Makeup Technique: How to Make Your Eyes Larger

If you can’t say about the “mirrors” of your soul that they are half-faced, then you shouldn’t get upset. Now there are many methods to make the eyes larger even without resorting to plastic surgeons. After spending quite a bit of time, you will become the owner of an expressive and radiant look, and no man can resist your charm.

how to make eyes biggerRecommendations

Your eyes will appear larger if you paint them in a certain way. Makeup artists have long developed recommendations on how to make the eyes larger with the help of decorative cosmetics. For this makeup you will need: mascara with the effect of voluminous eyelashes, bright shadows and a pencil or eyeliner. In the upper eyelid, it is necessary to draw a feather line as close as possible to the growth border of the cilia. The color of the pencil should not be black, match it to the color of your eyes: brown, gray, green and so on. If you use liner, then start the line approximately above the pupil and finish with a neat little arrow behind the outer corner.Lower eyelid should bring a light pencil with glitter (mother-of-pearl). Shadows also need at least three shades. Apply a base tone to the entire eyelid, highlight the outer edge of the eye with a darker shade, and apply the lightest color of the inner one or use a highlighter. If you find it difficult to cope with this on your own, it may be worthwhile to take lessons in eye makeup techniques. Masters will tell in detail and show how to do everything correctly. After that, you can repeat your make-up at home. Cilia to visually enlarge your eyes better curl special tweezers. Mascara should be black, better if it has the effect of volume. For the solemn event you can stick false eyelashes.

eye makeup techniques


In some cases, the necessary makeup artist. For example, if your eyes are wide apart, the use of the above technique in this case can cause an unexpected effect. You may get the impression that the organs of vision are located on the sides of your head, like in fish.

The board

Do not forget that to achieve the effect of a visual increase in the eye brows should not be too wide and hanging.And their form must be chosen such that it gives your look expressiveness and openness. You can further lighten the skin area under the artist lessonsCharging

There is a way to make the eyes bigger with exercise. Surely you know about the existence of a facelift - rejuvenating gymnastics for the face. Including it includes special exercises to improve the tone of the eyelids, smoothing the “crow's feet”, reduce swelling. It is necessary to act as follows: press the pads of the middle fingers over the bridge of the nose, and with the index fingers lightly press the outer corners of the eyes. It is necessary to narrow the lower eyelid so that you feel the tension of the muscles around it. And so ten times. After that, close your eyes, strain the same muscles and count to forty.


Do this gymnastics twice a day, that is, morning and evening. Now, when you know how to make your eyes bigger, things are easy - to show perseverance and perseverance. You will notice the results in two weeks.

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