim Matveyev. White studio
At school, Maxim studied well, graduated with a silver medal. He was a rather reserved child: he didn’t communicate with almost anyone, he preferred not to play with his peers at recess, but to prepare his homework. But to the senior classes, a rebellious spirit awoke in him: he grew long hair and began to listen to heavy metal.
As a child, Maxim Matveev wanted to become a surgeon, then he set about trying to become a swordsman. However, creativity has always remained an important part of his life. In his youth, he attended art school, later to the lessons of fine art were addedextracurricular activities acting. Despite this, after graduating from school, Maxim did not think about the profession of an actor. He could not decide what he wanted to do in adult life, and his parents simply put him in front of the fact: “You enroll for a lawyer.” But then the course of his fate changed Mr. Case.

Carier start

In graduation class, Matveyev decided to take part in a couples competition at the theatrical faculty of the Saratov Conservatory. It was there that theater teacher Vladimir Smirnov paid attention to him, who offered the guy to try his hand at acting.
Maxim Matveyev and his fellow students at the Saratov ConservatoryMaxim Matveyev and his fellow students at the Saratov Conservatory
Heed the board, he filed the documents and became a second-year student at once of the theatrical faculty of the Saratov Conservatory. Thanks to the efforts of his teacher, Valentina Ermakova, Maxim quickly added to the skill, rejecting numerous offers to star in an advertisement, a photo shoot, or even a film for adults (they offered him that!). As a result, for his graduation performances “The Clown of God” and “Don Juan” Maxim received the highest marks from the commission members.
After receiving a diploma from the Saratov Conservatory, Maxim tried his luck at the Moscow Art Theater School. In the capital, he, a modest boy from Saratov, rode without much preparation, in his own words, the material for listening was one-sided. When the examiners asked if he had prepared anything else, Maxim replied: “No, but soon!”. The next morning after a sleepless night, he came fully armed, and he was asked to dance. He was sure that he had failed, but the talented young man had a place on the course of Igor Zolotovitsky and Sergey Zemtsov.
Maxim Matveyev studied at the Moscow Art Theater SchoolMaxim Matveyev studied at the Moscow Art Theater School
In parallel with his studies, Maxim Matveyev began to perform frequently on the stage. So, he played the role of Knight Zhorfey in the famous play "The Piedmont Beast", and then also appeared in the production of "The Last Victim". Although the actor recalled his first appearance on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater with shame: “I played in one performance with Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina. And I was not heard. Totally. After the play, Oleg Pavlovich said to me: “Well, old man, you have to work and work”. ”
Actor Maxim MatveyevActor Maxim Matveyev
As a result, he successfully graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio, in 2006, Maxim Matveyev got a job at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater.In the following years, the actor played a great many wonderful roles on the local scene. Among his best works are performances "Kabala the Holy", "King Lear", "Artist". According to famous theater critics, the best work of the young actor is the role of Goring in the production of “The Perfect Husband” by Oscar Wilde.

