Marsh Million. Kiev, Ukraine.

Two days ago I was detained at Sheremetyevo Airport and deported for 5 years, without the right to enter the Russian Federation, but I will tell you about this later. Thus, I found myself in Kiev, which is now, it feels as if surrendered by the authorities and is only under the control of people.
No matter what the Russian media say about the hand of the West, incredible things are happening on the streets now. Hundreds of thousands of people come together around their country. Every second in the hands of the flag of Ukraine, many go in national costumes, constantly here and there singing a hymn.
I will not paint anything, but to be honest, at the moment, I am very proud of Ukraine and its people. There will probably never be such meetings and scale meetings in Moscow and in Russia as a whole.
1. March of millions in Kiev. According to Russian estimates, 100 people gathered in the square. According to Ukrainian data, there were about 200-300 thousand people at the rally. More want to believe the last.
2. Until the evening everything was relatively calm. People sang to the square, sang songs, drank hot tea and shouted anti-government slogans. The coolest in my opinion is "Yanukovych - pidaresht."

3At this time, I fell in love with the local roofs around the Maidan. There were no police for the next few square kilometers, so I didn’t have any problems other than the concierges. Besides me, there were still guys on the top, some of them were hanging Ukrainian flags on the edge of the roof.

4. A lot of people, almost every second with a flag or national attributes of the country.


6. Local activists.


8. The demonstrators seized the city administration, an analogue of our city hall. There was practically no police there, so the assault was quick. The building was declared the headquarters of the revolution and guarded it. The invaders everywhere installed posts, so that no one caused damage to the building. At the moment, the demonstrators are sitting only on the first and second floor. If you arrive in Kiev and you will not have where to live, then always welcome to the administration. Here you can safely spend the night, it is enough to bring a sleeping bag and foam.

9. Press center staff.

10. Free drugs and medicines for the needy.

11. In the dining room hand out free sandwiches, tea, porridge. Anyone can eat, just get in the queue.

12. The presidential administration is calm.

13.Barricades have been established between the police and people to cross any provocations by the nationalists.

14. At about 6 pm, people in Freedom masks threw down a monument to Lenin. On the site of the demolished monument immediately hoisted the flags of Ukraine.

15. Demonstrators smash the remains of the monument with a sledgehammer, in my opinion - this is overkill and pure provocation. The power is so easy it will not leave.

16. One beats, the remaining 500 are removed. Classic.

17. Barricades near the Independence Square.


19. Closer to 9-10 o'clock in the evening, people begin to rapidly leave the square.

20. Taking advantage of the situation and enlisting the support of the locals, I managed to get to the very top of the stella of independence.

21. In addition to me, there were several activists inside of her; they hung out the flags of Ukraine and Europe outside the monument.


23. Some even burned fire. From the ground, it looked like this.


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Marsh Million. Kiev, Ukraine 71

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