Biography of Marina Levtova


The future actress grew up in a family of doctors. Her parents graduated from the First Medical Institute in St. Petersburg. But after that they were distributed in a small village in Yakutia. There they were the only doctors, so dad took delivery of the mother of Marina himself. The man was so worried that he could not even immediately determine who was born to him - a son or daughter.
A little later, the family returned to Leningrad. The future actress spent her childhood and youth in the city on the Neva. Not surprisingly, the girl dreamed of becoming a doctor. But her plans have changed because of Elena Tsyplakova.
Elena Tsyplakova studied with Marina in the same class. A classmate has already managed to take part in the shooting of the picture "Do not hurt a woodpecker's head" by Dinara Asanova. And when Dinara was looking for heroes for her film, Lena showed a photo of her class. The director liked the boy and girl. Naturally this girl - Marina Levtova.
At this time, Marina was already at that age, when girls want to look perfect. She came to Lenfilm with an unusual hairstyle - she cut off her long tail.And thus horrified Dinara. Levtova brought her own tail to her and during filming it was attached to the hair of a young actress.
By the end of filming, Marina was already reluctant to be a doctor, and she realized that she wanted to work in the cinema. At the same time, it was unprincipled by whom to work, just wanted to be in this system.

VGIK. Meet Yuri Moroz

After school, Marina Levtova went to Moscow and entered VGIK. There she studied in the workshop of Tamara Makarova and Sergey Gerasimov. And at the same time, many starred. She got the main role of the foreman of the painter in the lyric comedy “My Anfisa”, as well as quite significant roles in the films “Last Chance”, “On the Eve of the Premiere”, “Choice”.
Marina Levtova. At the beginning of glorious deedsMarina Levtova. At the beginning of glorious deeds
In the second year Marina Levtov was invited to play the role of Antonida in the historical dilogy “The Youth of Peter” - “At the Beginning of Glorious Affairs” by Sergey Gerasimov. On the set of the picture the actress met her love.
Yuriy Moroz debuted just in these films. With Levtova he met in German Babelsberg. There were shooting pictures of "Youth of Peter."
Yuri Moroz recalls that at the time of her acquaintance Marina was studying in her second year.Three students of Gerasimov - Levtov, Germanov and Vasilyev came to the shooting. At that time, Dmitry Zolotukhin, who played Peter, Nikolai Eremenko, as Menshikov and Yuri Moroz, who was given the role of Lesha Brovkin, was already working in Germany. Young people, of course, walked around after hours. And they decided to meet with students.
After dating, Yuri persuaded Marina to go secretly to Berlin. There the couple spent the whole day - went shopping and buying presents. At that time there was only sympathy between them, each living his own life.
In Moscow, the path of Yuri and Marina diverged. But a little later, the actors began to meet again. It turned out that to conquer the fragile Lev Frost is not so simple. The plans of the girl did not include linking life with the actor. She believed that the artist is not a family man.
But Yuri Moroz still found Marina’s weak point. The girl really appreciated the opinion of his father. And as an actor asked for a dacha to Marinin parents. There, he demonstrated that in addition to mummery something else is able. The young man skillfully nailed three boards, thereby gaining the respect of Marina’s father.
Yuri and Marina got married.The wedding was a student, cheerful, in the hostel of VGIK. Planted parents were Makarova and Gerasimov. The young family settled in the Lenkoma hostel, where Moroz worked at that time. After the birth of their daughter, Dasha, the family was given a second room.

Actor career

Marina Levtova graduated from the acting department in 1982, after which she began working at the Gorky film studio. The most famous film works of Marina fell in the 80s. Films with her participation came out every year, even the birth of her daughter did not stop.
At the 7th month of pregnancy, the actress starred as Olga in the detective-political film “TASS authorized to declare” Vladimir Fokin, and a little later, together with the 4-month-old Dasha, she played in the melodrama “Darling, dear, beloved, the only ...” Dinara Asanova.
With daughter Daria MorozWith daughter Daria Moroz
The most famous works of Marina Levtova in the 80s: the main role of the kindergarten teacher in the film “Lyubochka”, the roles in the film “Three times about love” by Viktor Tregubovich, the drama “Inspector of Traffic Police” by Eldor Urazbayev, the film “Vera. Hope. Love "Vladimir Grammatikov.
I remember and fell in love with the role of the Little White Woman in the film “The Witches Dungeon”.A fantastic picture put the husband of Marina Levtovoy Yuri Moroz on the story of Cyrus Bulychev. Here the actress played together with Sergey Zhigunov and Nikolai Karachentsov.
Friends of Marina Levtova say that the actress was cheerful, energetic and charming. Her close friend, Dmitry Kharatyan, says that Marina was always in a hurry somewhere, could not live slowly: if she was driving, she drove at maximum speed, if on a snowmobile, then with steep turns. The actress was the soul of any company.
Once out of boredom, Marina decided to organize an acting club. Later came the club "Cinema". He very quickly became quite popular. It all kept only on the enthusiasm of Marina, her energy and charm.
The actress was very hard going through the lack of work in the 90s. But the situation changed a few years later. In the 2000s, Marina Levtova played in the comedy “Fortune” by George Danelia and the TV series “Kamenskaya” and “Memories of Sherlock Holmes”.
In addition, the actress has been actively working at Russian and international festivals, as well as creating a project for her own radio broadcast.
In addition to filming a movie, Marina actively participated in the work of Russian and international festivals, created a project of her own radio program.It seemed in her life comes the best period.


In the film "Fortune" the main female role went to the daughter of Marina Darya Moroz. She played the young spouse of the protagonist. The film was presented to the public on February 26, 2000. Of course, Daria’s parents were the center of attention and congratulations. Marina was presented with a bouquet of yellow flowers, and they say that such a color - to separation or misfortune.
The next day, on February 27, the company of actors, including Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov, went to celebrate the success of the city in the village of Razdory, Odintsovo district. In the evening, received an offer to ride on a snowmobile. Marina didn’t like this idea, but her daughter wanted to try the entertainment. Levtova did not leave her daughter alone.
Mikhail Rudyak was the first to drive a snowmobile - behind the wheel, then Dasha, and then Marina. Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova followed. They gathered on the road around midnight.
On the setOn the set
The driver of the first snowmobile did not see a ravine in the dark and flew down at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour. The snowmobile overturned, the passengers flew out of the seats. Mikhail and Dasha got bruised, but Marina hit her head on a tree.The next snowmobile managed to brake. Immediately an ambulance was called.
Marina Levtov was taken to the hospital. However, the doctors could not save the actress. Doctors found her multiple fractures and bruises. And the cause of death was an open head injury.
On the death of the mother Yuri Moroz for a long time could not tell Dasha. Lied that Marina is in the hospital and she is planning to undergo an operation. Psychologists advised not to rush to talk about the sad news. Daria learned about the tragedy only on the day of the funeral. Marina Levtova was buried at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery in Moscow.

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