Maxim Matveyev to the movies

While still studying, Matveev was offered a role in the TV series “Poor Nastya” with Elena Korikova. The character was important for the plot, and the fee for the shooting would be enough for a four-room apartment in Moscow. But Maxim heeded the words of Zolotovitsky, who convinced his ward not to hurry, but to study hard. Understood this and the actor himself, for whom a place in the Moscow Art Theater already already meant more than the fleeting fame of the serial handsome.
Young Maxim Matveyev in the movie "Vice" (2007)Young Maxim Matveyev in the movie "Vice" (2007)
The first role of Maxim in the cinema was Valery Todorovsky's “Tisky”, and a year later, viewers saw him in “The Hanks”, a motley musical of the same director with Anton Shagin and Oksana Akinshina.
"Hipsters": Maxim Matveyev - "My little baby"
Then followed the roles in the tapes “New Year's Tariff”, “I Will Not Say”, “On the Hook”, “Exchange Wedding”.All of these films were commercially successful, so that the name of Maxim Matveyev did not disappear from the radar of directors and producers.
Frame from the movie "New Year's Tariff"Frame from the movie "New Year's Tariff"
Loved Maxim Matveyev and ordinary viewers. His performances were always sold out. And during various film festivals, the queue for him for autographs has always been particularly impressive.
On the set of the film “Pelagia and the White Bulldog”On the set of the film “Pelagia and the White Bulldog”
In the second half of the zero, Maxim Matveyev began to appear often not only on large screens, but also on television. In the world of Russian TV series, he again stepped very confidently, playing a major role in the TV project “Tula Tokarev”. After that, there were filming in the TV series "Yalta-45", "Diamond Hunters", "Military Hospital", as well as roles in television tapes "Captains", "Santa Claus always calls three times" and many others.
Frame from the movie "I will not say" (2010)Frame from the movie "I will not say" (2010)
In 2012, Maxim Matveyev’s filmography was replenished with several successful projects: the MosGaz series with Andrey Smolyakov (operetta artist Vlad Vikhrov) and the military drama “August. Eighth ”(commander of peacekeepers Alexey).
Shot from the series "MosGaz"Shot from the series "MosGaz"
In 2013, the actor’s popularity was reinforced by the participation in detective Stanislav Govorukhin “Weekend”, the romantic comedy with Svetlana Khodchenkova and Lyubov Aksenova “She loves not love” and the adventure “Fort Ross”, where Anna Starshenbaum became the partner of Maxim.
Fort Ross: Maxim Matveyev and Anna StarshenbaumFort Ross: Maxim Matveyev and Anna Starshenbaum
And after 2014, Maxim Matveyev began to find out on the street as Nikolai Stavrogin from Vladimir Khotinenko’s mini-serial “Demons”, the film adaptation of Dostoevsky’s work of the same name, on which the actor worked together with the well-known Anton Shagin, Sergei Makovetsky and Maria Lugovoi.
"Demons": Maxim Matveev in the role of Nikolai Stavrogin"Demons": Maxim Matveev in the role of Nikolai Stavrogin
In the same year, he played the main role in the film adaptation of the novel by Sergei Minaev “The Telki”, and also appeared in the sports drama “They played for the Motherland”.
At the beginning of 2017, viewers could enjoy the game of Maxim Matveyev in two large projects at once. The first is a multi-part screen version of the biography of the spy-dancer Mata Hari, played by the Frenchwoman Vaina Jokante. Maxim Matveyev himself appeared as Captain Vladimir Maslov, in love with a beautiful girl.
Matveyev in the TV series "Mata Hari"Matveyev in the TV series "Mata Hari"
A month after the premiere of the TV series “Mata Hari,” the audience saw the Karen Shakhnazarov’s Anna Karenina series (although his filming had ended earlier). Maxim Matveyev played Alexei Vronsky, but the role of his beloved, Anna Karenina, was performed by Elizabeth Boyarskaya.
Maxim Matveyev - VronskyMaxim Matveyev - Vronsky
Konstantin Kryukov became the main competitor of the actor, but since Lisa was approved for the role of Anna before casting for the role of Vronsky, Maxim had an advantage - he and his wife did not have to “play” and play passion. “Playing love with my wife is much easier than with any other actress,” shared Maxim in an interview.
“Anna Karenina”: Maxim Matveev and Elizaveta Boyarskaya“Anna Karenina”: Maxim Matveev and Elizaveta Boyarskaya
In 2017, three more projects with Matveyev’s participation were also being prepared: the historical drama about Lenin’s close ally “Alexander Parvus”, the biographical series “Trotsky” with Konstantin Khabensky in the lead role, and the criminal saga “The Player”.
"Evening Urgant". Maxim Matveyev (2016)
Recently, the actor has devoted a lot of time and energy to charity. He is the head of the Doctor Clown Foundation, whose volunteers are engaged in children's art therapy. In January 2017, the foundation staged the play “The Snow Queen” for young patients in metropolitan hospitals.

Maxim Matveyev's personal life

The first wife of Matveev was a Latvian actress Jana Sextte, with whom the actor played in one theater for a long time. Their creative collaboration quickly turned into a turbulent romance, which in turn was transformed into a short marriage.

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